WFMW: What to Bring a Friend on Bedrest

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One of my dearest friends (you may remember her from these posts) was in the hospital on total bed rest with her third baby. She actually delivered early and she and baby are doing great. I spent a few mornings with her last week and I reached out to Twitter for some ideas on what to bring a friend on bed rest.

TWITTER NEVER DISAPPOINTS. Except when I ask it to clean my house. Rude.

The tweeted replies were so impressive, I thought I’d share them in case you ever need to bless a friend:

  • Knit/crochet supplies
  • Bible or books on CD
  • notepad/pen
  • lotion (massage her feet)
  • picture collage of her loved ones
  • Bible verses written on note cards
  • flowers
  • deck of cards
  • candy basket
  • body wash
  • puzzle books
  • handheld games
  • stationary w/stamps
  • music/CD player
  • chapstick
  • Sudoko book
  • peppermints
  • fleece blanket
  • cozy socks
  • iTunes giftcard
  • hand sanitizer
  • embroidery kit
  • portable DVD player
  • new pajamas
  • journel
  • money for vending machines
  • Netflix subscription
  • muffins
  • origami
  • first book in a new series
  • nail polish
  • board game
  • favorite fountain drink
  • coloring books
  • big HUGS and warm conversations!

I also learned of this cool bedrest forum.

What works for you?


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    What super ideas! On Sunday, I took some friends 3 meals plus treats, they had a death in the family. My friend was out of state with her father, and I didn’t think she needed to worry about food this week.
    Thanks so much for hosting Kristen!

  2. 4


    This is a great list to keep handy. When I lived in OH, members of our local mom’s group would take turns bringing meals to a fellow mom who was bedridden or just had a baby.

    Thanks for hosting this meme so faithfully!

  3. 5


    This is a great list! My first child came early and my husband was deployed. Our wives club organized dinner for me each night and whoever brought my dinner made a sack lunch for the next day. It was so thoughtful! And I am still paying it forward 20 years later…

  4. 6


    I was on bedrest with my first baby and I can tell you that I just about lost my mind in those four weeks. I didn’t have a laptop at the time, or an iPhone either for that matter and so my days were filled with TV and phone calls. Craziness, I tell you. Complete craziness…..

  5. 12


    Thank you for this post! I did bedrest when I was pregnant with both of my children, and my family was so blessed by friends preparing meals, some to eat and some to freeze. With my second child, friends who offered to help with my four-year-old made life so much easier for all of us. And, both times, the most important thing anyone brought to my house was herself. Oh, I needed company so much some times!

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    This is a great list! I loved it when people would come and bring me a lunch from a fun restaurant or just a really good sandwich that they made at home. I was in bed for 10 weeks and then sequestered at home with newborn triplets. Those visits were my lifeline!!! I was on bedrest in the heyday of message boards, and I was on those things all of the time!!

  7. 14

    jan says

    let me tell you it is SO LONELY in the hospital -please visit friends in the hospital- you don’t have to bring anything or even stay long- I would cry and cry at night after my husband had to go home

  8. 18


    I really like these ideas. I have been thinking about a practical ministry for our family or our church and this would be perfect. To compile baskets with these items would be great. So then if any family member or community member is on bedrest we would be prepared.

    Thanks for sharing it!

    Blessings :)

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    My mom is in a re-hab facility for COPD right now and my sister is making daily runs to Dunkin’ Donuts for some good coffee…she really appreciates that 😉

  10. 20


    Awesome list! I spent 4 weeks on strict bedrest (read: not even bathroom privledges) at the hospital before our first child was born. I have the most amazing family and friends who came regularly to bring baskets full of books, snacks, videos, fun conversation, carry out… One friend even sent up her nail lady to do my hands and feet~so thoughtful! It was a tough time, but a time full of blessings!

  11. 21


    Hi Kristen! Best of healing to your lovely friend. My sister in law was on bed rest after her twins and you can go stir crazy! This week I am linking up my Baby steps to a rockin life with healthy, frugal and me time tips and life hacks that certainly work for me! All the best! Alex

  12. 23


    I loved this list. I was recently – and unfortunately – on the receiving end of many blessings thanks to kind friends. In the midst of my own sadness, I couldn’t help but see how they were the hands of feet of Jesus in my life. What an honor to help someone in a time of need. Thank you.

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