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UPDATED WITH WINNER: Congrats to reader Misty! (I emailed you)

This inspires me:

[a recent gift from here]

This beautiful cross rests in a high traffic area of my home. A place where the wall is stenciled with a reminder of the One Rule I want to live by

Love God. Love Others.

Y’all know I love inspirational art. I want my walls and tabletops to talk to those living in and out of my home.

Jennifer of Studio JRU is a mixed media artists. She combines paper and paint and wood and creates simply beautiful work. Art is her calling and it draws the recipient closer to the Master Artist.

I love all her crosses:

Studio JRU is offering one reader a $50 gift certificate today. Please tell me what inspires you in a comment and that will be your entry.

This giveaway closes on Thursday.


  1. 1


    i am inspired by my kids. it never ceases to amaze me what you can see when you stop trying to see the world through adult eyes and see it through a child’s eyes. fun wins, people are good, giggles and kisses heal all and God is who He says His is, does what He says He does and that’s just a fact – no grown-up “logic” to get in the way. inspires me every time. =) thanks for introducing me to studio JRU – really, really like her stuff!

  2. 2


    What inspires me is other people who are inspired. I love being around joyful people, sisters and brothers on fire for the Lord, living for Him. My children, ages 7 and 5, inspire me with their innocent, no-holds-barred acceptance of God, and they aren’t afraid to say what they feel. My husband inspires me with his positivity and Jesus inspires me with his love for others.

  3. 3


    Wow, beautiful stuff! I love the cool blues and greens of the Grateful art print. {But I also love the warm weathered tones of a lot of the other wooden canvas and block prints – I use both warm & cool colors in my home}! God inspires me…His word inspires me daily, but I am also visually inspired – but color and texture espcially :)

  4. 6


    What inspires me is people giving more and doing more than they would have ever expected to further the kingdom. Love all of this artwork. I love the house one that you posted most!

  5. 7

    TracyDK says

    My son inspires me to be a better me. His father inspires me to be a better spouse and leader. My family (mom and brother) inspire me to be more charitable. God inspires me to trust and let go. I’m a fretter and a control “freak”, and He reminds me daily that without Him nothing is possible. So He inspires me to trust and let go. :)

  6. 8


    I’m inspired by my mother. She is 50 years old and has had Parkinson’s disease for the past five years. I am just like her in my desire to do everything in my home for everybody. The only difference is that she cannot do it anymore. Instead she patiently has to let other people do things for her. Now her focus is praying for those around her. Her prayer journal has a page for every person she knows to pray for. And that page is full. Trust me, I’ve peeked. To change priorities in life so drastically is completely inspiring. Someday I hope to grow up to be just like my mother.

  7. 9

    Tanya Moyer says

    Gorgeous! Love how each piece of art makes a statement!

    After thinking about this I realized that there are a number of things that inspire me. Spending time with my family inspires me, being with the awesome ladies in my bible study inspires me, standing at the Presidio in San Francisco and looking out over the bay and reveling in God’s handiwork of nature inspires me. :)

  8. 11


    honestly, believers like you who actually DO are what inspire me. i love seeing the example set by those who have truly been transformed by Christ – and how that transformation manifests into loving others out of the abundance of the love we have received.

    thanks for all you do kristen.

  9. 16

    Sandi says

    I am inspired by my boys – 3YO and 1 month. They are God’s gift to me, and they deserve my best. Thank you.

  10. 17


    I am inspired by my family – and by my friends, both offline and online. It’s truly amazing to see the Lord work in people’s lives.

  11. 18

    diane says

    Well lately I have been just dragging. I recently got out of a bad seven year relationship which dragged my soul down. What inspires me is finding this blog and trying to surround myself with uplifting people. I need to be around happy and insprining people as i find myself again.

  12. 19

    melissa says

    I am inspired by God’s Word, the Bible. I praise Him for teaching me and guiding me through His Word.

  13. 20

    Mindy says

    I am inspired by the tenacity of my 9yo son who has special needs and doesn’t let it get him down and by the spirit if my 5yo daughter who makes sure the world never forgets she’s around.

  14. 21

    Diana says

    I like “Be Still”. It’s so simple, but beautiful. And I imagine it would be a great conversation-starter!

  15. 22

    Diana says

    Oops, forgot to include what inspires me. I’m inspired by my husband who was just baptized on Feb 6th. His story is incredible, and I’m amazed at the man he is becoming.

  16. 24


    Oh wow, I love these amazing art pieces. I guess a few things inspire me. First my husband, his journey, his testimony is pretty incredible and he is such an amazing man of God who has a heart that aches and breaks for those in desperate need and suffering. My kids and there pure innocence and delight in the Creator. My little man who is memorizing scripture and insists on yelling it out at the top of our lungs. No inhibitions, no worries, no cares about what anyone else thinks, I love that about kids! Finally, Christians who are walking the walk and not just talking the talk. I guess that is why I stumbled upon and now follow your blog. Thanks for the chance to win a great giveaway!

  17. 29


    I have definately been inspired by our Lord and watching what He is doing in my life and in the lives of those around me! Two clubbers accepted Christ as Savior at our last Awana club meeting and I have found some wonderful friends that have become more like family and accepted me as I am and taught me so much about the Lord and how much He really does love me. I was a Christian before I met them, but they have just made His love so practical, fleshed it out as our Pastor would say. I am so thankful for them!

  18. 30


    My sister Barbara inspires me. She and her husband Ron are two of the most courageous people I know. They have faced what no parent should have to face, the loss of a child, one they knew they would lose from 3 months in to her pregnancy from anencephaly. Instead of taking what some would call the easy way out, they made the only “choice” they could, to keep and love their baby as long as they would have her. Their courage based in Faith is what inspires me.

  19. 31

    Cassondra says

    I am inspired by my kids every day. Especially after I had my daughter, who is the reason that I returned to school to pursure my dream of becoming a nurse. I want my kids to know that they can do anything that they want to do with their lives. Their dreams and goals and wishes inspire me to be a better person and a better student.

  20. 32


    I have to say that recently, I said to someone I find the Duggar family inspiring! Their work ethic and the way their kids love each other is always inspiring to me and gives me hope that we don’t have to follow the world!

  21. 35

    Emily P. says

    I am inspired by my husband. He is determined and hard working. I feel blessed to have him in my life.

  22. 36


    Gosh…so many things inspire me. I love seeing my kids worship God. I love sharing in their God moments too!
    Knowing they love Him and serve Him totally inspires me to love Him even more!

  23. 39


    I love many pieces, but the Wonderfully Made piece is beautiful.

    I’m inspired by the faith journeys of my friends going through the adoption process. My eyes are being opened.

  24. 40

    Annie L. says

    I am always inspired by nature!! Anytime I look around outside, I find it amazing and can’t help but praise God!!

  25. 41

    Christy says

    3 beautiful blue eyed little girls inspire me always. They inspire me to try to set a good example and to show them Jesus every chance I get. They sometimes show me Jesus too.

  26. 42


    I want a custom cross with “Love God, Love Others!”

    My internet friend Angie inspires me. Her precious daughter Avery is and has always been very ill. Angie honors God in all she does, and it simply amazes me.

  27. 43

    Michelle says

    I am inspired by the blooms coming up from the ground, a reminder of the new life God is constantly creating in me and in the world around me.

  28. 44


    I am inspired by my husband. We have been married for about 2 years and are in different places in our faith. I have been a Christian longer than him and he just awes me at the way he tries to be a better man. Yes, he isn’t perfect and we have our struggles (i’m to blame too), but he has been so good about turning around his attitude or going to God lately, something kind of new for him. He inspires me in the way he forgives me when I fail him and how hard he works right now. I want my family to be a family that ‘believes’ and follows Christ and a reminder like this on the wall will both help us to remember what we want our lives to stand for, Christ and His love.

  29. 45

    Crystal says

    I am inspired by my running. Every day, I see something that refreshes my soul, draws me closer to God, clears my mind and brightens my day. It is where I pray the best. I couldn’t live without running!

  30. 46


    I am inspired by God’s grace. It is his mercy that carries me through. I am also inspired by the love and encouragement from my husband and the precious smiles of my kiddo’s. The art at JRU is beautiful! Thanks for the introduction to their work!

  31. 48

    Erin says

    I’m inspired by you and many other bloggers go give more and get out of debt as soon as possible.

    Beautiful artwork!

  32. 49

    Nikki L says

    When I’m with my hubby, I’m inspired by his selfless nature. Oh how I pray that for myself.
    I am inspired by my ailing, widowed neighbor who never complains about her struggles.
    Oh to be so acceptant of grace.
    I’m inspired by the child-like fatih I find in the youngsters around me. Oh to be more childlike.
    And like you, I prefer for everything on my walls to have a purpose. A purpose to remind me of what truly matters. Love. Grace. Compassion. Faith. Prayer. Discipleship.
    And it is my hope this message rings true in our lives inside and out of these walls daily.

    Thank you for the giveaway. I love it. What a great gift! :)

  33. 50

    kara says

    i am inspired by the following verse:

    hebrews 12:2 ~ “let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

    it reminds me to fix my eyes on Jesus and nothing else – HE is the prize that i am running after.

    it reminds me how much i am loved – …”who for the JOY set before him endured the cross”

    it reminds me that he is alive and i will one day be sitting with him at the right hand of the throne of God

  34. 52

    Cynthia says

    I am inspired by the grace and love of God. That no matter what He loves us and His grace runs deeper than we can ever imagine.

  35. 55

    karen says

    I am more and more inspired by God’s Word. He is opening it up to me in new and amazing ways. I love having it displayed around my house!

  36. 57

    Jacquie Olsen says

    I am inspired by many things: Jesus and the gospel, music, God’s incredible beauty in nature and all of its elements. I am truly thankful for the Internet and am inspired by all the great things available such as blogs that speak to my heart and online sermons from my favorite teachers all over the country!

  37. 59

    Misty says

    I am inspired by my children. They make me want to be a better Mom and Wife and person all of the time.

  38. 60

    Richael says

    I’ve been longing for a piece of artwork “As for me and my house…” These are beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. 64

    Julie says

    I am inspired by being out in God’s nature…seeing how He’s painted the sky or shaped a tree or filled a pond. So amazing!

  40. 65

    Tammy B says

    Those are awesome!! I love the “This family believes”…..perfect statement for vistors! Right now I have a little homemade plaque with Joshua 24:15…”as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.” I have had comments from door to door salemen over it!

  41. 66

    Victoria says

    My children inspire me- 5 & 1 year old- Their innocence and the way they look at everything with awe, as if in all things they see the glory of God. I so long to reach the point in my life where I see God’s glory in EVERYTHING, as they do!
    So yes, my two beautiful gifts from God, my Aspen and my Hunter, inspire me each and everyday!

  42. 67

    Tammy B says

    Oh….what inspires me? It’s hard to look around and not be inspired, from nature to all the wonderful people that fill me life…..inspiration is all around us, we just have to slow down long enough to SEE it! Our God is an AWESOME God and that is inspiring!!

  43. 68


    Blogs like your. I am amazed at the wonderful, passionate ladies out there that put together such beautiful and inspirational blogs.

  44. 69


    I’m inspired by the amazing fact that the Bible is just as relevant today as it was 100 years ago, and 100 years before that. I’m also inspired when I see ordinary people being used is God-sized ways.

  45. 70


    Her work is amazing!

    It may sound cliche, but I’m inspired by my children. Since becoming a mom, I think about things differently and strive to be a better person in so many ways. They bring more joy and laughter than I could have ever imagined!

  46. 71

    Michelle Parker says

    I find I am more and more inspired by people who spend their lives “loving the least of these”. Each time I read how organizations like Love Without Boundaries, An Orphan’s Wish, Lifesong and Show Hope are making a difference in the lives of orphaned children, I can’t help but be inspired to action…even though my contribution seems so very small.

  47. 75

    Emily says

    I am inspired by my children. They are amazing little boys who teach me every day about compassion, untethered love, and true joy. I am also inspired by my mom. Even though my mom passed away 11 years ago, she continues to be an inspiration to me. She fought breast cancer for 6 years with a grace and dignity that I can only hope to have a fraction of. She died at 48 years old never once crying “why me?” I asked her once if it bothered her that so many people came up to her at church and complained about their seemingly trivial issues given what she’d (all of us) been dealing with and she told me that everyone’s struggles are a big deal to them and they all need validation and deserve to be listened to and encouraged. Just because she was battling cancer didn’t mean that others’ struggles weren’t valid. She always laughed. ALWAYS. As an only child of a single mother, we had a bond that is unusual. She was my best friend and I find myself seeking to emulate the way she lived God’s love for other people. God blessed me with an amazing role model for 24 years. I try to be like her and like Him for my boys and my husband.

  48. 77

    Jackie says

    I am inspired every day by my family. Love them so much and I am so thankful! I have also been enjoying Ann’s book on One Thousand Gifts. I love the creative work that Studio JRU does and would love to have a chance to win some…..thanks so much!

  49. 80

    AR says

    Im inspired by my husband. His walk has come so far – and he loves his family so very much!! My kiddos are right up there too – they just love so much – its amazing.

  50. 81

    Melissa says

    I am inspired by Jeremiah 29:11…..and our church mission is “Love God, Love Others, Offer them Christ” so I LOVE the artwork!!!

  51. 82


    Oh you hit me on a day where I’m not feeling very inspired. Gosh darn it. Ok…. I feel inspired that my heating pad is doing it’s job on my weary joints. No let me try again….

    I was inspired when Melissa Mashburn posted this just a few minutes ago: “Every one of us who embraces the glory of God as our purpose will end up doing great things precisely because we do God-things. His holy hand resting on the least act renders the ordinary extraordinary.” – Beth Moore, Esther study, week 7

    But in general – on a day when life doesn’t feel heavy – God is doing a mighty work in our lives and I am inspired to simply watch Him work. He listens, He answers, He moves, He is silent, He calls us to believe, He is faithful. But best of all? He’s mine.

  52. 83


    I am inspired by Mary Beth Chapman. I am currently reading her book, Choosing to See, and I am learning so much from it. She is bold, proactive, encouraging, and she loves God with all she has. Because He IS all she has. She has also adopted 3 chidlren from China and since I have a heart for orphans and want to adopt some day, she is very inspirational to me. :)

    I love the “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” piece, as well as one I saw on her site which says, ” I will be grateful for today.” Everything there looks so lovely!

  53. 84

    JHollyhock (aka Jennifer) says

    I am inspired by how the Lord speaks to us wherever we are at in whatever way he chooses at the time – a friend, a blog, an email, a call, a breeze, etc….

  54. 85

    juliea says

    I am inspired by how our God is with us every day in every way. His mercy is new each morning. I love how we find him unexpectedly around each corner of our lives.

  55. 86


    I am inspired by the faith of my family members. Even when I’m down, they can always offer encouraging words. To me, that is truly the church in action.

  56. 87

    Sharon O says

    I think I like the BE STILL one… since I am reading Ann’s book and it seems to fit into the ‘new theme’..

  57. 88

    lisa says

    I’m inspired by older folks. With what they’ve lived through, their experiences that they share and all they have to tell us.
    Maybe as I get older, I’m appreciating them more. We spend alot of time with the seniors at our church and they are so much fun!

  58. 89


    My husband and son inspire me daily. My husband has the most loving spirit and is full of integrity and grace. My four year old son is so full of JOY that it is contagious! I am blessed beyond measure!!

  59. 90

    Caroline says

    Music inspires me. It’s an amazing way to spread the word about God and it’s loved by people of all ages.

  60. 91


    I ADORE words in art…. I’m kind of a word junky! But I especially like meaningful words… words that put the truth of God on my walls and doorposts. Thanks for this introduction to amazing art!

  61. 97

    Sylvia says

    My husband inspires me. I believe he truly tries to see me as God sees me every day–why else would he put up with me?!?!

  62. 103

    Wendi says

    God’s Word inspires me. I am inspired by people who live out His Word, and I am inspired by my children who get it and live it out in their own young lives. I want to continue to inspire them w/ what I read and the artwork that I place around our home.

  63. 104


    I am constantly inspired by the Word. Every day I try to choose a verse (usually air 1 or klove’s verse of the day) and just meditate and journal on it. Every single day I am amazed by how relevant and important each and every verse has been. It’s really been amazing.

  64. 105


    My husband inspires me. He works all day to provide for our family and then comes home and immediately immerses himself in our family. He does dishes, plays with the children, and changes diapers never complaining. I am so thankful God placed him in my life.

  65. 107

    Susan Salerno says

    Wow!!! How awesome to see someone use their God given gifts for His purpose!!! My daughter inspires me. She is away at Bible College, and while we didn’t have much when she was growing up, I always tried to instill a sense of a giving heart in her. She has a small part time job and most times, will give her paycheck away to other students who are trying to raise $$ for a mission trip or other service project. She has such a passion for the Lord and it just shows radiates from her.

  66. 108

    Kaitlin L says

    Love the artwork! I am inspired by my family, my friends, God’s word, His creation…so many things!

  67. 110


    I am inspired by great books written by transparent authors–the ones that encourage life change and digging into the truth of God’s Word. I just found jennifer’s artwork today, and I LOVE it!

  68. 111


    I’m inspired by the women in my Bible study. They are so full of wisdom and grace. I love leaning from them and listening to their faith journeys!

  69. 112


    I am inspired by God’s Word… It always seems new and helpful for whatever ails me!

    Loving and kind folks also inspire me.

    I think the artwork is inspiring because it must come from a loving and caring heart!


  70. 115


    I am inspired by changed lives. I love seeing, hearing, and reading about real-life examples of Christ at work in people’s hearts.

  71. 122

    VickiS says

    I am a pediatric ICU nurse and I’m not only inspired by my patients and the miracle I am graced to witness but also the courage my parents have and that inturn inspires me to give more and more of my heart to the Lord and make sure that I live in His light daily. I get shown on a daily basis how just showing someone support and non-judgement can help them see that God is all around them.

  72. 123

    Amanda says

    wow this stuff is amazing! i love the saying “this family believes”!
    i am inspired by godly women more than anything!!! the godly and sweet gals at my church, the godly and sweet gals with blogs like yours. Real women who try thier best to love the lord, their families and the people of the world. Its very inspiring and encouraging to me!

  73. 124

    Rebecca says

    I am hoping this isn’t closed since it says it doesn’t close until Thursday but a winner is posted? Anyway, I am inspired by other Christian women I see, in much worse circumstances….little to no money, children who will die an early death, women who have to carry on while their husbands are away at war, women who never seem to let anything get them down–sold out to Christ. I am inspired by my husband and how hard he works, my children and my incredible duty to them. Thanks for the giveaway.

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