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    1) Thank YOU for linking to my post!! It’s funny, but I wrote it in just a few minutes, published it, then wondered if I’d get in “trouble” for it…you know, for mentioning (shhhh) foreplay (shhhh). But, instead, it seems to have hit the nerve I was hoping it would, good, HAWT, fun in marriage!! :) And a reminder for all.

    2) I love your post below this one; in just a few words you’ve painted the loveliest picture of marriage, and it leaves me smiling inside and out.

    I’ve been VERY busy (haven’t we all?) but I’m still looking for ways to support you and Mercy House; for whatever reason, the Lord is stirring in my heart the desire to be some little part of that ministry.

    Love you! Merry Saturday before Christmas! xo

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    Kristen, LOVE that first link. I’m always amazed at some people’s gift of putting Bible events into present day terms. It’s always soo powerful. …and to see our Savior’s birth like that on something that we use all the time is VERY powerful. Thank you for posting that.

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