How to Really Love God

[Note: We are learning how to really live together. This isn’t an instruction guide. The posts in this series are my open journal.  Please include your thoughts in the comments. Let’s find out together how to really live!]

I have one son.

He is my husband’s father’s namesake.

He is the only Welch that will carry on our family name. So much is wrapped up in this one little boy.

I would die for him.

Because I love him.

I think of another Son. An only, too.

And His father who looked upon Him and loved Him, had dreams and plans. But the story is different.

This Father sent His only Son to die for me. He gave it all, for all.

Because He loves us.

Most days, at best, I give a little back to Him.

I throw a pathetic prayer His way, while I’m rushing to get to the next thing.

I hurry through stale Bible reading because, it too, is on the list. A duty that loses it’s meaning when it becomes dutiful.

And yet, I hunger because conquering the “to do list” never satisfies. To really know Him, to really love God.

How do I? In a world that calls just that desire, radical.

I have to start at the start.

The greatest command: “Love the Lord, Your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.”-Matt. 22:37-38

I love love. I was one of those teenage girls who recorded love songs and slept with headphones on…dreaming of  love. I wore my heart on my sleeve, drew puffy hearts on paper and yet never had a boyfriend my whole time in high school! I was an expert on love, but lived without being in it or even understanding that love equals sacrifice.

How does the Bible define love: God is love. In a supreme act of love, He sent His only Son to die for us, so that we might live. -I John 4:10

How do we love God who is love?

Because in loving The God Who Is Love, we bring glory to Him.

How to really love God:

    -Recognize Him in everything

    -Receive His love for you

    -Reserve time with Him

  • Recognize that God created all and is in all. He is in the falling rain. He is in the warm sun. He is in the valley and on the mountaintop. Acknowledge Him in the low and high places, journey with Him.
  • Receive His deep and abiding love for you. (YOU). It’s not earned or rewarded. It’s freely given. And when we accept His simple, profound love, we want to return it to Him.
  • Reserve time-don’t just carve out a space, don’t add Him to your life like a seasoning, make Him the main course. Build your life, dreams, home around Him. Make Jesus the central focus. Don’t spend dutiful time with Him, turn your heart towards Him out of relationship.

How do you really love God? Please share your thoughts, so we can learn how to really live together.

Next week, How to Really Love Others


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    Wow. I really need to work on the reserve part. I pray and read my Bible every morning, but more out of duty. It is often rushed because the kids need me or there is something else on the to do list. Thank you for sharing your heart in this.

    • 2.1


      I struggle with this too! I was just listening to a John Piper sermon and he was encouraging to not make it a duty. I felt convicted. It’s hard. I’m not there, but I really want to love God better.

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    There is a story of a rock climber that fell and was saved from death by a friend who caught his rope. When asked how you thank someone that saves your life, he said “you just always remember him.”

    To be closem to God and to my Savior Jesus Christ I try to always remember Him in that way, as The One who saved my life.

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    Isn’t God’s grace the most amazing thing?! That God gave His only Son to die for us. He had to turn His back on Him on the cross for us! For sins that I’m going to commit next week. That is love! Just last night, we were reading in Eph 2:10 that we are God’s workmanship. I’m learning to have more respect for myself because of God’s love for me.
    Thanks for your post of encouraging words.

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    I love this post. I love how you said He is the falling rain. We really do have to remember God is in all. He surrounds us at all times. it sounds so beautiful. and comforting.

    my life is crazy, as most peoples are. I do have time on most days though to sit quietly and just listen to what Jesus has to say. But i find one of my most favorite times with Jesus is when I’m in the car driving to and from drop offs and pick ups. Jesus speaks to me through music. I love Klove and keep it on all the time. so many times just the right song will be on and I just know it’s no coincidence.

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    Thank you for sharing Kristen! I like what you said about recognizing God in everything … this helps to spend time with Him. My husband and I do a yearly bible together every year so that we are reading through the same things together. We’ve done the One Year bible, a Chronological bible, the Psalms one year, and last year we did the New Testament. This year we are doing another New Testament, but this one has select readings from the Old Testament as well as a devotional reading and application questions.

    God has loved us with a greater love than we can imagine. Keeping Him forefront in our minds is how to remember Him and have a relationship with Him.

    Looking forward to continuing this series.

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    Thank you for sharing and taking on this challenge. When I read your list last week I couldn’t believe how many things I was pondering myself. Feeling too small next to the big list of big ideas to figure it all out. I’m happy to be on this journey with you.

    I have one son (he’s just 5 months) and being a first time parent I have been blown away, humbled, overwhelmed by gratitude and more when I think of God as my Father, a true parent and God’s sacrifice of his ONLY son. Everyday I see something or experience something and think of how GOD made it possible and I almost can’t breathe or think or speak–I am literally in AWE.

    My son’s verse-a-day calendar yesterday was Phil. 4:13- I can do EVERYTHING through him who gives me strength. For the first time I saw this verse a little differently–what if we held that verse as an instruction and did EVERYTHING through Christ. I’ve always found encouragement or empowerment through that verse, but never really looked at it as EVERY SINGLE THING I should do through Christ. Ahh, RECOGNIZE.

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    oh kristen… this is so good. so true. so big.
    i was that girl, like you, so in love with love. i still am.
    how do i really love God? i honor Him in my actions, with my words.
    i love like crazy…

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    Tara Craig says

    Thank you for sharing with all of us! Your post really spoke to me today. I am very new to my Faith so for me that Love is there most of the day, in all the little things right up to the big things I see Love and give love back by acknowledging His work in my heart. Thats why quite often I look like a crazy lady walking around with this big smile on my face when noone else is around me, cause I’m feelin the Love and trying my very best to share it as well.

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    Thanks for such a thought-provoking post. You forced me to ask myself: Am I carrying on the family name? Not the name I use to sign checks, but my Heavenly Father’s NAME. The NAME that is above every name. I want to carry that name.

    The second thing that came to mind was Jesus’ words about feeding, watering, clothing, and visiting the least among me. That when I do that I am LOVING Him. Opportunities to love Jesus are all around me. Lord, open my eyes to see them and to love you.

    Thank you for this post today. I needed it.

  10. 12


    Awesome post! I can’t wait to read more.
    I find that the more I am overwhelmed with God’s love for me, the more I cannot help but just love Him back.
    “We love Him, because He first loved us.”

    Thanks for sharing your heart. What a blessing and an encouragement!

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    How do I love God? By being involved where he is involved and interested in the things he is interested in. Widows, Orphans, and caring for others.

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