WFMW: Greatest Tip Edition

[Please feel free to link up any helpful tips! If you’ve run out of ideas, you can join in the suggested theme the first Wed. of each month. Today’s theme is sharing one of your greatest tips. Link up old or new tips!]

If I added up all the hours I’ve waited for a real, live, breathing person to answer my customer service phone calls, lo, they would be many.

And if I could recapture all those lost hours, my house would probably be clean.Or my laundry would be done.

Okay, maybe I’d just have some bonus Twitter time.

The point is, I wouldn’t have an ear shaped like a cauliflower.

Recently, I discovered a very helpful website called Get Human.

And well, just like the name, the promise of speaking to a human on the phone is real. I can feel the tears welling up even now.

This comprehensive site has hundreds of phone numbers that help you bypass all the waiting and phone holding (not to mention the elevator music) with some helpful shortcuts.It almost makes me long for an excuse to speak with a customer service rep.


Get Human, it works for me!

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    Headset and cell phone save me on those calls. At least I can walk around cleaning the house while I listen to the “fantastic” music. I will bookmark the site for future use. Thanks.

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    Do you know about You use it to look up customer service phone numbers and actually place a phone call to the selected phone number online. The Lucyphone site then actually waits on hold FOR YOU. Then when someone picks up, it calls your house and connects you. Cool, right? Here’s a write up that did on it…it has a vimeo that explains it also:

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    Thank you for all you do in hosting this each week. Always so many great tips. And, you never cease to amaze me with all the tips that you bring to this forum each week.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Kristen! What a great bunch of tips! I find it so interesting that we are all moms and running households and can still find so many different ways to do things! I am linking up my baby steps to a rockin life that has one of my favorite tips. If you need to get things done. Turn on the music! All the best, Alex

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