My Marriage *Still* Rocks {Giveaway}

*Updated* Congratulations to random commenters: reader Celeste (I’ve emailed you) and Candy M from Altered State of Mind! You guys and your spouses will be rockin’ new shirts!! Don’t forget to take advantage of the awesome coupons below!

I know him. I could pick his rough, calloused hands out of 100 pair. I know what every look means. I don’t know where he ends and I begin. One.

We’ve been through a lot:

the depths of Hell and the edge of Heaven in the last 16 years.

But I can say from my core, my marriage still rocks.

That doesn’t mean it’s always good. We argue over who ate the last of the hummus and fight our way through balancing the budget. We’re are OH, SO HUMAN. But we believe in our marriage.

We press in to the hard questions. We push each other to being better. We fight for our marriage (and over chick peas, apparently).

Y’all know I love Union 28.  And so it’s no surprise I love their new shirts: My Marriage STILL Rocks!

Today, Union 28 is giving away two sets (two winners) of HIS & HER “My Marriage Still Rocks” tees!

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Just leave a comment, telling me WHY your marriage STILL rocks!

This giveaway ends on Thursday.


  1. 6


    Oh, my goodness! I want the blue Valentine’s shirt the girl is wearing in the picture. I have the long-sleeved brown. I have to show my husband still rocks when the weather’s warm, right? I want this shirt because I just celebrated 25 years with the fabulous man God gave me and who continues to put up with me. Love these!

    (p.s. – I am seriously bummed. I have searched through all my bags and can’t find my Mercy House keychain from BlissDom. You’re doing wonderful things.)

  2. 8

    jenlar3 says

    My husband and I are about to celebrate the 28th anniversary of our first wedding in March. We just celebrated the 15th anniversary of our second wedding in November. We were divorced for 5 years, but the divorce just wasn’t working out, so we remarried. God has been so good to us and has restored to us the years that the locusts ate. Both of our girls are married to good and Godly men and have managed to hold onto the best that we have been able to model for them, while turning to God to help them through the worst that we showed them. I would love to be able to present on of these shirts to my dear husband on our anniversary!

  3. 9


    We are high school sweethearts, met at 14 and still together after 14 years! My marriage still rocks because no matter what, we always say goodnight to each other.

  4. 12


    My marriage still rocks after 12 years and big ups and big downs because we believe in it and we fight for it. We invest our time and resources into things like a Love and Respect class at our church and regular date nights. It’s not always easy or smooth sailing but it definitely rocks.

  5. 13

    karen says

    We celebrated 15 years of marriage last summer…it’s been FULL of ups and downs. Why does our marriage STILL rock?…because He has seen us through. Because He has given one of us courage/hope/wisdom when the other was lost. And looking back now, I wouldn’t trade any of those trying times, because we have grown closer from them.

  6. 14


    Our marriage of 15 years has been through some doozies!! We married (what I consider) young, me at barely 21 and he 24. We’ve survived the Army, 4 years of medical school, and five years of surgical residency. Throw in a baby within the 1st year and half of marriage then infertility for almost 7 years…followed by the amazing blessing of three more children, and it’s truly God’s grace that has gotten us through. That, and we are crazy about each other. It isn’t all rosy being married to a surgeon (it means being married to a man with a calling much higher than me…I’m typing this at 11pm and my evening of being spent with him just turned into a long night he will be spending in the O.R. instead). It has been rough. It has been amazingly hard. But it.has.been.amazing. :) I love him with all my heart, and I love this crazy life we lead. I wouldn’t change a thing for all the world. Thanks for letting me tell you how much “our marriage STILL rocks”.

  7. 15


    My marriage still rocks because of HIM! The One who made us, and then made us to become One. It rocks because HE is our ROCK. It rocks because he rocks, too! The Man I married. He’s my best friend. And together, the THREE of us, it works!

  8. 16

    Sheryl says

    My marriage still Rocks because of the Great I AM. He helps us to encourage each other, pray for each other and laugh with each other we are going on 12 years this year!!

  9. 18


    My marriage still rocks because in each new stage my husband and I get to know each other in a new way. We started out knowing each other as singles. Then as husband, wife. Then as a Father, and Mother. One day we will know each other as mother and father inlaws and as grandparents.

  10. 20

    CarolV says

    After 26 years my marriage still rocks because we work really hard at it. We love each and fight passionately! We like each other and like hanging out together! But mostly because God intervened in our lives and changed us!!! We are forever grateful for that!

  11. 22

    JHollyhock (aka Jennifer) says

    My marriage still rocks because He never gives up on us and picks us up when we fall. We would not be where we are if not for Him! We will be celebrating 17 years this year.

  12. 23


    My marriage still rocks because we are best friends and lovers. We’ve been married 15 years. We are together even when we are apart. We’ve been separated twice due to military separations and we are currently living apart because of a job situation. We rock because we are rock solid, despite trying times and separations.

  13. 24


    My marriage rocks because we treat each other with respect, even when we disagree.
    It rocks because we can tell each other anything.
    It rocks because he can always make me laugh, no matter what!

  14. 25

    Staci says

    My marriage rocks because we truly are best friends. We are currently in different states because of his job and I feel like a part of my soul is missing.

  15. 27

    Carlee says

    My marriage still rocks–11 years, a master’s degree, being married to a pastor, 3 kids, 12 moves, and two times of him watching me nearly die later–because we still serve one another. He did every load of laundry in the house when I was sick, grocery shopped, played with the kids, and tucked me in with extra blankets when I had the chills. I still am a part of all of his ministries, I cook his favorite foods, I learn how to play his favorite games, and I am still his secretary. Because we SERVE one another, our marriage still rocks.

  16. 28

    Melinda says

    After almost 14 years, 2 deployments, 2 kids, 2 family deaths, money struggles, job struggles, and everything else you can through at a marriage, I am beyond grateful that my marriage still rocks. Marriage is hard work, but when you work together, it’s worth it.

  17. 32


    My marriage still rocks because in the almost 8 years we’ve been married, we’ve lived in 7 states, been through Hurricane Katrina, completed a PhD, served in 2 churches, had a very happy little boy, worked at 2 different seminaries, loved each other and God throughout all the craziness!!

  18. 33


    My high school sweetheart and I have been together since we were 12 (now 35). We have 3 gorgeous , giggly, girl blessings. But the best part of our marriage came about 4 years ago when my husband found christ. He has always been an amazing husband, but with christ, our marriage honestly rocks more now than ever before. We were remarried a few year ago on the right side of salvation and my husband has just rocked my world by leading me as a strong man and father. I believe in marriage, I believe that biblical marriage is so beautiful and that there is so much blessing in a biblical marriage if we allow to recieve it. My marriage rocks and I can’t stop smiling and we would love to have the shirts! Thank you :)

  19. 36

    Melissa says

    My marriage still rocks because he makes me laugh, is the best father to our kids, tells me I am beautiful daily, and we both look forward to seeing one another at the end of the day, everyday! My husband rocks!

  20. 37

    Joan says

    My marriage *still* rocks after 8 years. We are still honeymooners. Everyday I am thankful for my husband and he tells me everyday that I’m the best wife in the world. No matter the circumstances of the day (some good, some bad) our marriage is held above it all. Everyday together is a gift. We are each other’s best friends. God is so good!

  21. 38

    cristina says

    Our marriage still rocks after 13 years. We are better together, we know each other better and we work on our marriage every single day. We keep our marriage above everything else, and we cherish our time , our life together. We thank God for it.

  22. 39


    In our 5 years of marriage we have been through a lot. A life treatening (to me and the baby) pregnancy where both me and baby made it out safe and sound, marrying at a young age (19 and 21) while we were both still in college, living on love (not joking, we were BROKE!) and our marriage not only ROCKS it is absolutely FABULOUS! I would love to win some t-shirts! :)

  23. 41

    Heidi says

    My marriage still rocks because God blessed me beyond anything I could ask or imagine– and certainly far more than I could ever deserve– when He joined Owen and I. I love Union28 and telling everyone how great it is when God writes your love story!

  24. 42


    I SO want one of these!
    My marriage still rocks, because, to be honest, my husband is the most kind, caring, and patient person I know. God has blessed our marriage, and I do well to remember that HE is the one who makes it work, even when we’re so terribly imperfect, and really don’t know how to love well–He has loved us well.

  25. 43


    My marriage still rocks because we are still together….even though there have been times that we thought we might be better off apart…we have stuck it out and worked on it and we are still here and together…forever. :)

  26. 44


    My marraige still rocks after 11 years! We have been through my MIL’s sudden death from a drunk driver hitting her, 3 years of infertility, layoffs, criticism about where we go to church and if we are “ok”, trying to get a budget in place. Through it all God has brought us closer together and He has truly blessed us as a couple and a family.
    Love the shirts!!!

  27. 45


    My marriage still rocks because we didn’t realize it’s value until we almost saw its end. Praising God today for healing things that seemed too broken to fix.

  28. 46

    Mandy S says

    We are in the middle of a separation that is truly the moat painful thing that has ever happened to me. But I can honestly say that my marriage still rocks because I know that God is in the process of healing and bringing us back together.

  29. 47

    Courtney says

    our marriage still rocks (6 years and going strong) because my hubby is amazing man of God and Spiritual leader in our home.. he shows our boys how a man of God acts and he’s going to be a great daddy to our little girl (coming in March). So thankful to be married!!

  30. 48


    My marriage *still* rocks because my husband and I are still best friends. Despite the day-in, day-out, life-with-small-children-and-big-debt stresses, we can still talk and laugh and play for hours. There’s no one I’d rather spend time with!

  31. 49

    Josh says

    I want my marriage to rock. After years of me messing up, I don’t know how to re-connect with my wife. It feels like we barely know each other. Between taking care of the kids, work, housework…by the time the day is over, I don’t know if she even wants to talk, let alone to me. I want her to think of me and smile, and see me and have her eyes light up. I want to hold her hand and I want her to want to be near me.

    I’m not sure if spending 9 months with a marriage counselor helped us. I’m not sure if praying about it has been helping. I have had such spiritual growth in the past 2 years, but I don’t know how to help her and help our marriage.

    • 49.1

      karen says


      Your comment has been on my heart all morning! I want your marriage to rock too! After 9 months in marriage counseling, nothing I am going to say will be new, but….

      Focus on the things YOU are responsible for…..your attitudes, your words, your responsibilities, your reactions…..

      You cannot change her and singlehandedly you cannot change your marriage. God will have to do that work! Regardless of her responses, you are still responsible for You! HARD, but true!

      If you have not read or listened to the book “Love and Respect” by Emmerson Eggerich, I would encourage you to do so now….not so that you can see what SHE should be doing, but so that you can see where YOU need to apply yourself!

      . And at the end of the day….ask her if she wants to talk…..ask if you can just hold her hand and sit on the couch and watch TV. she might say “yes”…..or she might not, but at least you will know!

      Satan wants to destroy. God wants to heal! I am praying for healing for you and your wife and your marriage

  32. 50


    I love their shirts!!! My marriage still rocks b/c we decided very early on that no matter what trials we went through divorce would not be an option. We’re in this for the long haul and God has blessed and continues to bless us.

  33. 51


    I love to hear some one who has been married 16 years say that their marriage still rocks! I have been married 4 years and people say things to me like “oh it is just because you haven’t been married very long that you feel that way”. But as I tell my husband, I want to feel this way always! Like you said we fight, we are human after all. However, my marriage still rocks because my husband and I speak each others love language. My husband is great at asking me if my “love tank” is full (and of course being a women, he generally has to ask a few times before I am honest with him). :) I can’t wait to continue on this journey of life with my hubby!

  34. 52

    lorie says

    Love the shirts! My husband and I have been married 16 years. Our marriage still Rocks because of what God has done for us. Christ gets the glory!

  35. 54


    My marriage still rocks after 8 years because the Lord is good! He knits together 2 imperfect people with a perfect union, and choosing to love each other and the Lord each day makes all the difference!

  36. 55


    We have been married 18, almost 19 years, lost six babies have four, survived the typical in-law drama, are complete opposites on so many issues, fight like crazy people and love like even crazier people! I can not imagine my life without him. He is my best friend and closest companion. I have found the one my heart loves.

  37. 56

    Maggie Ortiz says

    My marriage still rocks because, after the first few VERY rocky years, when we were almost ready to throw in the towel, we decided together to put our marriage in the hands of God. That doesn’t mean that he and I didn’t have to put in all the work required to keep our marriage strong, or that we just sat back and hoped God would fix everything, but the turning point in our marriage was the moment when we both realized we were fighting for ourselves and not for our marriage. God showed each of us that, more than anything else, it was our selfishness that was poisoning the well and when we began to pray for the other person instead of about the other person, things changed and they changed FAST. The last 2 1/2 years have been the best in our marriage so far and that shocks some people because those years have been filled with huge trials. It doesn’t matter what we go through though, what matters is that we are going through it TOGETHER. We are each others cheerleader and best friend. We love each other more today than the day we got married because we finally figured out how to love Jesus first.

  38. 57

    Jen Gregar says

    Our marriage still rocks because it is built on a solid foundation of THE rock! That and we haven’t forgotten how to laugh at our own mistakes and with each other. I look forward to many more exciting years ahead of us :)

  39. 59


    My marriage still rocks because we’ve endured a few big challenges this year and have learned to really depend on each other for support. He is my biggest fan and I am his!

  40. 61


    After almost 10 years my marriage still rocks! Even with a very stressed two years of unemployment for both of us we can stand together trusting what God has for us. We have built our marriage on Christ and know that we can get through everything!

  41. 62


    After 10 years my marriage still rocks because he is still the most handsome, generous, hard working, loving man in the whole world – and he still likes me, too.

  42. 63

    Rhonda says

    Our marriage still Rocks (11 years) because no matter what we are there for each other, we love each other, we enjoy each other. God is in the center…I believe it will continue to get better every year! Love the shirts!

  43. 65

    cheryl says

    Our marriage still ROCKS after 16 years as well! It’s work, it’s effort (and some days I don’t like to work at it) but we’re both completely committed to each other. We argue and we make up well :) God is our Rock so our foundation is firm. My husband is an amazing man, hard worker, loving husband and father; he takes care of me. He’s my very favorite everything.

  44. 66


    My marriage still rocks because I’m still in love with him! More than I was the day we married. We’ve suffered through two seperations but there was no living without the other. My man is wonderful, kind, gentle, a loving father, and rocks my world. Thanks Kristen for the giveaway!

  45. 68

    Jayme C says

    It was 15 years ago tomorrow I fell in love with my hubby. 7 kids later – he still rocks my world. He is a fantastic man and I am blessed to have him in my life and even more blessed that he feels the same about me. :)

  46. 69

    Renea H says

    My husband and I will be married 16yrs in August and I have to say my marriage ROCKS more now than it did in the beginning. I love him more today than ever before. And I love these shirts would love to Rock wearing one. Thanks so much Kristen.

  47. 70

    Kelly says

    My husband & I have only been married for 5 years, but we have learned so much about each other during that time. Our marriage rocks because we are loving every minute of it!

  48. 71

    Hannah Sparks says

    We’ve been married 5 years and my marriage still rocks because I still get butterflies when he walks in door after work. I want everything to be just perfect for him because I love him SO SO MUCH!!

  49. 73

    Andrea C says

    Oh Fun!! I keep wanting to get the I Love my Husband shirt.
    OUr marriage rocks, because we are both still working to get to know each other better, and make time for each other. We try really hard to have a date a few times a month even if it is a home date. :)

  50. 74


    Our marriage still rocks, cause we are growing in God with one another. We are rock solid in His foundation so that our marriage will hold strong against anything that comes our way!

    What a great Valentine gift this would be:) or belated gift!

    blessings & giggles

  51. 75


    Married almost 13 years… we got married when we were 18 & 19, moved 10 times, have had 3 kids…. it’s been a ride. But our marriage still ROCKS! These shirts are awesome!

  52. 76


    My marriage still rocks because I am married to my best friend. We are constantly finding things we love to do together; for instance, he recently took up knitting and I took up wood shop. Now we both get a chance to talk about what we enjoy and know that the other person enjoys it too. Our four babies have provided lots of opportunities for growth and fun and we are constantly meeting new challenges with the grace of God. I hope I win these shirts so I can let the world know that my Marriage Still ROCKS! LT

  53. 78


    We took the leap into a 2nd marriage for both of us on Leap Day of 1996. Added 2 kids since then, and 15 years later we are still laughing, holding hands and loving more each day. God is faithful and He walks with us through each day making our marriage stronger because of His grace.
    Blessings on the journey~

  54. 80


    My marriage still rocks after 28 1/2 years because we look to God for everything! He has brought us through SO many different things through the years, including 6 years on the mission field, teenagers (that’s where we are now:-) and moving more times that I care to count. Each phase of our lives we have to learn a new way of waiting on God to lead and guide us, teach us what we need to learn to make it through the next phase. Without Him, there would be no US!

  55. 81


    After four blissful years, I can still say I love my husband more every day. We are constantly trying to learn more about each other, to Love and Respect our gifts and to reach out to each other with our Love Languages. We are expecting our first baby in the spring and it is such a symbol of the Rockin’ Marriage we have!

  56. 82


    My hubby & I have been married 18yrs this past Halloween. Yup, we got married on Halloween. No big fancy wedding just he and I and our 1 month old son…we eloped. We had planned the big ta-do but had a baby instead. It wasn’t easy being parents at the age 20. Our son was colic & he stayed up with him at night. He so ROCKED! Second son came when we were 22 and our daughter when we were 33. we’ve been together through all our 20’s, and just ending our 30’s. This man has done so much for our family. Words could not express how thankful & grateful I am to him for all he sacrifices for us.
    we use our marriage as an example to our 16yo who thinks he is going to marry his girlfriend one day. Oh man, is that another story, lol. BUT after 18yrs…our marriage is STILL ROCKIN’. The best part when we finish each other sentences or we are thinking the exact same thing. We know each other so well. Or the little text that comes through that says, “I Love You”. He melts my heart like the first time I saw him sitting in back of the class room {we met at an adult ed. school…and we did graduate together & our son was 9 months old}.


  57. 83

    Kat says

    my marriage still rocks because after three children, a separation, and nine years of being together we still laugh together daily. we have come through so much that we are better together now, than we have ever been!

  58. 84

    Cynthia says

    My husband and I have been married 13 years. The first twelve we did things separately and without God and it didn’t work so well. Now we have turned things around and I can honestly say we now have the kind of marriage you see in the movies – not perfect but working together and supporting each other through the ups and downs. I wouldn’t have always wore a may marriage rocks but today I would wear it proudly.

  59. 85

    Erica says

    Funny thing is, I’m wearing a “My husband rocks” t-shirt today. I bought it around a year ago. In the last year, we’ve had a lot of struggles; more than we’ve ever had. Lots of frustrations, lots of tears, lots of prayer, lots of changing and re-learning each other, and (unfortunately) lots of work still to do to get our marriage where it should be. Despite all that, I would still say my marriage rocks. We’ve been together for seven and a half years, and because we both have a biblical view of marriage, we will work on our problems and we will rise above the junk that’s happening now to make our marriage better than it ever has been. I have God’s promises, and I have a good and godly man whose promise to be with me until death parts us keeps me going on the rough days. Is my marriage dreamy and enviable right now? No. But does it still rock? Yes. Rocks are solid. :)

  60. 86


    My marriage still rocks after 10 1/2 wonderful years, because we have built our marriage around Christ! We have been down some wrong roads, and Christ lead us to the right path. We love one another, and know that we know the closer we are to Christ as a couple the closer we are to each other. Kind of like a triangle, with each person a one of the bottom points, and God at the top. The closer you grow to Christ the space in between you spouse is smaller. We have two wonderful boys!! I still look at my husband and melt inside, the small things are the best. Seeing him shovel our sidewalks from this snow blizzard makes my heart skip a beat. Love ya Travis!!!

    I would love to wear this shirt!! You so often hear of marriages falling apart, but hardly ever hear about the ones that are glued together.

  61. 87

    Christie says

    because he turns my side of the electric blanket on when he goes to bed, even when i’m staying up later than him, so it gets warm before i come to bed! That’s just 1 of 30287235813 ways he shows me his love.

  62. 90

    marky says

    I love this giveaway! It has been close to 3 years since I ordered a shirt from Union 28. It was for my husband and I honestly didnt’ belive he would wear it.
    He did, and he wore it out!
    It has been 16 1/2 years of marriage, lots of sickness, financial problems and more kids issus than we could have dreamed. BUT the best part of it is knowing that we are in it together. We made a committment last year as we were both getting weary of our life together, that there is no option of doing this alone. We are in it together and the sooner we act like a team the better we will be for it!
    So I can proudly say “My Husband Still Rocks”!


  63. 91

    Alicia says

    8 1/2 years – And I love him more now then when we first married. I know that he absolutely has the best of intent for me, and same from me to him. Knowing that, keeps things in focus.

  64. 92


    Great giveaway! My marriage still rocks for many reasons. Fresh on my mind today is that my hubby got up at 4 am to let MY cat out of the laundry room where she sleeps because she was meowing and afraid of the storm outside. We’ll be married 15 years this May. :)

  65. 94

    Danielle says

    After 13 years filled with love and laughter (laughter has gotten us through many a rough time!), my marriage still rocks!

  66. 95


    I’d love to win a pair of those shirts; they’d be so fun to wear to an upcoming marriage conference our church is having.

    My husband and I will have been married for 20 years in August. Here’s just one example of many of why my marriage still rocks:

    Sunday afternoon my husband washed my filthy, salt-covered van for me. When we went to small group that night, all it took was me catching his eye across the crowded room for him to see that I couldn’t get through the crowd to fix myself a drink…so he fixed it for me and brought it to me. A friend noticed this and commented on it. When I mentioned that he’d also washed my van for me, she immediately decided that he must be expecting, um, “payment” later that night.

    Nope. He went to sleep before I did. He just does stuff like that because he loves me. The feeling is mutual.

  67. 96


    My marriage still rocks, because even after having 4 kids in the past 5 years, my husband and I still can’t get enough of each other…and I mean that in every way 😉 We truly believe the Lord made us for each other. We are more in love 8 years later than we have ever been.

  68. 97

    Suzanne says

    My marriage STILL rocks because my husband loves me even when I’m completely unlovable, just another picture of how Christ loves the church even when we fall short of His plan!

    p.s. I ordered the My Husband Rocks shirt and can’t WAIT to get it in the mail! I would LOVE to get the new valentine My Husband Rocks shirt too!! so cute!

  69. 98


    My marriage still rocks because we still laugh together over the stupidest things. And because I still get tingles when he touches my skin . . .

  70. 99

    Mandy says

    Our marriage still rocks b/c my husband is so supportive and sweet. We’ve been dealing with fertility issues and he has been so wonderful though it all. I love him more each and every day.

  71. 100

    Jeannette says

    My marriage still rocks because my husband is wonderful, thoughtful and kind. (And because we come up with the same stupid jokes at the same time.) We’re coming up on 10 years – those would be fun shirts to wear to mark that milestone.

  72. 102

    Cynthia says

    My marriage still rocks because after 29+ years of marriage my heart still jumps and I get that warm tingly feeling whenever I think about him. We got married as teenagers, I was 16 and he was 17, and even though everyone and the statistics said we would not make it we have. (Only with the help of God.) He is my best friend and we don’t just love each other we are in love with each other. He is the sexiest grandpa, at 47 years of age, that I have ever seen.

  73. 103

    JenniferB says

    I love the pink “my husband rocks” with bling — so cute! These t-shirts are such a great idea — I would feel honored to see my hubby wearing shirt that said “my wife rocks”.

  74. 104

    Jacquie Olsen says

    My husband ROCKS because he knows his priorities: loving God, and THEN loving me. He loves me so well, but he knows in order to do that, he must first love God with his whole being. I love being married to a man who fears God and shares His passions. I love being married to my best friend and am just plain crazy about him! We are going on 8 years now.

  75. 105


    My marriage stil rocks after 21 years! I couldn’t imagine being without him. He’s the best!
    Not perfect…but pretty darn close!
    I hope to keep him around for at least forever!

  76. 106


    I so hope we win…we wear the My Husband/Wife Rocks ones all the time! We do our best not to wear them on the same day so we’re not too matchy matchy!! I’m always so proud when he wears his (and my kids are super proud to wear their My Dad/Mom Rocks shirts too…even at their elementary school! – it’s still stylish to love your parents!)!

    My marriage still rocks because its a marriage without the word divorce and with Jesus at it’s heart!

  77. 110

    Rebecca says

    After 10 years, 3 kids, and a roller coaster of a life we are still very in love! Love these shirts! I have the My Husband Rocks shirt and get lots and lots of comments on it!

  78. 111


    So I’ve yet to win any of these shirts but I keep on trying. I think the still rockin shirts are appropriate since we’ve past the 10 year mark.

  79. 112

    Sara K says

    My marriage still rocks after 13 years, 3 kids, a porn addiction I knew nothing about, the death of a parent and all that life brings. I love my husband always and forever, and if I don’t win this, I really need to think about getting this shirt. Thank you!

  80. 113

    Jenn says

    My marraige STILL rocks because we love each other more everyday! He shows me Jesus better than anyone else, I am thankful.

  81. 114


    My marriage still rocks after 10 1/2 years. Right now we are separated by an ocean, but I love him more with each day. My heart still beats quicker when I think of him. I can’t wait until he comes home in 6 months!

  82. 115


    Our marriage (still) rocks, because leaving is not an option. Ever. And seriously, it doesn’t ever cross my mind. Things don’t always feel good, but in God’s eyes, our matrimony is always great. I love my husband!

  83. 118

    Sylvia says

    Our marriage still rocks because we strive to grow closer to Christ and closer to each other every day…and have for the last ten years!

  84. 119

    Angela L says

    My marriage stills rocks, because it doesn’t matter how much weight I put on, or how many gray hairs are popping out of my head, or how many hairs my husband no longer has on his head, we still look at each other and see the person we married over 22 years ago for better or for worse.

  85. 123

    Misty McCaslin says

    We will celebrate 10 years in September! God brought a Georgia girl & an Oklahoma guy together 10 years ago in Sept. We are best friends… no one I would rather do life together with, than him!!

  86. 124

    Kelly Stockstill says

    We will be married for 9 years in May and it still rocks! He’s my best friend and a wonderful father to our two girls. I’m just so thankful for our family.

  87. 127

    Jennifer Ott says

    …4 kids, including a newborn…and all I have to do is tap him with my foot in the night and he’s up, ready to take care of whoever is crying. And he thinks I am beautiful 4 kids, 30 pounds, a no shower later!

  88. 128


    (Oh, I WANT ONE!) My marriage rocks because we’ve just decided it’s going to, no matter what. (Our motto together is that “we’re okay even when we’re not okay.” Which isn’t as romantic as “how do I love thee, let me count the days,” but it ROCKS for us.)

  89. 130

    Tina says

    My marriage still rocks because after 11.5 years, my sweet hubby still puts up with me and loves me like no other!

  90. 131

    Niki Blake says

    My marriage rocks because after 18 years, he is still the one I look forward to seeing every time he walks in the door. :)

  91. 135

    Rebecca says

    Our marriage rocks because of our Savior Jesus Christ and my husband who gives and gives and gives of himself. My husband recently accepted Christ and though he’s always been a wonderful husband, he is even better now with Jesus as the Lord of both of our lives. We’re over 20 years strong and looking forward to the next 20.

  92. 136

    Andrea says

    He’s my best friend and grace is amazing. Would love to shout it out to all that my marriage still rocks!! :)

  93. 137


    Yay! I love this! I know my marriage still rocks because the moment he walks in the door is still my favorite moment of the day! My guy can always make me smile. :)

  94. 139


    Well, since we’re working on our tenth year…I’d have to say he still rocks because he’s still putting up with me. Love those shirts!

  95. 140


    After 9 years of marriage, and many ups and downs (including years of infertility, tons of moving, and plenty of job stress), our commitment has strengthened and deepened, our communication has improved, and we are each others’ shelter from life’s storms. I thank God every day for this man; I don’t deserve him.

  96. 143


    My marriage still rocks, and tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of our first date, the beginning of it all. This year we will celebrate 9 years of marriage. We now have 7 children (his, hers, and ours) that we have struggled: blood, sweat and tears, to blend together to create this amazing wonderful thing we call a family! I love my husband and not only does he rock, he makes my heart still flutter, makes me laugh, supports me, keeps me grounded and our marriage still ROCKS.

  97. 144


    LOVE the valentine’s heart ones… I just want it in long sleeved, it’s cold here!! :)

    My marriage rocks 12 1/2 years later, because I sent hubby out for some milk and eggs before the ice storm hits tomorrow and he came home with that and a whole lot more… including yellow tulips to cheer me up!!

  98. 145

    Courtney says

    My marriage STILL rocks, because we both know that we are only human, but we forgive and LOVE each other anyway!

  99. 146

    Jen C. says

    Because we don’t have to play games to impress each other… we just KNOW that no matter what – we are in this together – forever – with God who can make anything ROCK, and usually does :-)

  100. 147


    My marriage still rocks because after 7 years this man that I choose still makes me laugh and I get a smile still thinking that I am married to him. Even though we have had a lot of struggles and things have not worked out exactly as planned we are still in love with each other and God. Our marriage rocks because we stand on the ROCK that can not falter!!

  101. 148

    Beth says

    My marriage still rocks after almost 7 years because we’ve learned how to disagree. Our biggest arguments never last more than 10 minutes before one of us apologizes! We just can’t stay mad at eachother! :)

  102. 149

    Esther says

    It rocks because – we’re committed to choosing love. We’re going on 15 years… and I can hardly believe it. So, so thankful for him.

  103. 150


    My wife and I have been married for going on 3 years. Through all the ups and downs, God has been faithful to draw us closer to us and Himself. Love the shirts btw!

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