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I put myself in time out the other day.

I needed it.

I was throwing a fit. I clenched my fists and even stomped my foot.

[Reason #207 I could never be on reality television. #208 We don’t watch television]

It sort of made me want to read my own book, locked in the bathroom. Ha!

I’m getting ready for a Blog Book Tour (with lots of book giveaways) since my book comes out in just two shorts weeks!

And I thought y’all might need a little notice for your families (and your bathroom doors):

Free Printable Door Hanger

Don’t forget the contest next Monday!

Link up your best “don’t make me come up there” picture and you could win:

Thanks, Daypsring.

P.S. What did you get for Valentine’s Day? Tell me in the comments….I got gift cards for sweet tea and a new book at Lifeway and a cozy pair of pajamas! The best part: hubby hid them in a geocache and I had to search for them!


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    It wasn’t what I got for Valentine’s Day, it’s what I gave my husband. For so many years, he’s been the romantic one and he just got burnt out. So last night after his meeting, I got out the candles, fake rose petals, a nice card, the words to “our” song and we enjoyed some quality time after the kids went to bed. It was wonderful!

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    The time out–Classic!

    I got a heart shaped 1 lb. box of See’s nuts & chews…confession, I sent my Mr. the link a few weeks ago. He was relieved and I was pleased :)

  3. 5


    Hubby gave me flowers sent to me at work and made me a delicious steak dinner. And our “date” was a trip to the doctor to hear our baby’s heartbeat for the first time! It was a sweet day!

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    The geocache is an AWESOME idea! Good job on that one!

    We haven’t technically had our valentine’s day yet. Hubs worked a double shift and left the house at 4:30am and got home at 11:45 pm. He did the same thing today, so I’m not sure when we’ll do valentine’s day. I went to Sam’s and got the kids their v-day flowers (they get carnations and I get roses)…and I also bought my dozen roses there for $15, came home and did my own arrangement to make them feel like a $30 bouquet. It’s what I like.

    Hubs is getting a vinyl wall decal from back40life. We have one in our living room (soon to be two), but I’m having a special one made for our bedroom that says “I am my beloved’s and he is mine”. It signifies both my dedication to my hubby and our commitment to God. I hope he likes it. :)

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    Oh boy, if my husband ever hid anything that required navigational directions it would be because he never ever wanted me to find it. Or, that he wanted me to get eaten by a bear. Comforting.

    But I’m happy you got some cool stuff after wandering around the wilderness and such. You go Girl Scout! Do you think they give out badges for that?

    P.S. Praying and praying today for Mercy House.

  6. 8


    He gave me flowers. And came home from work on time.

    I put the kids in bed early, we had dinner together and just spent time with each other. It was low-key, and perfect for us!

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    I’m pretty new to your blog, but still so excited about your book! You go, girl!

    Yesterday, I woke my guys up a little early with a yummy heart-themed breakfast and a few fun gifts (mostly books). My sweet husband got me a fun bracelet, necklace, and earrings from Charming Charlie’s. Last night, my dad and stepmom watched our boys while we had a starbucks and Central Market date, then we made dinner after we put the boys to bed. It was a perfect, low key Valentine’s Day! :)

    Your geocaching adventure sounds SO fun!

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    Our Valentine’s celebration keeps getting rescheduled. We had reservations for a romantic dinner right on the Hudson with a view of the city for Saturday, but the restaurant had to undergo “emergency renovations.” Mondays are one of my husband’s late nights, so last night he brought me home some beautiful red roses & we watched our favorite TV show, “Chuck,” like we do every Monday night except that the Dunkin’ Donuts at the train station was OUT OF DONUTS! That was a sad moment.

    Happily, we’re rescheduling our waterfront dinner for this weekend! & hopefully Dunkin’ won’t be out of donuts next Monday!

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    Misty Ronsonet says

    I didn’t receive any material gifts this year. My husband was deployed for the third Valentines Day in a row. Though this year he was able to email me, which was a wonderful treat. Sometimes that is the most I can hope for. Oh I also received many sweet kisses from my 3 kids. I got almost everything I wanted this year.

  10. 14


    I got flowers and a sweet card on Valentine’s Day, but our real gift was a cute little camper we found for the family. So looking forward to some opportunities it is going to give us as a family.

  11. 16

    Chris M says

    For our Valentine’s my husband is taking me to a ‘Weekend to Remember’ in Hershey, Pa. We will be married 21 years this April. With three teens and two younger children I am looking forward to time alone with my dear man.

  12. 17


    Our anniversary is two weeks prior to Valentine’s, so we usually don’t “do” Valentine’s. I just took over Children’s Ministry at church and was busy this weekend, that I forgot to buy valentine’s cards for my students at work. Monday morning I started to get tons of cards, chocolate, flowers, etc from my students. I called my hubby to help me out. He bought the valentine’s cards and delivered them to my school, which is 40 minutes away. But, I also had run out of the house without my um, er, pad pack. You know what I mean. He brought that for me too. Now, that’s true love.

    As if that wasn’t enough, when I got home, there was a handmade card (my fave), potted mini roses, and a coupon for a massage on his massage table. Oh yeah! Best Valentine’s ever! He’s the best.

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