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    Jenny says

    These are great links, but I wanted to tell you that there is an insanely annoying ad that popped up when I got here. It took forever to load and I couldn’t navigate away from it. It was for Chico brand baby stuff. Thought you’d want to know.

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    Alison says

    I typically just read blogs and rarely reply but I have to tell you, the post you wrote called ‘When Things Don’t Add Up’ was truly inspiring. It seems like through my obedience I gain more insight, through my struggles to follow God’s path I gain more blessings, and through my pain I gain God’s grace. With Him things ‘add up’ in ways that no mere human could possible calculate. It’s hard to let go of the cotrol and so hard to let go of your will but if you do everything will come together for His glory.
    Thank you so much for reminding me of that. Oh! And thank you for giving me a new Etsy shop to favorite! I LOVE that artwork!!!

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    Gail S says

    Sorry Kristen but I couldn’t find a contact link to let you know this any other way…the subscribe link isn’t working.

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    thanks for sharing for these children, kristen. such injustice is incomprehensible. can’t stop thinking about them. can’t wait to do more.

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