H♥ppy V♥lentine’s D♥y {Giveaway}

*Updated with Winners* Congrats to winners (Mr. Random generated three readers) Juliea, AR and Rebecca (I emailed y’all!)

I’ve never been a roses and chocolate kind-of-girl.

I’m just too practical.

(Don’t get me wrong-I never turn these things down. I just don’t expect or ask for them).

I took a test once and do you know what my love language is? hand-stamped jewelry. Really, it said it right on the paper! (Only not really).

But I do think of this when I think of Valentine’s Day:

I have plenty though, so I thought it would be fun to give some away!  The Vintage Pearl is the EPIC Valentine’s gift-getting place and they are offering the THREE necklaces above to three very lucky readers! (winner’s choice)

Tell me what ♥ item  you love  at The Vintage Pearl and you’ll be entered to win it!


  1. 153


    Bwahaahahahahahaha “do you know what my love language is? hand-stamped jewelry” and here I thought it was sweet tea.

    I love anything vintage pearl, but specifically my favorite is the sterling silver cuff.

  2. 154

    Lisa says

    love EVERYTHING about TVP!!! I tweeted out my adoration of the new vintage heart necklace, but I fear that my love did not get the hint. May have to buy it for myself!

    Of the three above, I most adore the third one with initials on the little hearts. It even has 2 of the 3 initials that are engraved on MY heart – j and m, just missing the l

  3. 156


    WOW! I think I’m officially obsessed with this website. What beautiful jewelry! I’m expecting baby #2 ANY MINUTE (literally), and I would love to have a necklace with both of my babies’ names. They’re too adorable. I couldn’t pick a favorite, and I loved Initial on a Chain, Dainty Names, Circle of Love and Mother of Pearl–all in the “simple” section. Thanks for letting me know about this site!

  4. 160


    I LOVE the “A Heart for Africa” necklace. It’s one of those things that’s beautiful and unique and you know would be a great conversation starter to share that heart for Africa. :)

  5. 161

    Melissa says

    Wow! So hard to choose a favorite, I love it all! The ‘love you to the moon and back’ necklace jumped out at me; I say that to my daughters all the time! Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. 162

    Julia says

    I love the dainty initial hearts necklace. Those two little hearts would perfectly display the initials of my sweet twin girls.

  7. 164


    I want a custom one with a heart for each child (I have 3) and one for honey and myself…but I would most like to win this to give to my best friend who has hit a very rough, rough patch of life. this would boost her spirits greatly (jewelry is great for that!).
    thanks for the chance!

  8. 166


    I LOVE the thin heart with names all around the edge…along with just about everything else The Vintage Pearl makes. Such talent. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Blessings!

  9. 168

    Amber Byrd says

    I adore the second necklace! Our first precious little angel was born on Wednesday, so I would love to put all three of our names on a necklace to wear near my heart!

  10. 180

    Emily says

    I LOVE TVP!!! It’s always so hard to choose. I think my new favorites are Cup of Love and Dainty Layered Hearts. But, really, it’s so hard to choose!

  11. 181

    Penny says

    I love all their jewelry. My favorite would have to be the “I Love You” sign jewelry. This is how my 13 year old son and I say “I love you” when we are in public. =) Thanks for the great giveaway.

  12. 187


    My sweet husband got me stamped jewelery for Christmas, and I’m HOOKED!

    At this site, my absolute favorit thing is the eclectic charm bracelet. I have looked at it longingly many times. :o)

    Thanks for a fun giveaway! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  13. 188

    Terri says

    Everything on their website is beautiful!! I really like the “dainty drops necklace” and “names on your heart.” I’ll have to pass this along to my husband for birthday ideas. 😉

  14. 189

    Kelley says

    Love Vintage Pearl! I just got a necklace for my friend who had a baby….but would love one for me! Love the dainty initial charms and the eclectic charm necklace!!

  15. 199

    Kathryn Sanchez says

    I would love to have one with my kids names on it – any of the styles! My eldest son’s birthday is today (valentines day) so maybe a heart one would be the nicest.

  16. 208

    Julie H says

    My favorite is a flower and a circle with the pearl. I sent my husband the link to it this past weekend as a Mother’s Day hint…I’m planning WAY ahead! lol

  17. 212


    I love it all!! I love the chunky love necklace most – I would love something with all my kids names on it!!

    Thanks for sharing!


  18. 217

    Jenn Gregar says

    Wow… I love this site. Such beautiful pieces! I love the layered look of the “layered mother of pearl” necklace, but the dainty initial hearts necklace in the giveaway is also a fav as I love anything with initials. Just looking at these makes me happy!

  19. 221

    Kara says

    I think you were the one who first introduced me to The Vintage Pearl. Thank you so much – I wear very little jewelry, but adore their work! I have the dainty drops necklace – my four boys’ names are short enough they were able to fit their first and middle names on those sweet little circles. It was so hard to narrow it down to just one thing I loved – but I was thrilled with the finished product and their service was incredibly fast! Of the necklaces in this giveaway, I like the third one best – would be nice with my husband’s and my initials.

  20. 226

    Amy says

    How do you choose just one favorite?? I love everything on her website. The Layered Nest is so great… but I would have a difficult time choosing. Love all three of these that you have pictured, too… my fave would be the middle one, though. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  21. 232

    jenleahlynn says

    i love how personal the pieces are. i have 4 kids to celebrate! my favorites are the family tree, and the mothers nest.

  22. 233

    Donna Roucoulet says

    I love the layered Mama’s Nest necklace, but so many of them are pretty. Lots of great choices there!

  23. 236

    Lori Dickinson says

    I c an not decide…. the handstamped dainty drops necklace is calling my name. But so is a flower and circle necklace.

  24. 238

    Tonia Smith says

    The Eternity Necklace and the Dad Keychain.. That would be something that he would use!!!
    All the stuff looks great!!

  25. 249

    Funkymunkee says

    The layered circle of love would have to be my favourite. They are all so beautiful though. I wonder do they look “chunky” on or are they delicate- it’s a bit hard to tell from the pictures-it would be nice to see pictures of the jewellery on someone.

  26. 252


    I’ve been wanting something from the Vintage Pearl for a year now, entering every giveaway possible! It’s a tough choice, but I think I would get the “names on my heart” necklace. That or the “circle of love.” Hope I FINALLY win! ;0)

  27. 254

    Maggie says

    I am a huge fan of hand stamped jewelry. I love the cut out heart with the names stamped on. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  28. 275


    I love the “soar” necklace. I love this site — after your last post featuring them, I gave two Christmas presents from Vintage Pearl. :o)

  29. 278

    Jennifer Millett says

    that was so hard! everything is so beautiful…..I think I will pick the dainty hearts………who knew this is my love language too! thanks for the many eye openers

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