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I thought it would be fun to share some Valentine’s Day ideas (especially if you’ve run out of helpful tips). But I don’t have any. {Smile} My hubby and I usually just high five. Oh, I kid. We arm wrestle.

Seriously. I have NO idea what I’m doing this year. In the past, I’ve been a genius, making heart-shaped cookie cakes and last year I did matching My Husband/Wife Rocks t-shirts (win a set here). So, I’m just a hostess today, hoping to use one of your amazing ideas that’s cheap and easy. I’m not asking much, huh?

[P.S. Feel free to link up any useful tip-new or old- the themes are suggestions for those who need an idea starter.]

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    I didn’t have a Valentine post so I linked up a garlic tip post since there’s so.much.illness going around. I’ll be looking for ideas, too. I have some jelly heart headbands I got on sale for my girls, and I really would love to get/make metal stamped something for my husband and boys with Prov. 4:23 and “Guard your heart” on there… As far as food I think we’ll make a heart-shaped cake and do some cookies and stuff – I feel so boring! LOL

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    OK….this may be TMI, buuuuuuuut… is YOUR blog and I know how you like that.

    One year for Valentine’s Day, I threw out all of my frumpy, flannel pjs and bought prettier, less frumpy, less flannel-y ones. (“Threw out” is a strong term….I put a couple pair in my bottom drawer for when hubby is out-of-town or I have an ACTUAL headache.;).)

    Works for me!

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    How about making Valentines for Veterans 😉 For years a group of us would get together and put all of our crafting skills to a great cause. We would take our cards to our local VA Hospital in Salisbury, NC or you can send them to the national office and they forward them for you. Here’s the link:

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    this is great. i’ll have to look through these ideas. im gonna have to get creative w/ valentines this year… something about married couple living w/ 2 other guys doesn’t really facilitate holidays like that… ha.

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    I didn’t have a valentine idea blog post… but one year i gave my hubby a homemade “I owe you” coupon booklet. it was fun and he redeemed them too!

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    As a family, we don’t do anything for ourselves. We make Valentines out of good old fashioned construction paper and paper doilies. Then we deliver them to the residents of a nearby nursing home. They just LOVE them. When it comes down to it, the LAST thing our family needs to do is spend $ on ourselves on a holiday all about love. Real expressions of love are free (or just about)….and priceless.

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    I haven’t ever blogged about it, but I sometimes make a heart shaped cake and make pink icing for it, just like my mom used to. Making a heart is easy, just bake your cake in one round and one square pan. When it’s cooled, place the square diagonally, like a diamond, on a large tray (I sometimes use my cutting board). Cut the round in half, and use the pieces for the top of the heart. Easy and effective. My kids love it!

    We don’t really do anything for Valentine’s otherwise. No cards or gifts even. Our love is year round, I suppose! :)

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    It’s me again 😉 Well I’ve decided to make Green Bag Lady bags for my boys for Valentines Day…trying my darndest to get the guys in my life to think about recyling and NOT using plastic bags so perhaps the manly fabric I found at the fabric store will help. I’m #245 if you want to see my post. Have a great week, fondly, Roberta

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    We don’t do much for Valentines, but I do like to acknowledge the day.

    This year, I’m giving him a bottle of hot sauce. You know, so we can “spice things up”. 😉

    I’ve also done a bag of red hots candies – cause I have the hots for him. Sometimes I send flowers to his office. I keep it simple and fun!

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    Hope my link gave you some inspiration. It is pretty inexpensive, and I am always about cheap and easy! LOL!
    Cannot wait to delve into what everyone else has linked… Thanks!!

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