My Kids are More Spiritual than Yours

My kids have an obsession with The Nativity, especially  the youngest.

I’m okay with that.

I’m pretty sure that, statistically speaking, this fact reduces the chance of life in prison. Maybe.

My kids worked for hours on a Lego Nativity one rainy December day. SpongeBob and Anikan were involved:

While at the farm, a pitstop on our way to visit my sister-in-law in the hospital, my kids spent some time with the cows. They like to name them. One ended up being Baby Jesus.

(Sidenote: At the risk of losing the title of having spiritual kids, I will tell you that my son named one cow Crusty Nuggets. I’ll leave you with that word picture.)

But my favorite Nativity by far was the one constructed in the hay barn with help from cousins. I give you: Mary and Joseph, Baby Jesus and an angel (cousin):

Notice the ethereal glow:

(she was posing just like Baby Jesus in our Nativity at home)

The minute we walked into our Amarillo hotel room, she claimed the luggage rack as a manger for “Baby Jesus #6):

See? I told you: Spiritual. Having bumper stickers made immediately. It will be the latest rage!

Happy New Year!


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    I work in the nursery at church, and last year when we got the FP nativity set down, one of the little boys (of course) wanted to know which ones were the bad guys. I will never forget that, it still makes me chuckle. He had the shepherds and the wise men fighting each other every time they played with that thing!

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    Can I buy one too? :) My youngest daughter has graced every cashier this shopping season with the song “Jesus Came to Earth” – and wouldnt stop till the song finished…

    Our other daughter, like yours, loves to dress as Mary. :) No blanket in the house is safe.


  3. 4


    LOVE IT!

    One of my friends from high school posted on her fb page that she noticed her Baby Jesus went missing from her nativity set. Of course, the next day I had to ask her if she had found Jesus yet….to which another friend responded “seek and ye shall find him.”

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    I’m so ashamed of my kids at this moment. LOL.

    One kid told me that she couldn’t wait for Christmas, because she just knew she was going to get a stocking full of crap.

    Your kids ARE more spiritual than mine. SIGH.

  5. 6


    I love your post today!!! My kids were enthralled with Baby Jesus for three straight years. I purchased them the little baby Jesus from Fontanini . . . each of them had one . . . now our four year old has them all. Go figure!

  6. 9

    kristen says

    y’all know this is a sarcastic post, right???
    Do you need me to go into DETAIL on just how unholy we are? Please don’t make me :)

  7. 10


    I must be the last person on the face of the earth to find your blog (had no idea you were the WFMW gal), and let me say that I love it. I can’t wait to come back and read more.

  8. 11


    Haha!! I love it! While we are not enacting the miraculous birth of our Savior, my kids do call Santa by his full name: “Santa Noah Moses”. Apparently the white beard that Santa has looks like the beards that both Noah and Moses have in our kids’ Bibles. I love the confused looks people got this year when they asked our kids if they were ready for Santa to come….”Santa Noah Moses makes toys at work”

    On a really neat note, you know how sometimes you wonder if your kids are really listening to you at all? Well, the other day while we were driving to Sam’s (my favorite place on Earth), a news clip came onto the radio talking about how 10s of thousands of people were in Bethlehem for Christmas and my 3 year old literally screamed “MOM!!!! BETHLEHEM!!!!!!” and proceeded to tell me that Baby Jesus was born there and that the angel said ‘do not be afraid’. I’m soo glad they were really listening to me!

  9. 14

    Robin says

    My boys also built a Nativity scene out of Legos, a small one to hang on the tree. Joseph was Indiana Jones with a pirate beard. Got to love the creativity!

  10. 15

    Karen says

    This made me laugh! THANKS!!!

    As a mom to 3 boys (2 of whom are now men) I found great humor in the name given to the bull! :-)

  11. 17


    Having an obsession for the baby Jesus isn’t a bad thing. Sponge Bob was a nice touch. Bringing it into the modern age, ya know. I thought bumper stickers would be a great idea!

  12. 19


    This was a such a sweet post. I especially like the live nativity scene in the barn. It made me recall my own childhood when I told the nun three wiseguys showed up to see baby Jesus. Can you tell I was born in NY and raised in NJ?
    I just discovered your blog last night. LOVE IT! I’ll be back often.


  13. 20


    this made me smile :)

    i thought we were doing a good job with our 3.5 year old son until the day that he insisted that lightning mcqueen was born in bethlehem! :)

  14. 22


    This is great! My 3 year old is also obsessed with the nativity and I love it! We have to stop and observe every nativity while driving around looking at lights! I’m thrilled that Jesus is more important to him than Santa at this stage.

  15. 28

    Erin says

    Awesome!!! My then 3 year old had a fascination with Jesus one year, she asked incessantly to hear the Christmas story and peppered us with questions. One day on seeing a picture of Jesus she announced ‘I know him, he goes to our church!’ turns out she was convinced she went to the same church as a very famous 2000 year old saviour of the universe! Once she found out he was just a very ordinary father of four she was never quite as interested!!!!

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