[This Is It]

Her tired brown eyes beckon me from the top of the stairs. She’s been put to bed twice already, but there she is again. “Momma, will you lay with me?”

He is cool in front of his friends, answering questions with a nod and inside jokes and noises, funny only to 8 year old boys. But he writes me a beautiful Valentine’s letter that is so full of love, it takes my breath away.

She is half grown. As tall as me, hands the same size, feet bigger. We share the same temper. But she still stumbles into my room late at night, only two of us awake in the quiet, wanting me to hug, pray, be with her.

One day she may not ask.

One day he may not write.

One day she may not come.

Some day…

I will apologize for my sharp words.
I will share my faith with my friends.
I will chase my God-sized dreams.

...May never come.

There will never be another today.

This is it.

What will you do with it?


*inspiration on my bookshelf

How to Really Love Your Husband

I met him when I was 18 on my very first day of college. We attended a small private Bible School and I was the introvert in the room. He drew me out.

I was immediately attracted to his personality. And then his muscular tan legs. He was fun and social-everything I wasn’t.

We instantly became friends. It was three years before we became more than friends, but there was always a strong undercurrent in our relationship.

Then one day, he graduated from college and left for graduate school, I visited him.

We kissed.


We married 87 days later.

I love my husband deeply. I loved him through a very dark period in our marriage. I’ve watched him fight the battle of his life and win. But we’re human. Selfishness creeps in and daily, we must choose love.

The book that made me a better wife: For Women Only, offers startling statistics about our husbands:

1000 men were asked to rate what was MOST important to them-what they really needed the most from their wives, basically, how they felt most loved, the results with #1 being the most important need:

5. I need her to understand my burden to provide/how draining my job is.

4. I need more sex.

3. I need more respect, in public and private.

2. I wish she’d make more of an effort to take care of herself.

And the number one need in the survey (or way we can really love our husbands) ….

1. I want her to know how much I love her.

He loves you. He may not show it the way you want or even need. But at his core, despite poor communication skills or your doubt–he loves you.

And that’s how we can really love our husbands, by accepting and believing in their love for us.

Ten tangible things you can do to really love him:

  1. Kiss him 5 seconds longer than normal.
  2. Pray for him.
  3. Get dressed everyday.
  4. Ask him about his work; listen to what he says.
  5. Let him pick the movie.
  6. Wear that tiny lacy thing in the back of your drawer.
  7. Tell him you respect him-when he least expects it.
  8. Randomly ask him a question about the bills or dinner or anything, naked.
  9. Thank him for leading your family (even if he doesn’t do it like you would).
  10. Don’t criticize him in front anyone-including your children.

How do you really love your husband?

WFMW: Tip for Buying Plane Tickets

Occasionally I have to fly.

On an airplane–although my four year old tries to convince me all I need is pixie dust.

I thought this was a fascinating article full of tips on purchasing plane tickets:

  • Weekdays are best to purchase airline tickets
  • You can save up to 25% by purchasing mid-week
  • 3 p.m. Eastern time Tuesdays-absolute best time

I’m going to try it the next time I need to fly!

What works for you?

:::You May Need This to Read My Book::: {Free Printable}

I put myself in time out the other day.

I needed it.

I was throwing a fit. I clenched my fists and even stomped my foot.

[Reason #207 I could never be on reality television. #208 We don’t watch television]

It sort of made me want to read my own book, locked in the bathroom. Ha!

I’m getting ready for a Blog Book Tour (with lots of book giveaways) since my book comes out in just two shorts weeks!

And I thought y’all might need a little notice for your families (and your bathroom doors):

Free Printable Door Hanger

Don’t forget the contest next Monday!

Link up your best “don’t make me come up there” picture and you could win:

Thanks, Daypsring.

P.S. What did you get for Valentine’s Day? Tell me in the comments….I got gift cards for sweet tea and a new book at Lifeway and a cozy pair of pajamas! The best part: hubby hid them in a geocache and I had to search for them!

H♥ppy V♥lentine’s D♥y {Giveaway}

*Updated with Winners* Congrats to winners (Mr. Random generated three readers) Juliea, AR and Rebecca (I emailed y’all!)

I’ve never been a roses and chocolate kind-of-girl.

I’m just too practical.

(Don’t get me wrong-I never turn these things down. I just don’t expect or ask for them).

I took a test once and do you know what my love language is? hand-stamped jewelry. Really, it said it right on the paper! (Only not really).

But I do think of this when I think of Valentine’s Day:

I have plenty though, so I thought it would be fun to give some away!  The Vintage Pearl is the EPIC Valentine’s gift-getting place and they are offering the THREE necklaces above to three very lucky readers! (winner’s choice)

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How To Memorize Scripture In 3 Easy Steps {Ages 2-100}

After we break bread each night, we break Bread. (Ann’s idea).

We carry our big Bible basket to the table, pick a version and read a chapter or we listen while one of us reads from The Jesus Storybook Bible. It’s usually not orderly, sometimes there are fits or spills or both. But we try.

We also choose a Scripture a week  to memorize (we choose the verses from the ShoeboxScripture Treasure set (Samaritan’s Purse) I got for free from Relevant), but this is a similar resource.

How to Memorize Scripture in 3 Easy Steps as a Family:

1. Choose an easy-to-learn Bible translation and a verse that isn’t too long and that isn’t from Song of Solomon.

2. Divide the verse by person, giving each a small portion. Have them come up with hand/body motions that match their few words. (Parents: don’t be afraid to let your kids be creative here. Any time a new verse has the word “but” in it, my kids slap their fanny. I’m praying for grace.)

3. Around the dinner table, let each person stand and say their part w/motions. Let everyone try it together or individually. By the end of the week, you’ll have laughed A LOT and learned a verse from God’s Holy Book. Amen.

Example: [please note, the dramatic flair is not necessary, but always acceptable]

Our verse from last week (captured below in an unedited 17 second clip):

“I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

P.S. And yes, sassy is the “action” my youngest chose to help remember her part of the verse. And she is storming off at the end of the video. Our next family verse will be on anger.