Mercy House on Local Television Today

If you can’t view this video, click here. <——-read comments at your own risk. There are some people who think only Americans deserve charity.

The cameras rolled for 2.5 hours in our home. I only cried twice while they were here. Both times ended up in the 1.5 minute feature!

Also, the name of Mercy House, Compassion International and my blog are edited out and never mentioned, but I pray people will go Google-hunting for it…and try to figure out HOW we are raising money (Hello, YOU).

Other than that, I’m really happy that this story focuses on the muscle of Mercy House: Maureen


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    I love it!! And just so you know…you weren’t the only one crying. :-) Your interview reminded me all over again what an AMAZING journey God is taking your family on. You have my prayers, and my admiration.

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    DAS says

    The heart of Jesus is not limited by the boundaries the world sets for His love, His heart have no boundaries. When He gives to us the precious gift of sharing a piece of His heart it could be half way around the world, or half way around the corner. What does it matter? It only matters that we are available and willing. That we open our hearts and stretch forth our hands, and share His heart, this little piece of His endless love, in the place and in the manner He has ordained. To love in His love and to move in His will, this is all. And as we move in His love and will, He transforms and heals a broken and shattered world. Shalom dearheart.

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    What a great news segment! I have visited your blog for a long time. It caught me off guard when they called you a suburban housewife. But it is great that you are getting on the news! …Even though you are so much more than a housewife.

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    That was terrific, Kristen. I am so sad for those nay-sayers who complained about not helping those in the U.S. I agree with several of the commenters. First, it’s a calling. God put this on your heart and you answered that call. Second, there ARE several programs in place here that those in other countries do not have. Even our poorest of the poor can access a warm place to sleep and a good meal. Thank you for your servant’s heart! God Bless you all.

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    I hope people do search for your blog. Right now it’s the top hit for your full name. Even if they don’t search for you, I hope they are at least inspired to help others in some real way.

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    Loved it!! It’s not fair though, I’m a sympathy crier!

    I of course had to go check out the site and these “comments.” My favorite was “She’s been watching too much Oprah.” If WATF (<haha, that looks…hmm) is the new Oprah show, I wanna know where my free car is!

    Don't let it get ya down, the story is inspiring and motivating, especially for all of the "nobodys" who feel like they can't do something to help others.

    (I admit I did have to put in my 2 (or 99) cents. I revised the comment about 6 times before I posted it, It's SO hard not to engage in those debates!)

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    Caryn says

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I’ve recently said “Yes” to God’s leading for the nation of Peru and your tears started my own. And like you, can’t imagine saying no. I’m praying for your family, Maureen, The Mercy House, and every single girl that walks through those doors. Thank you, again, for sharing.

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    marky says

    I”m not sure what happened to my original reply to this post~
    anyway.. You made a beautiful impact even if they cut things out.. your love, passion and heart shone through!

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    I am so proud to know you, Kristen! Seeing this video of your family made me cry out of beauty of our Lord’s love – reaching out from across oceans, straight into the hearts of girls in Kenya. God, bless Kristen, especially in the coming weeks as she spreads her wings and flies straight into where you are closest to those at The Mercy House. Protect her family and her children from an additional burden and may your grace and overwhelming power of love sustain them every step of the way. Amen.

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    I’ve followed your blog for awhile, and I just LOVE everything you are doing for those young girls in Kenya. Makes me all teary eyed too. Bless you.

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