I Hate Your Blog

The words I recently found in my inbox.

I didn’t want to read the email.

I should have deleted it.

I’m really glad I didn’t.

The email was actually a great compliment …the writer said that some of my posts made her uncomfortable…made her think…made her feel. “I don’t want to listen. I want to run.”

And while this has never been a blog growth strategy of mine, I’m not sorry. I can’t stop this train. I can’t stop telling the story.

But I understand her words.

Because sometimes I hate it too. I’m the uncomfortable writer.

And I have a list of others that I read with one eye open, afraid I will feel too much.


Do you read things that make you uncomfortable?


  1. 1


    Yes — sometimes (often), the Bible makes me uncomfortable. And well it should…

    Write on, sister, and we’ll read on. We’re not jumping this train.

  2. 2


    Yes!! I love this blog!! I love you, too, of course.

    But this hits home. I have a lot of blogs I read with one eye open. Single Dad Laughing is a big one. He’s awesome, but he makes me ache a lot. Keep doing what you’re doing, Kristen. You are awesome! <3

  3. 3

    TracyDK says

    Sometimes there are things in this blog that are too much for me. And those are things that I just put back for later. It’s almost like looking at that elephant and going…”Geez, I can’t eat all THAT!”. But when you just take it one step at a time, it’s not so overwhelming. And honestly, it’s good to have those things that push us beyond our comfort zones. But where that person is, you could have been 10 years ago. I appreciate those who push me and who’ve walked the walk ahead of me. They give me guidance and structure. And for someone like me (the one who hates change), those people are necessary, or I’ll never go anywhere or experience anything.

  4. 4


    Oh yes! Shaun Groves blog was the first blog I read like that. I love blogs that remind me that comfort and change rarely occupy the same space.

    One of my favorite songs is by Brooke Fraser and it’s called The C.S. Lewis Song and I love the line that says:

    “but my comfort would prefer for me to be numb
    and avoid the impending birth of who I was born to become.”

    I just adore the idea that we are not who we will be. And it’s blogs like yours that help carry us along on that journey.

    Thank Kristen.

  5. 6

    Renee says


    Often they are a reminder to look at the question – am I seeking ease and comfort for me or am I striving to give ease and comfort to others?

  6. 9


    oh, you know I love it. I love that I can come here to read about real issues, to be refreshed and challenged at the same time. Your blog has always been one of my favorites and I love watching as issues morph and your posts become more and more ‘uncomfortable’. :)

  7. 10

    Carley says

    Anyone who reads the Bible should be ready to read things that make them uncomfortable! I love that you blog about uncomfortable things. It’s very edifying, encouraging, and inspiring (drat, I wanted one more e-word). If anyone’s looking for a book that will make them uncomfortable, try Radical by David Platt. Ooof. I’m still processing it and trying to figure out how to live a radical life.

  8. 11


    I get that too. There are a few blogs that I save up in my reader and read at the end because I know they’re going to be tough. I wouldn’t change it though, we need those blogs too.

  9. 12


    Yes, I do. I’m like you and have to read with one eye opened. Then I have to leave it all and digest it. It’s good for me to read the hard things. I believe He has it there for me to read. It is hard, though.

  10. 13


    Wow! Good for you that you were able to hit the “open” button and read it anyway!

    If we are doing His work, it is likely, we will not always be cheered and welcomed everywhere we go!

  11. 14

    "Cookie" says

    Do does the person actually hate your blog or was she just leading into the fact that it makes her (and I’m just using her instead of he/she) think and feel?

    I read your blog off and on. You are a inspirational person that doesn’t always take the “easy” way out. Making people think and feel about people/things/situations they normally wouldn’t.

  12. 15


    Yep, I do. The Bible makes me uncomfortable a lot…you know, it steps on my toes…makes me repent. If we’re not uncomfortable, we’re not growing. :)
    Just for the record, I LOVE your blog, for all the same reasons she hates it.

  13. 16


    You’re in good company. Jesus has a knack for making people a bit uncomfortable, too.

    Keep at it. Stay away from the comfortable middle. You’re a world-changer, right there on the edge. And you’re making Him famous…

  14. 17


    Absolutely. I can never casually read Holy Experience or Inspired to Action. I know they will give me something that I need to chew on. So, I have to take the time to actually sit down and feast on their words.

    Thank you for making us uncomfortable.

  15. 20


    We are all just ‘ordinary people’ with an incredibly Extraordinary God who is desperate for our willingness to make His power and love known! Thank you for being willing.

  16. 21

    Kara says

    I, too, have a love/hate relationship with your blog. Love who you are and what you stand for, hate (maybe that’s too strong of a word) the way it challenges me and opens my eyes beyond my here and now. But I keep reading it – I know God is working on my heart through it. Keep making us uncomfortable, Kristen!

  17. 22


    I do read things that make me uncomfortable because it’s the only way I know of to really grow as a person. Some of your posts DO make me uncomfortable, they make me think. They make me act.

    So Thank You for posting those challenging things.

  18. 23


    Sometimes I read things that make me uncomfortable, and sometimes I don’t. If it’s someone who disagrees with me, then yes! By all means! But if it’s someone who is spiritually where I want to be but am not, then, no. I feel condemned just reading the blog title sometimes.

  19. 24


    I’m currently reading the book “Radical” by David Platt. It has the potential to make anyone who reads it feel uncomfortable! However, while digging into chapter two last night, I thought of you. I lurk here but don’t post much, and while I found you through WFMW, I’ve gained so much more insight and purpose to life through reading your posts in between each week than WFMW has ever given me. Thank you for sharing and being so transparent and inspiring.

  20. 25


    I think we as humans do not like to see our weakness and even more so don’t like to admit to them. We like to pretend that everything in the world is ok and everyone lives like us. To truly open our eyes to the world around us makes us uncomfortable but that isn’t a bad thing. I don’t comment as often as I used to but I still read. Keep on doing what you are doing. It is great!

  21. 26



    I read the Bible.:) It’s so easy to read the feel good passages, but the “uncomfortable ones” are SO IMPORTANT.

    I read your blog. LOVE it.

    I just read Radical by David Platt with my small group at church. VERY uncomfortable and AMAZING too.

    You keep on with your uncomfortable self, girl!! (ok, that sounds bad, but you know what I mean, right?)

  22. 27


    Totally understand what her email was saying…I love your blog…and YES, it’s challenging and hard to read and DO!! We are to be doers and hearers…even when it’s hard, eh?

  23. 28

    Corrie says

    Yes, I do, ’cause I know there are things I NEED to know, even if I don’t like them. I’ve been reading your blog since your trip to Kenya, and I have to say I am much different then I was last year. God has been peeling my little girl hands off my little girl eyes to see the suffering in the world. And He has used your blog. Thank you so much! Praying for you all!

  24. 29


    Of course I do read things that make me uncomfortable… I realize not every word is out there meant to make anyone feel comfortable ALL the time… on the contrary they are there to help you grow and mature. We learn many times from our mistakes and at times from uncomfortable words… so, I would not be sorry either… I would appreciate every kind word whether is pretty or not so pretty. 😉

  25. 34

    Sharon O says

    Your blog is a wonderful place to read and grow and pray for you on your journey. I hope I never receive an ‘I hate your blog email’… but if it happens it might be for a good reason. maybe??

  26. 35


    Yes, I do read things that make me uncomfortable and challenge me. That’s why I read and re-read Francis Chan’s books. And David Platt. And certain blogs. Because left on my own, I would gladly stay in my comfort zone. Precisely the place that I shouldn’t be. Definitely the least effective place to live for the Kingdom of God. Thank you for saying hard things. Thank you for saying things that make people (me included) uncomfortable. Because they need to be said. :-)

  27. 36


    I find it hard to believe that someone would say they hate your blog.

    I do read things that make me feel uncomfortable, in the sense that they are convicting and powerful, and I’m so thankful for people like you who continue to challenge me!

  28. 38


    I am that writer. I used to hate “me” too. I didn’t like to be uncomfortable. Then God asked me to write the “breaking the silence”post, and it all changed. (http://dollfamilyzone.blogspot.com/2010/07/breaking-silence.html)
    But I, too, like you, can’t stop this train. I am proud of you. And others who can: 1. write what no one wants to read, and 2. read what they don’t want to read… because of what it might make you feel.
    I thank God Paul wasn’t afraid to make others uncomfortable… after all, it ended him up in jail. but he didn’t stop that train either.
    Blessings to you!

  29. 39


    Yes. Simply, yes. There are blogs I Love but sometimes I just cannot read ’em because I feel way too much afterward. And sometimes my own posts make me uncofortable, too. You put this into words perfectly.

  30. 40


    Yes, you make us uncomfortable. But you speak truth. And truth is truth whether we like it or not. Thank you for not equivocating on the things that really matter.

  31. 41


    I am pretty sure I sent you the exact same thing over twitter once. I am always 3 or 4 posts behind on your blog because I put off the discomfort. Your doing a great job, you come across very humble and real.

  32. 42


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