♥La Bella Jewels {Giveaway}♥

*Congrats to Julie of Blessed Jewels and Stacie of Beautiful Things!

Hand-stamped silver.

Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

It’s so personal. Meaningful.

The initials of two lovers given a second chance, the name of your miracle baby, the letters written on your heart, worn around your neck.

By the way, your mom called and she told me really liked these from La Bella Jewels:

Today, I’m giving away TWO $50 gift certificates.

Please visit this lovely shop (and long-time sponsor) and leave a comment telling me your favorite piece of silver.

Also, LaBella Jewels is offering a 10% discount and free shipping for WATF readers, with code: MOM2011

(Deadline for to receive by Mother’s Day is April 27th)

This giveaway ends on Thursday.


  1. 154

    Jen A. says

    I loved the “Around the Family Tree” as well as the “Sqaurely Modern..” Its hard to find things that could fit the names of all our children, but the family tree one was adorable : )

  2. 159

    peggy huff says

    I especially like ‘key to my heart.’ Jesus has always been the key to my heart and the reason my family held together in love, laughter, and joy.
    This is my first time on your website ~ delightful, Miss Kristen!

  3. 160

    Robyn says

    I love the Journey Anniversary. I think it would be a great reminder of how much I treasure my marriage.

  4. 161

    Lorrie says

    I see many pieces that would make great Mother’s Day gifts for the grandmothers, but my favorite is the gold 4 layers of love. Beautiful and I could fit all the names of grandchildren on it!

  5. 162

    Jerry Tippett says

    I love them all. I especially love AT THE HEART OF-I would love to have one with my 4 grandchildren’s names.

  6. 163

    Rebecca says

    So unique, soft and beautiful. The one I am eying is the Littlest Heart Stamped Sterling Necklace. My sister is a marathon runner and she has been focusing on “Believe” to help inspire her. That is what I would like her heart to say – I believe.

  7. 164

    Renea H says

    I’ll take one of everything….just kidding. It’s so hard to chose. I really like the Grande eternity or maybe the three layers. Would love to win. Thanks so much!

  8. 165

    AMANDA says

    oooo my fave giveaway!!! ill take anything! they are so beautiful. i love simple elegance, my heart stamped, cuppedthree layers of love, with this ring, mine for eternity, should i go on? lol

  9. 166

    Kristen Petee says

    I LOVE LOVE the Classic Charm Stamped Sterling Family Bracelet..I could keep my four babies with me at all times! CUTE STUFF!!

  10. 171

    Megan G. says

    Wow, the prices are great!

    I like the This Day in History necklace a lot. Many fun/pretty things on there!

  11. 175

    Jennifer McDougal says

    I love the Mine for Eternity. It is lovely. I have a daughter in Heaven and would love to have a piece of jewelry that includes her as well.

  12. 182

    Fiona says

    I would love to win the Around The Family Tree Sterling silver necklace for my Mum.
    We live in the Middle East, thousands of miles away from Mum, back at home in the UK
    I know she’d appreciate such an original item of jewellery.

  13. 186

    Jenn says

    I really like the Mine for Eternity circle. I’d be able to put the names of the babies we’ve lost on it along with our living children’s names.

  14. 189


    I like the “Cupped Three Layers Of Love Stamped Sterling Necklace” and the “Three Names On Your Wrist Stamped Sterling Bracelet”. Both are beautiful and as of May 27th +/- I will have three little ones to have their names on there :)

    jennifer @ beautifulcalling.ca

  15. 190

    Amber Byrd says

    With our first Mother’s Day approaching, I would love to get the Pitter Patter necklace for both of our moms with their first grandbaby’s name on it!

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