Dear People Who Like Free Stuff

I’m giving away FOUR signed copies of my book today at (in)courage!

Click over to enter and tell me about your last quiet moment.


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    I entered. I explained that I actually get a lot of quiet moments…as I have a genetic blood clotting disorder that causes miscarriage.(I’ve had 3 so far)…so…I’d actually LOVE to be yelling “Don’t Make Me Come Up There” ….vs the alternative!!! Crazy as it sounds! :) I do get to have a little chaos every other weekend with my bonus kiddos. love them!

  2. 4

    Rebecca W. says

    I really like getting up early before everyone else in the household and that is my favorite quiet time.

  3. 8

    Laura says

    Once my children are asleep at night, I’m able to find a quiet moment. It’s even better when everyone goes to bed AND stays in bed!

  4. 9

    Melissa Pourheydarian says

    Quiet time is now… my 1 year old is asleep and will be sleeping for like 2 hours.. my 3 year old is playing on is own. I am 7 months pregnant sitting on the couch just reading blogs like yours! love you blog by the way! thanks for sharing!

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