My Marriage *Still* Rocks {Giveaway}

*Updated* Congratulations to random commenters: reader Celeste (I’ve emailed you) and Candy M from Altered State of Mind! You guys and your spouses will be rockin’ new shirts!! Don’t forget to take advantage of the awesome coupons below!

I know him. I could pick his rough, calloused hands out of 100 pair. I know what every look means. I don’t know where he ends and I begin. One.

We’ve been through a lot:

the depths of Hell and the edge of Heaven in the last 16 years.

But I can say from my core, my marriage still rocks.

That doesn’t mean it’s always good. We argue over who ate the last of the hummus and fight our way through balancing the budget. We’re are OH, SO HUMAN. But we believe in our marriage.

We press in to the hard questions. We push each other to being better. We fight for our marriage (and over chick peas, apparently).

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Just leave a comment, telling me WHY your marriage STILL rocks!

This giveaway ends on Thursday.


  1. 151


    After nearly 12 years he still wants to sit with me, hold my hand and sleeps in the middle of the bed…not because he is a space hog, but because…as he says:, “I married you to be near you”.

  2. 152


    Almost 13 years and still going strong. Through the highs and lows, we know each other, love each other, know how to make the other one laugh, and have fun together. It’s not perfect and it’s not always easy, but my marriage still rocks because we are determined to make it work. We won’t give up on each other.

  3. 153


    Our marriage rocks because after almost 25 years, we’re still best friends, very much in love, and have loads of fun together, no matter what we’re doing.

  4. 154

    Jamie says

    We’ve been together 4 years and people tell us we are still like newly-weds! We work opposite schedules (me – midnights, hubby – days), and can hardly wait to spend our 3 day weekends together EVERY week. We have fun, share stories, laugh, cry and just BE US! I couldn’t ask for a better man

  5. 155

    Ashley says

    Monday, my husband and I will celebrate our 7 year anniversary!!!!! I think we are more in love now then when we got married! It’s amazing how the little things mean more then the big things!! I would love to when a shirt to show him, yes WE STILL ROCK!!!!!

  6. 156

    Jane says

    My husband is my very best friend. We have been through some hard times, times when we’ve disappointed each other, times when we’ve failed, but it didn’t break us apart. It made us hold on tighter. I’m so thankful!

  7. 157

    Diana says

    This year we’ll be celebrating our 5 year anniversary. In 2009 though, I thought we were headed for divorce. Little did I know that the struggles we went through that year were exactly what God planned to use to save my husband!! This Sunday, my husband will be baptized and profess his love for Jesus Christ. Our marriage is stronger than ever and we’ve both agreed that even though it’s been difficult, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our marriage STILL rocks!!!!

  8. 159

    jennifer strong says

    we started dating our senior year in high school,continued through 4 years at seperate colleges before getting married 15 years ago. There have been some really tough times, but we grew together through them. we learned to communicate, to listen, to trust. Most of all to depend on God. whatever comes in the future i know we will face it together.

  9. 161


    Just had our 15th anniversary, raised 2 boys (mine)together and still raising 2 more kiddos. We are each other’s rock. Honestly, I feel like it’s Christmas every day, because of him. But, the Lord put us here and led us all the way.

  10. 162


    Two very different people, six and a half years, four children, and it’s all such a growing process! We have so much to be thankful for.

  11. 164

    Shannon says

    My marriage rocks because we have been through really rough stuff and come out stronger on the other side. He is a partner who encourages AND challenges me, and he is a sweet daddy to our daughter (and more to come!) I would not be on this adventure with anyone else.

  12. 165


    We just celebrated 8 years! <3
    My marriage is awesome because after putting up with me (and being my ROCK!) during 7 years of crappy infertility, he charted the waters with me through the emotional rollercoaster of adoption and is now the BEST daddy to our son :)
    Thanks for the chance! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE that you are promoting marriage! :)

  13. 167

    Stephanie says

    17 years of marriage, 2 teenage daughters & he is the most encouraging, patient person I know. He would be the first to give all the credit to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  14. 168

    Deanna says

    We’ve been married almost 4.5 years and baby number one is currently 8 days late. :-) My husband is still awesome – he even took over cleaning the bathrooms during this pregnancy!

  15. 170

    Hallie says

    My husband works 12+ hour days 5-6 days a week, while going to school full-time, so I can be home with our 9 month old daughter. He never makes me feel like less of a wife for being a stay-at-home mom in fact he reminds me how much he appreciates that I’m willing to be home for our daughter. When I wanted to start a business on the side to make a little extra money he was so supportive. I couldn’t dream up a better husband! I’m so blessed!

  16. 171


    my marriage still rocks b/c we both want it to be BETTER. we still date each other (at least 2x a month) and we try (key word there TRY!!!) to put the other first!

  17. 172

    MichelleH says

    My marriage still rocks because we both still put it first. We’re still best friends, we still hold hands, we still say thank you and I love you and you’re the best and I would still choose you. Our marriage and family are our priority.

  18. 173


    My marriage rocks because our favorite part of the day is climbing into bed, cuddling and talking until we fall asleep. I wondered when that will stop, but my husband assures me it never will. Our marriage rocks because we both know that we can talk to each other about anything, and that through the ups and downs, we will always be together. Divorce is a word never used. That is why my marriage rocks!

  19. 174

    Lizzy says

    because he has seen more of my awful sinful yucky self and STILL loves me after 17 years married and 8 dating 😉

  20. 175

    Adrienne S says

    My marriage still rocks because we have been married for 16yrs and I can honestly say that is just as awesome!
    We have three great kids and it just keeps getting better!

  21. 176

    Niki says

    We will have been married for 10 years this April. Our marriage still rocks because it has such much more depth to it than it did on that day we said I Do!

  22. 177

    Kim Paterka says

    Just celebrated 19yrs on the 25th. We told ourselves along time ago that divorce would never be an option, set up boundaries and the fun began! Our marriage still rocks!

  23. 178

    monica says

    Our marriage still rocks because we have been through alot and are closer than ever!
    monk5 at charter dot net

  24. 179


    It still rocks more now that it ever has. Life brings ups and downs and the more you share of those with someone; the closer you get.
    That and he’s one of the most wonderful, caring and understanding people I know!

    jennifer @

  25. 185

    Laurie says

    Would love to win a set of these t-shirts! Our marriage rocks…rocking right along after 23 yrs with the good, the bad and the ugly. So thankful God gave me my man!

  26. 186

    Carolyn S says

    We have only been married for 4 months now, but I would love to show that world that a commited couple who are willing to focus on the Lord can do anything :)

  27. 187

    Shannon says

    Our marriage still rocks because we have 3 handsome little boys and are always trying to make it stronger and better, it’s hard work, but so worth it!

  28. 188

    Sarah says

    My marriage still rocks because even after 7 years, moving across the country multiple times, and trying to finish our education, he still makes my heart go pitter-patter with just a text message or a look :)

  29. 190

    Sarah says

    My marriage still rocks because it still is. :) Is that too simple? It is an increasing relief to know that we’ve survived another day/week/month/year, and by survive I really mean that we haven’t fallen prey to giving up. Also, my husband is a stone mason and I think these shirts are beyond hysterical for us, so even if I don’t win, I’ve got to buy some!

  30. 191


    My husband/marriage still rocks because we decided 20 years ago there was no alternative. I am loved, cherished, safe & I know there is no doubt we will always be together. He’s there through thick & thin. Love the shirts!

  31. 192

    Debbie says

    My marriage still rocks because we have been through some very bad times, including 4 years of separation and lots of communication problems because of different native languages, but we are both committed to each other, our children, and to our Lord Jesus Christ who makes all things possible.

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