Mercy House Headquarters [a.k.a Our Garage]

Our local paper, The Houston Chronicle, wrote a beautiful feature on the work of Mercy House. While I wish the article had focused more on Maureen, Executive Director of *Rehema House  in Kenya, (Swahili word for mercy) the coverage brought a lot of awareness and some wonderful new financial sponsors. You can read it here.

photo by Mayra Beltran

Please consider requesting brochures so you can share this work with your community!


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    Hey Kristen,

    Just wanted to let you know that a huge box of cloth diapers has been shipped today from They said that you will receive them on Friday. I know that is a little late but I was waiting on a load of diapers to arrive here and they didn’t come until late yesterday. I had originally planned to send onesies, gowns, etc and fewer diapers but those got crossed off the list. Anyway, I had to wait on plan B but wanted to let you know they are on the way,

    Hope the HOUSE is blessed by them!

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    Awesome article. I have loved every post about the Mercy House. You’ve taken a bold stand, and its extremely refreshing!! Thank you!
    And I loved the comment on the article that you needed to be cloned. So true :). Even though thats not possible, your blog platform is more far reaching than you’ll ever know!

    Thank you!!

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    Tell you about my boys? My squished in the middle, soft hearted, strong willed, blonde headed, blue eyed long lashed boy…OR…my youngest, free spirited, lives at his own pace, everything can be turned into a weapon momma’s boy? They, being born back to back, are why we have no more children. Two boys was enough. I wasn’t tempting fate! They are the reason for many smiles, just as many heart stopping moments, and twangs of pain as I watch them grow. Those are my boys!

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    Looks VERY familiar! 😉

    Thanks again for inviting us into your life of service. You are a lovely family w/ wonderful ambitions. I’m so very happy to have met you IRL.

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