The Crisis-Part II

[part 1]

I never planned to care about orphans or their plight.

I’m just a regular mom, with a mortgage and carpool, who loves sweet tea and home decor.

But caring for orphans was God’s plan for me.

And before you sigh in relief…….

it is God’s plan for you.

Every believer in Christ should be actively involved in the global orphan crisis. We should all ask God, “Should we adopt??” If the answer is no, than that is just the beginning–not the end.

If we believe the Word of God, James 1:27, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world” then we all have a responsibility.

True religion: That’s what summed it up for me. If I want to follow Christ, then caring for orphans, widows, the poor, is a basic requirement of Christianity.

In conjunction with the Idea Camp, here’s part one of an interview they did with my husband and I:

!C//ORPHAN – Kristen Welch from The Idea Camp on Vimeo.

[part III: What Can We Do to Help The Orphan Crisis-coming soon]


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    Our Church recently did a series on that portion of scripture. Out of that several families have become foster parents, others are considering adoption. I have been donating breastmilk to an adopted baby. There are many faces caring for others can take. And I am so excited to partner with your ministry in a few small ways.

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    I don’t know what my part is in helping in the crisis. I sponsor 2 children through Compassion and help raise funds for an orphanage in Zambia and for a ministry who works against human trafficking. I wish all the time I could do more…I wish I had millions and million to give but I’m tring to be faithful with what I have…but I just had to let you know how much I appreciate you getting in our face over this (and I mean this in a good way) and that verse…wow…gotta take another long hard look at my reflection in that word…

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    Hi, Kristin!
    I’ve followed your blog for a few months now. I LOVE it! You inspire me! I tried to figure out how to contact you by e-mail, but COULD NOT find a way! So I’ll try this way instead! I would like to do a giveaway on your blog! I make Scrabble necklaces with photos, Scriptures, quotes, etc on them to fund our adoption of a little girl from Taiwan! Here are the ones I thought I’d like to do the giveaway for:


    Please let me know what to do now! THANK YOU!!!

    In Him,
    Kate Clayton

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    Such a gift to hear your words paint a beautiful picture of your heart….the heart we should all embrace for orphans, because that’s God’s heart. Loved the line that you had to go to Africa to be rescued from your wealth. Let it be said of me, Lord.

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    Amen! I think adoption is a beautiful example of ‘loving your neighbor as yourself.’ Adoption challenges our earthly perspective of community and family. But as Christians adoption is the foundation of our existence, and of our future hope (since we were once children of wrath turned sons and daughters if the most high God!). Our spiritual realization should birth in us the gratitude and desire to act on behalf of the physically orphaned in this world.
    So bravo!! As a recent adoptive parent this is a topic I am thinking and talking a lot about these days. Thank you for sharing your heart and challenging us to do more.

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    Great interview! Your heart and transparency for what God did and is doing in your life came through! Thank you for living and modeling a James 1:27 religion. It’s one of my favorite verses, I think because it forces us to respond. We can’t read it and leave it there…there has to be a response.
    I love what you are doing!

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    Sheryle says

    I can so relate to your words. I spent 7 weeks in Zimbabwe back in my early 20’s and it deeply impacted me. The children are so incredibly precious. That was before I was a mom. Now, 20 years later God is calling our family to adopt. :) We have been in the process for over a year.
    Thank you so much for sharing your heart and your experience. Your honest voice has incredible power and influence on so many!! God’s heart truly is for the poor and helpless..and fatherless.


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    Hi Kristen
    Thanks so much for posting your interview. God is using what he birthed in you through Africa to take this message to the millions. I’m so thrilled to hear how God is working and I’m thankful for the part He and your family are allowing us to play in praying for and supporting The Mercy House.

    Just yesterday I was wearing my silver vintage pearl necklace stamped with Africa while I was out shopping and was able to share about the Mercy House with one of the clerks who was helping me! It was so great to talk about how God is using the Mercy House!

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    My husband spent a week in Haiti back in the summer and he came back much the way you described yourself when you got back from Kenya. God is still in the process of knitting our hearts so that we are on the same page about how we will react to all that he was able to see with his own eyes. You’re right it’s a painful process but, we too, feel that it’s not just something that you can ignore. God’s work will get done, if he asks you to be a part you’re blessed and if you don’t react to his calling he will move on to someone else that will. Reading your posts helps me to stay on track and prayerfully ask God what we should do instead getting lost in the daily shuffle of my days, thank you!

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    This is a great blog, the topic is just so appropriate for this and next generatios. I think, people like me, who grow with out father, have a lack of the real roll of to be a father in the practical way. I remember my uncle Daniel say (my mom’s older brother) who was a military doctor “you don’t need a father, God is your father and that’s it”. Wow!! and yes, I was an unsecure kid facing the world by my self, with no advice or mentorship one on one that all, but God.

    The statistics of kids with out father or mothers are increasing tremendously, not only in the 3rd world’s Nations, but in the first potence in the world’s Nation, USA!!! In America is accelerating more than the rest of the world!!! Why? One word can explain, and is the same word who destroy the relationship with our creator, SELFISHNESS. Every one is to busy in to have more and more. More work to have more money, but in order to have that we need to invest more time from our families, plus if moms are working at the same time. Question, where are our kids? or in where and with who they spend the most of the time? They have good or bad influence? Where they can have the family values? Where and how they can learn about unity, love, care, love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kidness, faith,…and self control?

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    For our family, the Compassion trip in June/July 2010 was followed by a trip down the road to adoption. We’re in the midst of our home study while waiting to hear if we’re considered a match for a little girl God placed in our path — she’s 5. The five of us are on pins and needles waiting for the news!

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    Jenn B. says

    Thanks for posting this interview. Your words are so genuine and transparent and just get to the heart of the matter so beautifully! I love how you said “Africa saved me from my wealth”. Just can’t get that out of my head!!!
    Many blessings to you!

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    I’ve felt called to adoption for a long time – but always figured that as a single woman, before I was married, there was little I could do. I could give financially, yes – but in terms of other gifts (time, energy, love) I felt like I was waiting.

    That was before – now I understand that there are far more ways to be involved in caring for orphans than just adoption (though I still would love to do that someday). Last spring I started working as a child advocate – reporting to the courts and speaking up for kids who either don’t have parents, or don’t have parents willing or able to do this. Its challenging, in ways I never thought it would be, but its so valuable, because every day I see God in it.

    • 15.1


      Kristy, may God BLESS you a millionfold for your child advocacy work in our court system… what an answer to prayer you would have been for me years ago. Never underestimate the lifelong difference you make when you help these precious children have a voice.

  14. 16


    Your interview made me cry – again. You probably saw on facebook, but we have decided to become concurrent foster parents instead of just waiting for an adoptive placement. Greg and I both feel we need to be doing something – more than just waiting. Will it be hard, seeing where these kids come from and maybe watching them go back? – Yes. But God doesn’t ask us to do things that are easy. What He did wasn’t easy. We just want to follow Him.

    • 16.1

      kristen says

      You guys are doing HARD THINGS for Jesus. You’re an inspiration to me!
      So proud to know you and call you one of my “oldest” friends :)

  15. 17


    It was great to see your face and hear your heart in the video. Just beautiful!!! I have yet to blog on it yet – as things could fall through…as they did this past May with our first attempt…we paused and regrouped and hope to adopt in the new year. Can’t get James 1 out of my head!

    What you are doing is simply amazing – unique in every way – and it’s only been since March – wow! Keep pressing on girl!!!

  16. 18


    “I was rescued from wealth in the slums of Africa.” – these words, your story, James 1:27 – these are all the beat of my heart. It’s amazing what a stronghold the American Dream can have on us, what it had on me. We’re seeking to change that by giving radically for the least of these. And at the same time, I am yearning for direction to help the orphan crisis in other tangible ways. I am so blessed by the opportunities that you are providing through your efforts.

  17. 19


    You are so calm + collected (and I love your necklace). Thanks again for advocating for the poor and calling on all of us to do the same.

    Looking forward to Part III…

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    Joede says

    I have felt very compelled to adopt for just about a decade now. I have asked the Lord many times to tell me if this is my calling..if this is what I am suppose to do. I always have felt that He has given me a resounding yes, but (I hate that word when speaking of the Lords wishes) finances have always stood in our way. Now with my husband out of work and me being a full time homeschooling, stay at home mom to 6, I feel that maybe it was my own wishes and not the Lords to bring an orphan into our home. I do still feel very compelled. I want to get involved and honestly have no idea how. I am thinking maybe this conference is just what I need to push me into what I can be doing. My mother lives in that it is a real possiblity that I can attend. I am just clueless of what to do..I get overwhelmed by my own thoughts of how I should be helping and what I should be doing.
    Thank you for your beautiful have opened my mind again!

  19. 21

    Sara says

    What a touching video. God has been using you and your trip to Africa to get my attention and change my heart….it hurts, but it’s so great at the same time! I’m looking forward to Part III!

  20. 22


    I left this open on my browser for days, waiting for a long quiet moment to watch it. Watched it in the early hours this morning. *Felt* your heart in my chest.

    Thank you, Kristen. Yet that doesn’t seem to express it.

    Lead on, friend… I’m right with you…

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