WFMW: Organized Simplicity {Giveaway}

*Updated with Winners* Congrats to random linkers/commenters: Day 2 Day Joys, Me Sew Crazy and Meg.

My fellow (in)courage writer, Tsh of Simple Mom has written an awesome, practical book that every mom needs to own, Organized Simplicity. I don’t know about you, but organizing and cleaning my house is overwhelming. I tend to take it all on myself, until it becomes overwhelming and then I complain and get panicking about the piles of clutter and loads of laundry, while my family huddles in the corner afraid of my cleaning rants. Or is that just me?

I try to FREEZE time once it’s all clean because I know in about 30 seconds the perfection will end. Funny thing about living with people. Plus my FREEZE time gun is all broken. Patent pending.

I love the three simple principals in this book:

1. Get everyone involved

2. Do a little at a time

3. Focus on the journey, not the destination

More about Organized Simplicity:  The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living:

Simple living isn’t about what you give up. It’s about what you gain. Organized Simplicity will convince you that simple living is the absolute best way to live. Whether it’s house cleaning, managing your family schedule, stewarding your money, or deciding what “stuff” you allow within your four walls, the only way to live well is to do so intentionally and simply.

And I love that.

Because I want simplicity.

I’m excited to offer three readers a copy of Tsh’s book today. Just link up to be entered or leave a comment.


  1. 7


    Oh, how I LONG for Organized Simplicity in my life!!! I live with a couple of cute little packrats, and I honestly don’t know the answer… But I sure am praying about it! :-)

    Happy Wednesday, Kristen!

  2. 9

    Emma says

    I would love this book! Once every couple weeks I organize my house /life and am so sure that this time it will be the time it stays organized. It never happens lol!

  3. 10


    Oooh, would love to get this book…I’m trying to follow along with her meme this month – gotta start tackling my closet tomorrow!

  4. 11


    Oh, man, would I love that book. I’m currently on the waiting list for it at our library, but I would love to have my own copy. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  5. 15


    I would love a copy! How is it that I can be SO obseesed with organization, but my house still be such a mess?!?! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  6. 16


    I linked up (#53), but wanted to tell you that this book is next on my list of books to get. I am desperate for organization and simplicity. You have no idea. I feel like my entire house is exploding and getting out of bed each day is such a chore. I just feel like I can’t keep up. And no, you are not the only one with a family that hides in the corner during a cleaning rant. Mine do also….because I tell them I’ll duct tape them to a chair if they don’t get out of my way. Uh-hem. :)

  7. 20

    Heidi says

    Been looking into this book since it came out and would LOVE to be able to finally read it! :)

    Found you through a link to He Said/She Said. THANK YOU!

  8. 21

    Tara says

    This looks like a great book! Two of my favourite things, organization and symplicity. Inspiring!! Thanks!!!

  9. 25

    Cyndi says

    Oh this book sounds like an answer to my prayers. I was that crazy exploding Mama yesterday. I hit overwhelm and then had to apologize to the stricken children who thought Mama had lost her marbles. We need a little help over here. Thanks for the making the offer.

  10. 26


    Busy life = not much simplicity and certainly not naturally organized, yet I yearn for instruction.
    I must read this book, just looking at the cover make me feel all “spa” like!
    I love to see these give-aways and the support through the blogging community.

  11. 27

    Kristi says

    I could use a little mentoring in this department! This book looks great and I appreciate the chance to enter. Clutter makes me cranky!! :)

  12. 28


    I think the number of times I have seen this book around the internet the past few weeks is a sign that I ought to read it. :) I would love to win it. (Typed from my office with piles of stuff forming an ominous and advancing circle around my desk.)

  13. 38

    Rachael says

    Always looking for new tips on ORGANIZING!!!
    Maybe I can learn some new points to implement on my next JOB.

  14. 39


    One of my new year’s resolutions for 2011 is to Live Simply.
    I would LOVE to win this book – it would be a perfect next step on my journey to figuring out this whole Living Simply thing :)

  15. 43


    I would love a copy of Tsh’s book! I feel like our house could be called Chaotic Complexity about now and it’s just not working.

  16. 45

    Michelle says

    Gosh, I need this! I’m trying to balance working at home and keeping a home and taking care of a 3 month old and I would love some simplicity.

  17. 46

    d says

    I added this book to my Amazon wish list and hinted to my husband that it would be a good b’day present…it would be even better to win it , then I wouldn’t have to wait;-)

  18. 47

    Debra says

    I would love to win the chance to read this book! I need simple organization. Life has been very hectic the last 2 years and I feel like I will NEVER get organized. Thanks for the chance to win and learn from others.

  19. 49


    You’re funny! I am feeling very convicted today to: give away 40 bags in 40 days (I saw in on a blog).

    And not buy any clothes or shoes for me through Lent (which means no Easter outfit). PLUS give up eating dessert of any form.

    Gulp…. maybe God will change his mind before the end of the day? hahahahaha

  20. 51

    TracyDK says

    How did you know what I needed in my life? I’ve been looking around my house and I’m almost to the point of throwing everything away and starting with bare walls. *L* You’re truly blessed to know so many talented people.

  21. 52

    Susan says

    My goal for this year is to implement exactly that (organized simplicity). I’d love to win this book to help me learn how to do it the best way!

  22. 58

    Kelly says

    With a household of six people, girl you KNOW I need this book! 😉 Thanks for the great giveaways!

  23. 62

    Erin says

    Would love to win this. I am feeling so overwhelmed by the amount I have to do that I usually don’t end up doing much. I moved nearly a year ago and most everything is still in boxes. I think this book would help tremendously.

  24. 68


    Oh I would love to win a copy!

    I am constantly trying to figure out how to simplify and organize my family and our home!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. 69

    Cynthia says

    Would love this book. Always looking for a way to simplify. My moto is work smarter not harder and I think this would help with that.

  26. 77


    Okay you made me look at my calendar to double check that today is Tuesday…lol I’ve got this book already and love the message because I’ve always been a Keep It Simple Sweetie kinda girl. When things are simple they are repeatable and that means that they will get done 😉 But if I win I would love to re-gift this to someone in my family. Thanks for hosting. Fondly, Roberta

  27. 83

    Lisa Rigby says

    I love books on organization, so this would be great! My home could definitely use some organizing, it’s kinda crazy right now!

  28. 86

    Leigh says

    Just wanted to say that I actually have and read this book and its “simply” AWESOME! She’s doing project simplify right now on her blog, which I’m doing along with her and several others. I encourage you to join in but having the book along with you is so helpful. Just love it.

  29. 87

    Heather E. says

    I have been cleaning, organizing, tossing for the past week! I feel like I could be doing a better job though. I would LOVE to have this book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. 88

    Meagan says

    I once thought I was a fairly “on top of it” kind of girl.
    However, a series of life-altering curveballs were thrown at my family over the course of the last year that knocked me off my horse and I’m so overwhelmed by LIFE now that I don’t feel like I’ll ever get back on top of it.
    My hubby and I have been striving towards a lot of simplicity in 2011 — I will be purchasing this book!!!

  31. 89

    Wendi says

    The title of this book is so talking to me right where I am right now in life. So many bloggers have commented on this book, even the authors site herself. But due to other items needing to be first up on the budget I have not ordered it yet. Hopefully some day I too will be reading this book and working through it and my own home. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. Blessings.

  32. 93

    isabelle says

    I can use a little help !
    Organization and simple, sounds sweet to me !
    Thanks for the giveaway !

  33. 94

    Jen C. says

    I love those 2 words, *organized* and *simplicity*.
    Hoping God sees fit to pull my name out of the hat for this giveaway :-)
    All IS grace :-)

  34. 101


    I know EXACTLY what you mean. I hate the clutter, frenzy clean and then wig out as I watch people mess it up. Not constantly, but enough that this book might help. :)

  35. 109

    Megan G. says

    We’re trying to declutter to get our house on the market. Every time I think I’ve made a little progress, I find about 5 more problem areas. Ugh!

  36. 112


    This book sounds wonderful! I have been in a battle with clutter my whole life! I am fairly new to reading blogs, and have only recently found this one. I love it! I passed the site on to several people who are Christian home-schoolers.

  37. 114


    Wow Kristen! I so want that book! With two teens and a busy food blog and running two girl scout troops, I need simplicity! I am linking up my Baby steps to a rockin’ life with loads of tips to help you find more Me time and thats what works for me this wednesday. All the best, Alex

  38. 116

    KR says

    I meant to leave a comment earlier, but my laptop was lost under a pile…..oh, how I would love to win this book! I really need it. LOVE your blog; feel blessed by every post. Thanks!

  39. 118

    Monica says

    I could use some great organizing tips. After moving, I feel so overwhelmed with all the boxes and clutter. Winning one of these books would be a blessing (and maybe a sign from God to get more motivated). Thanks for another great giveaway!

  40. 120

    Jennifer says

    What a great book! I tried to get it from the library just now and I’m #16 in line, lol! I would LOVE a copy. I need it SO bad. I strive to be a minimalist but fail miserably :o)

  41. 122

    Funkymunkee says

    Sounds like such a great idea! I wonder if anything is ever simple, or organized once you have children.

  42. 123

    Anita says

    I NEED this book – and all the help I can get. Facing empty soon and wondering why it isn’t getting easier with fewer people… Maybe it’s been me all along!

  43. 129

    Blessed Mom says

    With a house that seems too small and three children 4 years and under, I would LOVE this book.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  44. 132

    Fiona says

    I do enjoy this Blog. I’m a new subscriber and I have a home (I live far away overseas) which is really in need of Organized Simplicity. I really hope I win a copy!

  45. 138

    Kristie says

    I would love to win a copy! Have been looking at this for a while on Angie Smith’s blog. Can’t wait to read it!

  46. 139


    I love that idea, too, that it really isn’t about what you lose, but what you gain. 99% of the time when you let go of stuff, you NEVER think of it again and don’t miss it. It’s really a freeing experience!

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