You Were Made to Make a Difference

*UPDATED with WINNERS* Y’all, even if you didn’t win, you need to own this book! Here are the random winners: Heather E., Tricia Moore  (readers, no blog) and Kelly. Congratulations, y’all!

I picked up this little book.

Tucked it away to read

when I had a chance.

A few pages in, I knew

we should read it together,

as a family.

And that’s what we’ve been doing-

one page at a time, after dinner each night.

I can tell you–the effect– has been

moving. Inspiring!

I have wiped tears on my dinner napkin,

listened to my son talk about pressure,

my daughter share defeat,

my hubby lead us.

ENGAGE with my family….

But most of all, from the youngest to the oldest,

we are learning a very clear and profound message–

life isn’t about what we want,

it’s not about making our own dreams come true,

We are learning that we were made

to make a difference



in the lives of others.


Read this, please? Find out what my hero has been up to this week….


This book makes The Perfect Family Devotional for tweens and teens! And for moms and dads….

I’m giving away 3 copies today. Please leave a comment if you’d like to win one.

Have a happy weekend!



  1. 153

    Megan G. says

    I am really feeling convicted about familydevotionals and scripture memory! We are off track right now, and I really want to get back on track.

  2. 154

    Kim Anderson says

    I would love to have this book. I am wanting to start a family devotional and this would be the perfect way to start.

  3. 157

    Heather says

    I would love to try again at having a family devotional time – this looks like the perfect book to help us get started!

  4. 163

    Heather E. says

    My family is in a rough spot right now. I would love to win this and share it with them. Thanks!

  5. 166

    Kristie says

    I would love to win, we have a family devotional every morning. We home school our children so that is what we do before we start with “school”. Even before we do the pledge to the American, Christian Flags and the Bible.

  6. 167

    gingerstar says

    I love your blog! I just came here from littleturtleknits, and have now added you to my Reader – I’ve only read a little but you make me think, in a good way. :)

  7. 169

    Elizabeth says

    What a great daily family devotion. I absolutely love this blog. My God continue to bless you and your family.

  8. 171


    Max Lucado is one of my favorite authors. His thoughts in print come straight from the Holy Spirit’s directing.
    I would love to have a copy of this book.

  9. 172

    MichelleH says

    As a mom of a teen, tween, and preschooler I think this book would be wonderful to share as a family. I love your idea to read a page a day together. I’m totally stealing that idea! 😉

  10. 175

    Jenny Kleingartner says

    I would LOVE to to have a copy of this book! He is such an excellent author, I can’t think of a book I don’t love!

  11. 182

    Stefani says

    I would love to win a copy! My husband and I were just talking about doing a devotional with the kids after dinner. The timing is perfect!

  12. 185

    Kristen Hanff says

    I think this book sounds awesome & hopefully I will be one of the winners… if not I may have to request it as a gift in the future :)

    I just needed to hear the title thou this evening, I needed to know it’s OK to be unique and although life is getting me down currently, I have much to be thankful for & I know I have a purpose. Just needed the reminder.

    Thank You!

  13. 187

    Jenny says

    Love to see families growing together in their faith!
    This looks like something my family should do!
    Thanks for sharing

  14. 188

    J.spier says

    Love to see families growing together in their faith!
    This looks like something my family should do!
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. 192

    Moi says

    I would love to win a copy of this book. I hope that living in Cairo , Egypt does not exclude me from the draw. It sounds just what i am looking for for my family. Thanks!

  16. 193

    Wendi says

    My daughter and I listened to Jenna speak for the first time last month at the Revolve Conference. She had a powerful message to bring. The girls that went that are in her Sunday School Class are doing her book “Redefining Beautiful”, also a great book.

  17. 199

    Laurin Beardsley says

    We just made the decision to homeschool; a 10 yr. old boy and a 14 yr. old girl. Methinks this book would be a great addition to our decision! Thank you for offering it up!

  18. 203


    Max Lucado writes very amazing things – I STILL remember several stories (children’s) that I read as a young one and his Punchinello storybook still ranks as one of my favorite children’s books.

  19. 207


    This looks like a great book. Adding it to my reading list. I really enjoyed the look into your families devotion time. My son is 3 and have really wanted to add some type of devotion for our family. We do read from the Bible every day, but I am now looking into devotion books for our family that would be suitable for a 3 year old as well. I know it really helps me when I have a book to read and go along with scripture.

  20. 209

    Rajalakshmi says

    Thank you for sharing about how to have family devotions. I grew up in a HIndu family and now am a follower of Christ and we have two little girls and I am always looking for ways to bring Christ in our day to day moments and lives. Max Lucado is one of those people who have helped me strengthen my faith in Christ. Thank you for sharing it in your blog.

  21. 210

    Beth H says

    This sounds great for my 12 and 15 year old! Who knows, maybe I will win. Or maybe I will go buy it at Amazon!

  22. 213

    Joede says

    In this day and age, I believe that everyone needs a copy and I would like to be one of those people. Thank you for your give away.

  23. 216

    Ruby says

    I think Holley over at Dayspring mentioned your blog a week or so back, and I’ve had you on my read feed ever since. I’m enjoying your posts; thanks. I’d also love to win a copy of this book. We used to do devotional and prayer time a lot “better” (= more frequently) as a family of 4, but when we added twins to the mix, everything went kind of haywire. It’s been more than 2 years, and we’ve another baby on the way, and things are finally feeling less chaotic. On the good days! God bless as you continue to lead your family on His paths.

  24. 220

    Jana says

    I wonder, would it be appropriate for a 5yr old? I’m hoping so – it’s in my amazon shopping cart right now! :)

  25. 221

    Robin in New Jersey says

    We have been talking for two weeks now about trying to find a book for family devotions! This just might work for us. We have been just flying by the seat of our pants, so to speak! Thank you for the chance to win.

  26. 226

    msahm says

    This book sounds like it would be perfect for us. We just found out that our 16 year old has cancer and we want to” make a difference” as we go through the treatment.

  27. 227


    I’d love to win a copy! I saw this book several months ago and considered getting it but wasn’t sure if it was really *that* good to purchase it for our home library (I’m really discerning because space is limited). So I’d love to read it!

  28. 230


    You almost made ME cry with your description of the book. I just bookmarked it on Amazon! :)

    Thanks for being an example of a family who is striving to love God – through all of the mess + chaos of every day life.

  29. 231


    I just came upon your blog today. In the world like it is today, it can be overwhelming to think about doing something to create change. I find causes weekly that deserve my help. It’s just hard to know what to do and where to start sometimes. I’m looking forward to reading this book! Would love a copy :)


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