*Updated with Winner* Congrats to reader Sara (findinghisjoy@gmail.com)!

You march to the beat of your own {pink} boots:

I started this blog when you were 8 months old.  Since then…

Oh and you don’t mind getting your way:

Today, you are 4. You are ours.

(And yes, you still have to take naps, but not today).

Happy Birthday, *Pocket Change!

*nickname given to her by her Daddy the night she was born, 8 weeks too early and just the size of pocket change. You can read her birth story, Her Name is Grace Because He is Amazing.

To celebrate, I’m giving this lovely DaySpring piece away today:

You can read about this lovely item here. $65 value

** we also call her the dog’s name…sometimes

To enter, just wish E. Grace a happy birthday!


  1. 151


    Aw, Happy Birthday Grace! She reminds me so much of my Caroline – also 4. Loves pink and can get away with wearing anything that she deems “fancy”. :) Hope she has a great day today!

  2. 158

    Pamela C. says

    Happy Birthday, Grace! That is my grand daughter’s middle name and my grandma’s name…and I love it. Hope you have a great birthday.

  3. 173

    Denise says

    Awww… E. Grace is adorable! I just stumbled upon your site while chasing easy cookie recipes and loved reading your precious sentiments about your daughter. I have a beloved niece named Amy Grace…her nickname is AMAZING Grace. 😀 Isn’t God good to give us such beautiful girls?

    ♥ Happy Birthday E. Grace! ♥Wishing you a bright year of God’s sweetest blessings . . . today and always. “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it!”- Psalm 118:24:

  4. 179

    Sue D says

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear E. Grace, Happy Birthday to you! I was singing this as I was typing!

  5. 182

    Heidi says

    She sounds so much like my little SweetPea. Happy Birthday, cutie! May you be a most blessed princess today & always!

  6. 183


    Happy Birthday Miss Grace! You are just about the cutest 4our year old I’ve seen. I could snuzzle you until you scream for mercy then I’d snuzzle you some more!

  7. 189


    Happy birthday E. Grace…hope your day is filled with lots of love and fun!!!!

    We have an R. Grace….(along with her twin sister J. Eve, and brothers C. Gregory and J. William,).

  8. 191

    Anita says

    Oh E. Grace! Happy Happy Birthday!
    Both of my given names mean grace.. and I am not a physically graceful person. I have a disability that makes me walk awkwardly; and my hands are weak and fumbly… No one would look at me and think ‘Ah, graceful.’ Unless…. they knew my story and my life…. so full, so full of God’s good grace. His undeserved favour, His magnificent compassion, His relentless mercy, His unfailing love, His grace, His grace, His grace! I love the idea of grace, the study of grace, the giving of grace, and especially the receiving of His grace in my life – when I most need it (every day.)
    I even named my little pup Grace and I tell everyone it’s because I want all the grace I can get in my life.
    Joy to you and yours today E. Grace Welch as you all celebrate 4 full years together! We are so glad you were born!

  9. 197

    Betsy says

    Happy Birthday, Grace! Super glue and Courtney Love, huh? Sounds like an interesting life. Here’s to many more wonderful, Grace-ful years. God Bless!

  10. 198

    Maggie says

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday today all the way from Florida! Being four is pretty cool! God bless you! Love, the Baker family

  11. 201

    Valerie says

    Happy Birthday Grace!
    I love that her nickname is pocket change :) My son was born 7 weeks early, so I completely understand …

  12. 204

    Rebecca says

    Happy belated Birthday! Hope it was spectacular in your little pink boots. My soon to be 4 year old has a pair just like them!

  13. 206

    Cameo says

    E. Grace,
    I was so moved by your Mommy’s gifted verse about your birth and life. Even though I cried at times, your beautiful little face and your daily antics made me smile. You remind me so of my little girl, Ava Grace. Your zest for inquisitiveness and your need to be a big girl are so typical of my Ava. She tells me evey day that “I do it my own self” which makes me realize she is getting so big. While my baby is growing up and it breaks my heart a little each day, I am comforted by her ability to make me “freak out” with something else she has gotten into, learned to do on her own, or wants to do even though she is too little. Ava turned two in November, and she, like you, came to life through some adversity and in God’s timing. They said she would never be possible, but God showed the world that all things are possible through Him. Enjoy your day and know what a blessing you are to God, your family, and the world. I look forward to watching you grow! Happy birthday!

  14. 213


    Wow, what a miracle! Grace, you remind me of our miracle. Her name is Maddy and, like you, she was born really, really early- at 25 weeks gestation. Like you, she had moments we weren’t sure she would make it, and like your parents did you, we gave her to God first before He gave her back to us.

    Now she is 8. And beautiful. Just like you. And I am so thrilled to hear about what a big girl you are! Happy birthday from one family of miracles to another!

  15. 215

    Kristi says

    Dear Grace,
    My third little girl shares your spunk, your “yellow” hair and your name. Happy 4th Birthday sweetie!

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