WFMW: Key to Parenting Outside of the House

I’m not a parenting expert. Just ask my kids. No, really, ask them. They will give you the scoop. Actually, never mind. Don’t ask.

Let’s pretend I know what I’m talking about.


Years ago, in passing a friend made a comment about their parenting rule: “We always leave when we’re having fun.”

I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I watched them at gatherings. Sure enough, they never stayed too long and everyone laughed healthy.  I decided it was the most brilliant statement I’d ever heard. (Except for “We only serve sweet tea here.”)

Leave while you’re having fun. We implemented it immediately. And it seriously changed our lives. (Why, yes, I am feeling dramatic today).

So, if you’re at a birthday party, the library, the park, zoo, museum, YOU NAME IT, do not wait for signs of sleepiness and do not let the whining be the sign that it’s time to leave. LEAVE WHILE YOU’RE HAVING FUN. It reduced the meltdown quota substantially.

WFMW guidelines and upcoming theme suggestions are here. Are you out of tips? How about sharing a Valentine’s Tip next week?

What works for you?

Worship Music by Kristian Stanfill {Giveaway}

*UPDATED WITH WINNER* Congratulations to random reader mommy2jands!

Worship leader, Kristian Stanfill is one of this generations most compelling singer/songwriters.

I love his music and his heart for worship.

“A great worship leader must first be a great follower,” Kristian asserts. “In order to lead people in worship you must first know how to listen to and follow the Holy Spirit. That is something I’ve been learning over the past few years, just by observing how people respond to what God is doing at any given moment.”

Kristian not only produces amazing worship music, he is a worship leader at his church. I love this.

His voice is amazing and by the way my hubby confiscated his new CD immediately when it arrived, I know it will be a new family favorite!

His new album that just came out on 1-11-11, Mountains Move:

is phenomenal.

Today, I am giving away SIX CDs to ONE lucky winner: Mountains Move, Attention and all four of the Passion CDs Kristian is a part of (Passion: Awakening; Passion: God of This City;  Passion: The Best (So Far) Passion: Everything Glorious).

Go listen to a preview for free or download a new favorite.

Leave a comment to be entered to win this huge collection of incredible music!

This giveaway ends on Thursday.

Because Sometimes You Have To….

♥ Pull to Flush

The handle broke, replacement on it’s way and my hubby is a southern engineer.

♥ Pick Your Battles

(my 4 year old insisted that I buckle up her paper friend)

♥  Pretend it’s clean

My desk lately

Life isn’t neat.

Sometimes you have to……

Fill in the ______ (blank)

I Hate Your Blog

The words I recently found in my inbox.

I didn’t want to read the email.

I should have deleted it.

I’m really glad I didn’t.

The email was actually a great compliment …the writer said that some of my posts made her uncomfortable…made her think…made her feel. “I don’t want to listen. I want to run.”

And while this has never been a blog growth strategy of mine, I’m not sorry. I can’t stop this train. I can’t stop telling the story.

But I understand her words.

Because sometimes I hate it too. I’m the uncomfortable writer.

And I have a list of others that I read with one eye open, afraid I will feel too much.


Do you read things that make you uncomfortable?