WFMW: Capture the Years

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is taking a similar picture of my kids each year.

I put it in a simple frame and set out the collection of frames from all the previous years:

Our frames all hold a picture of my kids with Santa. But it could be under the Christmas tree or in the snow…

I just love looking back at how they’ve changed over the years. I also don’t like it at all.

Here’s our new one to add to the collection (MY BABIES ARE GROWING UP!):

Capturing the years in themed pictures works for me–WHEN IT’S NOT MAKING ME CRY!

P.S. Mark your calendars for our January 5th themed edition: What Doesn’t Work for Me

Merry Christmas!


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    Thanks for providing this link up even so close to Christmas. You have no idea how much traffic you send me!

    How awesome that your oldest two are not too old for Santa pics! Love it!

    Merry Christmas

  2. 3


    Oh man! What a GREAT GREAT idea!!! Now, why didn’t I think of that…10 years ago??? :-) As the eternal optimist–it’s never to late to start, right?

    By the way, your new family pics look wonderful!! I hope your family has a wonderful and blessed Christmas! You–and your family–are making such a difference in the lives of bloggers/blog readers all over, and now with precious lives in Kenya. God bless you! And…thanks. :-)

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    Sara @ Mom Endeavors says

    I absolutely adore your tradition! I need to start something similar this year (first one with two kiddos)–how cute your table is with all those Santa photos! :) And, I’m so there with you–that would totally make me a bit teary too!
    Thanks for hosting this link party! I love reading your thoughts!
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  4. 9


    I love who my boys are becoming, but I still miss those young years!!! I often look back at pictures and think, “did I realize how cute they were” when I was in the midst of it all???? Enjoy every minute!!!! :)
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

  5. 10


    Your littlest little sure knows how to work that camera. She tilts her little head and smiles beguilingly. Watch out, Daddy, those boys, they are a comin’.

  6. 11

    Kim says

    My mother had the same tradition. Both my sister and I would visit santa every year to get our picture taken… until we were in HIGH SCHOOL! Can you even imagine?! Oh the things we do for our mothers 😉 But I have to say, when all the pictures are lined up at Christmas it’s neat to see our transformations… even through the awkward years 😉 You will enjoy those for years to come!

  7. 12


    Although it makes you well up at how much they’ve grown, we’ve also got to remember to be thankful that they are still healthy, happy and together. Hopefully they won’t mind taking the same photo in another 10years time :) Wish you and your family lots of happiness in the years to come.

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