WFMW: 2010 Reflections

If you could tell people just ONE THING. What would it be?

With a New Year just days away, I thought it would be a great time to link up THE ONE post you want people to read instead of a regular tip if you’d like (or if you have a tip ready, feel free to link it).

Pull it from your archives or write something new…what is it?

What do you want to say??

For me, it’s this post. (I still think about this constantly).

Happy New Year!

Don’t forget next week’s THEMED EDITION: What Doesn’t Work For Me?


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    That was such a beautiful post. I can only imagine how you could never be the same after witnessing something like that. I just knew you would link to something profoundly inspiring.

    I linked to a post about vomit. Sigh.

    Happy New Year, sweet girl!

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    I really like your idea of posting the one post of the year that you want everyone to read or the one thing you want to say. And I looked back through my archives to try to find a post. In the end I really wanted to link up my Cheese ball recipe:) So, that’s what I did. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog this year. Happy New Year!

  3. 5


    Praying for your sister-in-law. And it is great to hear that vegan Christmas dinner is not so bad. :)

    I am a Chick-fil-a aholic too!

    And why is it that men lose weight so much faster than us? hua? So not fair.

  4. 8


    So many posts that meant much the day they were written–hard to choose what one may mean much to someone today. Looking forward to reading what others have shared.
    Blessings over your sweet family as we trickle into another turn of the sun!

  5. 9

    Sandi says

    I saved the link to your “When Jesus isn’t enough” post on my favorites when you first wrote it. I’ve read it many times since and think it is worth reading again and again!

  6. 14

    Tracy says

    Wow i missed this post- what a powerful & for me uncomfortable statement. You are completely right, situations play too much into what makes me happy- or at least what appears to be happiness…. wow this is really a lot to take in…thank you so much for sharing this post!

  7. 15


    I wished I had read your post before I did my normal Wednesday posting on my blog. Your blog has touched my life in numerous ways Kristen.
    Jesus is enough for me, and I am often left humbled by it. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  8. 16


    I just linked to the exact post you can’t stop thinking about last really had an impact on my heart as well. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  9. 19


    I am looking forward to reading peoples one thing. I think my one thing isn’t far from yours. I learned when I was young that I will always survive. Nothing is so difficult that I can’t get through it. Nothing can take away my ability to have hope, joy, and love. Even when things feel impossible God comes through and makes them possible.

  10. 25


    Your post reminded me of the mission trips I used to take down to Mexico when I was in college. There were people who lived at the dump, but were so giving and full of joy. It was amazing to see.

    Okay, and now I’m going to rant. What’s up with all the people linking up to your carnival who don’t even follow the theme of the carnival? And I’m not just saying the weekly theme, but the overall theme? I’d love to read about other people’s helpful hints and learn from them, not be taken to a blog post that’s selling things or is completely unrelated to the topic at hand. It doesn’t seem fair to you or to the readers. Getting off my soap box now…

  11. 26


    I love the post you sent us to. Loved it the first time I read and it and loved it again – I think my pastor talked about this post in church this morning –

    I would venture to say He is NOT enough for so many of us … and that saddens me to think/write it. He SOOO is enough and we just do not get it!

    Thank you for the reminder – keep doing what you do!
    Blessings in 2011!!

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