Praying for Your Boy(s) {E-Book Giveaway}

*UPDATED with WINNERS* Congrats to Jen of The Party  That Never Quits, Rachel Roland, Tina, and readers D, and Terri (no blogs),

I’m a boy mom.

I thank God for my son. He’s the creamy middle between two strong-willed girls (honored to be raising STRONG women of God, but that’s another post). He’s sensitive and caring, deeply loyal and kind.

He also would rather not take a bath, makes everything a sword, tells questionable jokes (insert poop here) and teeters on the edge of everything that makes my heart stop. (I named my blog We are THAT family after an emergency room visit when he knocked out multiple teeth–get the picture?)

I used the think I wanted the best for him (insert my strong will). But now, I just want what God has for him.

And that’s why I love Brooke McGlothin’s E-book, Warrior Prayers: Praying the Word for Boys in Areas They Need it the Most.

It’s a 21-Day Guide into the heart of the Father for our boys. It’s practical and it’s easy to follow.

What I love the most? It’s a call to action.

What boy (man) doesn’t love action? But it’s not a lesson book on mom fixing it, it’s a in-depth guide to PRAYER. Praying for our boys is truly the only way to reach their hearts.

You can also join a host of other boy moms in community to link up a weekly post of how your 21 day journey is going. Because boy moms need support!

You can buy a copy here.

I’m also giving away FIVE copies today.

Leave a comment and tell me about your boy(s) as your entry.

This giveaway ends on Thursday.


  1. 151

    Kendra says

    We have 3 precious boys. They are 6, almost 4, and 18 months. I feel like I struggle to understand them much less raise them to be Godly men. They are energetic, into everything and the light of my life! Our 18month old fell on a spring break road trip and has 3 loose front teeth. We are waiting to see if he is going to lose them or not… so I totally get feeling like “that family!”

  2. 153


    I have six boys. Six beautiful boys who like to make my heart stop every few minutes. We actually had our own room at the ER for awhile there. It was great (or…not so much). My newest little premature(foster) man is currently making my heart stop while in the NICU at our local children’s hospital. I’m very much looking forward to when he can come home and scare me by jumping off the top bunk at home!

  3. 154


    I’ve been entrusted with two amazing little boys – 3 and almost 2 (Yes, we have our hands full). I would love to have guidance in praying over them. I always feel like I say the same prayer for them, which although heartfelt, I know there’s so much more God wants for them than what I think to ask for. Would love to win! :)

  4. 155

    Gretchen says

    We have 2 boys, 4 yrs & 4 months.
    They are both delightful although our 4 yr old has been displaying A LOT of willful disobedience lately. (Jealousy over the baby perhaps?)
    We are struggling to find just the ‘right’ thing for discipline for him. Spankings don’t seem to do much, time outs just delay the inevitable spanking and when we send him to his room he just plays with toys…
    From the sounds of it, this book would be a GREAT tool for us to use with both boys.
    Thanks for your blog, I’ve JUST found it and it looks like something I will greatly enjoy!

  5. 156

    Liz says

    I have two amazing boys. Joshua is 4 and his brother, Jacob, is 2. We are also expecting our third boy in August. I might get aggravated but I would could never imagine my life without those adorable dimples. I am so blessed. I do worry about how the world is going to try to challenge these sweet boys when I’m not there so prayer is so important.

  6. 157


    My sweet blond haired boy arrived after two girls. What a shock my little man was after parenting two girls. He is all boy with a few extra handfuls of boy thrown in! He is almost 4 and super smart, super clever and super busy. He struggles with managing his behavior and we struggle helping him manager himself and as parents. He is full of humor and smart beyond his years questions. He makes me laugh daily. I just smell him and drink him in. I pray that I can parent him and celebrate his challenges and help him and others to see he personality as a strength. I love my little man dearly.

  7. 158


    My little man is just like yours, wedged in between two very strong willed sisters! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Life is so much fun with our son. He keeps me on my toes and stomps on them often! LOL! He is almost 5 and we have had ALOT of ER visits already. He is very active and I would love all the advice I could get on raising a Godly man. I have done a bible study about raising my girls but have been searching for a good one for him. This sounds perfect!!!

  8. 160


    My 2 sweet blond headed boys are delightful and challenging. Having had no brothers, uncles or cousins, little boys are somewhat of a mystery to me at times :) They are all boy with an extra side of boy and compassionate, empathetic and funny. They are such a blessing and I pray I for the wisdom to guide them into Godly men.

  9. 161

    Carole says

    I have one boy – Walker – and another coming in about a month – Henry. My sweet 3 year old is the light of my life – the perfect mixture of tough and tender. I can’t wait to meet our new precious boy in a few weeks! I pray that my boys will grow to be servants for the Lord!

  10. 162

    Heather T. says

    Our two boys are the goofiest, most entertaining creatures! :) I’d love to learn how to pray for them better. My husband is in the military, and with so many deployments it pains me that they don’t always have their father there to raise them into manhood. Being Mama, I know that I’m not able to do this myself. But, I do know that the Lord will meet every need. Thank you for the giveaway!

  11. 163


    Mommy of 5 boys….4 months, 2 y.o, 5 y.o, 7 y.o, 10 y.o. Using words, this is how I would describe them…creative, inventive, loyal, daring, diligent, fun loving, affectionate, pure in heart, upright, compassionate, generous, helpful and I am proud to be their Mommy.

  12. 164

    Sharla D. says

    My boys are 7 and 11, and I want to be the kind of mom that encourages them on their journey to biblical manhood. Our days are never predictable, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  13. 166

    Elizabeth says

    After having 3 beautiful daughters, we were richly blessed with a son, Matthew. Matthew is 7 years old and in the first grade. We as his parents pray for him daily, as well as all three of his sisters (ages 26, 24, and 19.. yes, he was a complete suprise!). They love having a little brother, and he loves having big sisters. Boys are wonderful!!!

  14. 167

    kim j says

    I have 3 boys (17,12,11) When they were smaller I would love to go through their pockets when I did laundry just to see what they had collected that day and what they saw as treasures to keep. Also, I didn’t want that stuff going through my washer :)

  15. 168

    Sue Mitchell says

    I have 5 boys – ages 13, 11, and 9 year old triplets. It would be an honor to get this book!

  16. 169

    marfmomma says

    I took my only boy to the doctor today. He is six and growing up so fast right before my eyes. I love to cuddle with him and we lay in bed at night telling clues for our favorite things. He is my heart and the reason I am a mommy….he is my first child.

  17. 170


    I have 3 boys-ages 7, 4 and 2, also another baby on the way but not sure if it’s boy #4 or not. This looks like an awesome book. Sometimes I feel lost, not knowing how to pray for them. Raising them up is the most important thing I’m doing right now and I can use all the help I can get!

  18. 172


    We have two boys. The oldest has just turned 8 and I can tell he’s on the cusp of big changes–his shoulders have started to broaden, he’s eating like a horse–and I’m trying not to freak out about impending manhood! My baby just turned 1. Hie first word was “Go! Go! Go!” Typical boy, I think….I love it!

  19. 173

    Cassie K says

    what a great book to have. I have two boys ages 5 and 2 and both are as different as can be in some ways and in other ways they are very much alike. I struggle with my own prayers and would love some help to become a mom who prays for her boys in any situation.

  20. 174

    Lorrie says

    This post brought tears to my eyes! My little buddy is 4 1/2 years old, and wedged between 2 girls, like yours. He brings such delight to my life with his boyish ways and his amazing adventurous imagination. I would love a copy of this book!

  21. 175

    Amy in TN says

    I have two boys 1st and 4th. I have been reading A Praying Life and this book would be great help.!

  22. 176

    Jen says

    I have 3 boys. My firstborn, who is 11, one who went to Heaven before his first breath, and the one that I am expecting this summer, who will be our fifth child. I definitely feel like I need guidance as to how to pray for my oldest, aside from “Please, God…” I know that I do not lift him up in prayer NEARLY enough!

  23. 177


    I have 3 boys. My oldest is almost 13 and is kind, and sensitive, and compliant. My second boy is 9 and got lost in Disneyland for an HOUR. Every year we marvel that he makes it to his birthday! My youngest son is the most blessed of all as he went to Heaven at 6 1/2 months of age.

    I used to REALLY struggle with our 2nd son. I still do but I enjoy him alot more since I stopped trying to make him what I thought he should be (like his older brother) and started just loving what he IS!

  24. 178

    JHollyhock (aka Jennifer) says

    We have four boys. Ages 11, 8, 6 and 2 with a little girl squeezed in there too. :-) Boys are crazy and mine are no exception! Busy, busy guys with lots of ideas that are new to their Mommy, but I am learning.

  25. 179


    I have 2 boys. Well, one of them is quickly on his way to being a man and boy, I tell ya, that is more than a little nerve wracking. So, my oldest is 14. He dances ballet & loves to draw. He’s good with younger kids and good at helping me out with his younger siblings. On the downside, he’s very good at making me laugh when I’m trying to reprimand him. My younger boy is 10 and has the best floppy ears in the world. I like to bite them. Is that weird? He loves Legos and Star Wars. Oh, so does the 14 year old. My younger one is the most sensitive to me when I am hurt or have a migraine. I think he will grow to be a wise man. He is very passionate. On the flipside, that passion is just as strong when he is upset. I know the good & bad is both part of what makes them who they are!

  26. 181

    Jennifer says

    We have four boys (13,11,4,& 2 )and I would like nothing more then to raise them to be A formidable foe for THE enemy, their enemy! I think I need this book even if I don’t win it. Thank you for the amazing giveaways!

  27. 182


    I always wanted boys… only imagined myself with all sons… I had no idea the joy and terror that my boys would bring me on a daily basis! My sons are 3 and 2- one is the oldest, one is a middle-ish. They make my heart stop in so very many different ways- from their compassion and desire to be snuggled, to jumping off of ANYTHING and crashing into EVERYTHING. We have had- a 3rd degree burn, 2 front teeth come out- one on its own and the other had to be pulled because he kept knocking it loose and it got infected from the repeat trauma. We’ve been in the ER for 4 staples in the back of the head (from jumping of the coffee table and missing the couch… and yet, the next day he jumped again!) and for a broken arm due to a bouncy castle mishap. They are each other’s partners in crime and also each other’s best buddies.
    And through all the rough and tumble, I see their sweet spirits creep through- usually in the evening. From Adrian snuggling up against me during storytime with obsessive kissing on my arm as I read, to Ty’s sweet “hold you” requests. From Adrian’s “one more kiss” to Ty playing with my hair, twirling it through his fingers.
    MAN… I don’t even care if I win this give-away any more… this was such a gift right here (after a VERY rough evening with both of them)… to sit and write about my boys… who became my forever SONS not even a month ago!

  28. 183

    Tamra says

    As I read this blog, I am patiently waiting for this wild wave of morning sickness (which I have round the clock) to pass by. My husband hopes I am pregnant with a boy, to add to the other two strong young men-in-training in our home. They are 14, and 10, and most of their lives Ive prayed that they become “Titus” men, as what’s outlined for elders in the book of Titus in the Bible. As I see them grow and struggle to become who God has created them to be, I realize I need so much more in the way of powerful prayers for them. Thank you for your beautiful book give away equipping us to be Warriors’ mommas!

  29. 184

    Rachel says

    My son is such a blessing! He is so bright, funny, curious, loving, handsome, says ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ says his prayers before bed (I am encouraging prayer at other times as well), likes to read, and he is my little snuggle buddy! I always tell him I am so glad he came into my life. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He taught me what God must feel for us…..true, pure, unending love!!

  30. 185


    Like you, we have a boy, age 11, smack in the middle of two girls. And we homeschool. So he is around females alot. He will certainly make a good husband one day from all the practice around all these females. As our children enter this new stage of life (teens), our prayers for them are changing, to praying that they learn to be Godly, functioning adults, in this society. Need all the help we can in doing this.

  31. 186

    Louise says

    My first born is a boy, and although I enjoy him very much, I find he sends me to my knees and to The Word! What a privilege to raise a son, I’m learning to relay on God more and more!

  32. 187

    Niki Blake says

    i have three boys, all whom are very different but wonderful gifts from God! Growing up without a dad, having a twin sister, and raised my a single mom, i was a little clueless about boys. I love that although I didn’t know much about them, God knew He wanted to give me THREE of them!!!! And I wouldn’t have it any other way……they have blessed me beyond measure and taught me so much….and boys LOVE their mommies! Thanks for the opportunity!!! :)

  33. 188

    Alex Hall says

    We have four precious boys, ages 7, 5, 3 and 3 months. The oldest three are all boy! They have an amount of energy I’ve never witnessed before! I homeschool, and have the most difficulty homeschooling them. Not sure if it’s the boy thing or their individual personalities. Either way, I’m glad God blessed me with them and am reminded daily (by them) of my need to be praying for them.

  34. 189

    Carrie says

    I have one son, Jimmy, who is 6 years old and in first grade. This kid is so sweet and has such a kind heart. I am very blessed to be his Mom. I would LOVE to win a copy of this book.

  35. 190


    My son is 15 years old, he is into sports and band (not crazy about the academic part of school–but grades are pretty good). He has two grandmothers that he loves on, he lost both his grandfathers in one year in 2009. He’s 15 and still hugs them good-bye, I hope he continues to do that. I am very proud of him, my main prayer for “T” is that he would desire a close relationship with Jesus.

  36. 191

    Jennifer Karlen says

    My sweet boy, Alec, is 12 years old. He is a great older brother to two wild and loving little sisters! I am right there with the other commenters that have said they pray often for their boys but it’s so often the same prayers. I’d love some new, fresh ideas to mix in there with the “old standbys”! Love, love your blog and hearing about your work with Mercy House! You are an inspiration to me!

  37. 192

    Rosita says

    We have four wonderful boys (6, 4, 2, and 3 months). I grew up with all sisters. It has been an adjustment, but I LOVE it. The book sounds really fascinating and helpful.

  38. 193


    Oh wow, I would love a copy of this. We have three boys, 7, 4, & 1. We also have a baby on the way that we fully expect to be another boy. I mean really… after three..?
    We feel strongly about raising our boys to be Godly MEN instead of … well… wimps, which our society seems to be cranking out. Even many Christian families, unfortunately. Would love to read this book and learn how to better pray for our boys!

  39. 194


    My boy has a distinct disadvantage in life… he is home(schooled) with his two sisters and Mom all week while Dad is working away from home on business 5 out of every 7 days. Poor kid. He dosen’t have a chance, does he? He needs all the prayer he can get! :)

  40. 195

    Amy says

    I have an amazing 6 year old guy. He is our youngest (by 7 years) and the only boy. He is active, creative, funny and such a sweetheart. I thank God that I get to be his Mama.

  41. 196

    Staci says

    Thanks for the chance to win! My little boy is now 7. When he was 4, we found out that he was heading toward a diagnosis of autism. By the grace of God and a lot of perseverance, we have been able to change his diet and subsequently his life! He has the sweetest, most tender heart. He continues to amaze us with his courage and determination and he is about to finish 1st grade in a fully integrated classroom, where no one knows the path he was headed down…

    Thanks again for the opportunity!

  42. 197


    I have one son. Spencer. He is currently 10 and in 6th grade, and he is a joy. After raising twin daughters I am often baffled at his actions and I will look at my husband and he will quietly say, “It’s a boy thing”. He is polite, and modest, and appreciates modesty in females already. He loves Legos, and writing scripts for his future movies(all action and superheros and spies). He plays basketball and is learning piano, and loves being outside and usually dirty. He can sing harmony and repeat accents and character voices better than most adults I know, he is gifted in worship. We were meeting with a strong woman of God once, that hears from the Lord amazingly. She gave us warning, to pray the banner of Christs blood and protection over our son and his health, and his path everyday. We didn’t question. This sounds like a great book to help us have a little more direction in praying for our son, his future and his destiny. Your family is amazing, and I am so excited about Mercy House.

  43. 199

    April G says

    I am the very happy mom of a 2 year old boy and the 2nd boy should be here in June. I think being a mom raising boys is a challenge that only God can provide. I feel so blessed to have been give the opportunity to raise 2 boys since it was such a struggle to even have the first one. I pray for both of them several times a day, that they could grow up to be a might man of God just like their daddy.

  44. 200


    Caleb is the youngest of our three boys. He is a warrior boy and he will lift his shirt to let you see the scars to prove it. Caleb was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 when he was four years old. Our whole family was dumped headfirst into the world of pediatric cancer with surgeries, long hospital stays, radiation and chemo cocktails. God walked WITH us through the Valley of Death and we came through it with Caleb still in our arms. Forever grateful for his life….which is full of all things ordinary. Except those boyish escapades and his knack for finding adventure will never again be ordinary. Minutes count now. Every day is an undeserved gift. Blessed to be the mom to Caleb, my Warrior Son.

  45. 201

    Sharilyn says

    I have 3 boys and really need this book. We don’t visit the ER, but I need to know God holds their hearts and that they care about HIM.

  46. 202

    Ramie says

    I would love to win this ebook! My boys are now young men (17 and 14) They are so much fun. Our ER trips ALWAYS involve stitches! (except for last May when my husband fell from a ladder and broke BOTH of his arms)(YES, that was interesting and it was a long summer)
    My teens and the teens I love from church need to be covered in prayer. Thank you for the opportunity to win.
    We are THAT family only we live in KS!

  47. 203


    I’ve got three boys: ages 6 (and can’t WAIT to be 7), 9, and 17. Between the three of them, there are 5 sports teams, all practicing and playing right now. As in, seven days a week. (Sigh.)

    People always ask me if I wanted a girl, and I did, but I can’t imagine what my life would be like without 3 grimy, stinky, loud, rude, precious, adorable, blond-haired, blue-eyed boys. :-)

    I can use all the prayer help for them I can get!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  48. 204

    Bridgett says

    I have two boys…8 year old man-child…so serious, stoic, and soft-hearted and a 4 year old adventurous, never-a-dull-moment one liner boy with a stubborn streak a mile wide! I so often realize my failure in praying enough for them…thanks for the giveaway and the reminder to pray for our boys to be men of God!

  49. 205

    Megan says

    I have two little boys – a 4 year old and a 2 year old (adopted from Ethiopia). I grew up with a sister so it’s so different for me but was a joy!

  50. 206

    Donna says

    I have three beautiful children, all of them boys. They are 6, 9, & 11 and just so full of life. They are all different, yet still all boy. I can totally relate to your “teeters on the edge of everything that makes your heart stop” comment. :)
    But what a blessing it is to be mommy to these three wonderful human beings.

  51. 207

    Karin says

    We have two boys, 4 and 5 (almost 6). It was a wild journey to bring them both home (adoption) and an even wilder one to raise them! They are the best of friends and entertain me to no end, even when I just want to roll my eyes with the pure boyness of it all. They also exhaust me to no end :)

    This book and group looks like the encouragement and direction I need to pray for them better. Thanks for sharing the opportunity!

  52. 208

    Julie says

    I have two boys, 3 years and 9 months. I’m overwhelmed with all things boy and pray that we can raise them to be Godly men!

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