Spinning Plates, Tree, What Have You

I survived 48 hours in a hotel room with four girls, five including myself- quite an achievement for this introvert.

It was like a high school sleepover, only we’re our mother’s age, plus there was some snoring going on. I slept with a girl I met on the Internet (if you would have predicted that ten years ago, I would have laughed my head off), but we did line fluffy pillows between us…to prevent any nocturnal spooning or leg crossover.

It was fun and I am tired. I also have no voice. A bonus for my kids. It was good to have a break from my spinning plate routine-juggling The Mercy House, my family of five and looming Christmas. I came home with a lighter burden.

In other news, my tree spins. We decided to simplify our Christmas decorations this year. I invited a couple of newly married girls over to dig thru my SEVEN boxes of decor. I now have two. Lighter. Better.

But since I haven’t reached perfection. I bought a rotating Christmas tree stand. I was really excited to decorate the tree.

Which means I had to decorate the back of my tree. Which means I had to use ALL the ornaments from the last 16 years of marriage. Which means there are a lot of paper handprints on my tree. Which also means we used all my hubby’s childhood ornaments. Which means that he read the date on the bottom of each one. Which made my kids want to touch said special ornaments. Which means three were broken the first day. Which means I may be calling my newly married friends to get some of those Christmas ornaments back.

My kids wanted to decorate it while it was rotating-I had my doubts about the wisdom of this decision…it went pretty well, except for the few times my kids were trying to hang an ornament on a moving branch they ended up stuck behind the tree. That can really frighten a kid.

[Riveting 23 second video] Our Christmas Tree 2010

After thirty minutes, the tree wasn’t the only thing spinning.

I love Christmas, especially with an illuminated oscillating timber.


  1. 3


    That’s fun!! You should see my decorations… we put lights on the mantle… ummm that is all:) We haven’t actually gone in the attic, but I’m quite sure no tree came with us, I’m hoping my little swirly lighted tree in in there though:)

  2. 4


    HEY! I slept in a bed in a hotel with a girl I met on the internet too. Ha ha. We did the pillows between us, as well and she told me that if I even dared touch her with my feet, I would hear a loud thud, because she hates feet. Good times. Yeah, who would have ever thought we’d be doing this 10 years ago?

  3. 5


    That is WONDERFUL!! I bet your kids can’t stop watching it. Actually, my kids can’t stop watching it – I had to call them over to see! TFS!! :)


  4. 6


    I had my doubts about an oscillating tree, but that’s pretty cool! :) My kids would think that was marvelous!

    One question: Doesn’t the spinning cause the needles to fall off and make a mess?

  5. 7

    ryan says

    Wow…long time Christmas tree decorator as a kid and I have never seen one of these. I cannot imagine the fits that it would give my dogs as ornaments go round and round….

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  6. 8


    I’ve never seen something like that! It’s a a great idea, that way those ornaments that have to be put on the back of the tree will still be seen!

  7. 11

    Stephen Jones says

    Thank you so much for telling me more about The Mercy House this weekend at our Compassion dinner. It was a complete honor to finally meet face-to-face. You and your husband are amazing people who are taking big risks to change the world for Jesus. I am humbled to know you.

  8. 14


    Oh my gosh! My kids would probably love/hate it. And I love that you gave away so many decorations. Good for you! I only have 2 boxes but feel like I need to downsize (I have lots of glass ornaments…why did I buy those knowing I had children?!?)

  9. 16


    “It was like a high school sleepover, only we’re our mother’s age” ~ you put exactly into words what I was thinking the entire weekend!!

    LOVED rooming with you guys. Seriously, LOVED every minute and miss you all already!


  10. 18

    Deb says

    “Illuminated oscillating timber” – that is now the Christmas quote of the year for me!!! I love the merry ridiculousness of it. I don’t do decorations. Yet. We live in Australia so I can get away with stuff like that. My 6, 4 and 2 year old probably will not let me get away with it much longer. I fear a tinsel plague is coming.

  11. 19


    What a beautiful tree! I have enjoyed reading your blog, and appreciate your insight and wisdom. Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas!

  12. 20


    I have NEVER HEARD of a rotating tree stand. You guys are so fancy. Your neighbors, however….meaning us, still have their Halloween wreath on the door. Hangs head in shame. HOW did it get to be December?

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