Mourn With Those Who Mourn

One of my (in)courage sisters is facing the unthinkable: the death of a child. When a member of the body hurts, we all hurt.

Heather is hurting today. Will you join me in praying for her? Will you send some words of comfort her way?

On Good Friday at 7:15 PM, Heather’s daughter Emma went to be with Jesus. She had been sick, and we had been praying, and our hearts were broken when we got the news that Emma Grace had slipped away.

I know some people just don’t get it. These online friendships. But here you are. Online. And so I think that maybe you will understand me when I tell you I’ve met some of my dearest friends right here.

Like family.

We do life together. We rejoice with each other and we grieve with each other. Across miles. Over oceans. To continents we may never visit. It’s a beautiful thing. Even the grieving becomes beautiful when words of comfort travel miles to reach the heart of one whose tears are all they have to give.

You might already know Heather. Maybe you follow her blog, Especially Heather. Maybe you’ve read her posts at (in)courage. Perhaps you’d been praying for Emma, too. Maybe you heard the news and dropped to your knees right along with the women who write for (in)courage. We shared our grief in a flurry of emails that mixed up our weeping and our sadness with hope and with whispers of prayer.

And maybe – like us – you wonder how you can help.

The amazing people at DaySpring have offered to sponsor a card basket for Heather and her family. We’d love it if you’d participate. You don’t have to know Heather. You don’t have to follow her blog, or mine, or anyone’s. You just have to want to help…to reach out to a mother who has lost a child.

Because DaySpring is sponsoring the card basket, you can send a card to Heather at absolutely no cost to you. DaySpring will gather up all of the cards created for Heather, package them beautifully in a basket, and deliver the card basket to Heather’s home.

To create a card for Heather’s family, click here, or use the link at the end of this post. When you checkout, use HEATHER as your coupon code, and DaySpring will pick up the tab. We’ll accept cards until midnight on Saturday, and I’m sure Heather would appreciate your prayers.

Link to Heather’s DaySpring card basket:

*thanks, Deidra for putting these beautiful words together for us to share with our readers.


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    Kristen, I love you heart. I also LOVE this idea! I didn’t know DaySpring offered this service. I am praying for Heather right now… And I pray each card will encourage her mama heart a little bit, and even bring some smiles. Thanks so much for letting me know about it.

  2. 5


    My heart is broken for your friend…online, in person or in spirit…we are all connected. I can’t imagine the pain that she is going through. I will pray for her and her family.

    Xo, Meme

  3. 7


    Made her a card – thank you, Dayspring for providing that beautiful service to bless others through your gifts. Praying for her & her family. Resting in the knowledge that an Angel named Emma is waiting for us.

  4. 8


    My heart breaks for Heather and her family. I so know the pain she is feeling. I pray that the kindest of dayspring and friends will give them all strength. X

  5. 9


    Yes, Kristen… yes. Sisters, us all.
    Mourning with Heather…
    So grateful for this family of Christ… and that we live on this side of Resurrection Sunday, and He is but the firstborn, the promise coming…

    May our God of all Comfort, comfort beyond words….
    Humble thanks,

  6. 10

    Leslie says

    Praying for Heather – thank you for giving us this opportunity to send her a card! Blessings, Leslie

  7. 11


    What a beautiful thing you are doing for your friend. The internet can be used as the devil’s playground, but since I started blogging in January I have seen the beauty in it and I’ve met some wonderful, beautiful women from whom I learn so much each day. I pray for Heather and her family that God’s grace will be with them. Their pain is unfathomable to me but I know our gracious and loving Father will hold them in His arms and their little angel will always be watching over them.

    God Bless!

  8. 12


    Just wanted to say, as a mama who has lost a little one, that I thought it was incredible to see all the “incourage” community sharing on their blogs yesterday about Heather and Emma. Stopping to “weep with those who weep”.
    My heart is aching for their whole family…and praying that as they “pour out their hearts to God” (Psalm 62:5-8) they will find the comfort only He can give.

    Also–about the cards–for anyone considering…. That kind of stuff is a bit intimidating to me usually, but I tried yesterday and it really was simple and easy to make a card through the DaySpring link.

  9. 13


    Thank you so much for letting us know about the Dayspring card basket. what an honor it will be to be able to send Heather and her family such a sweet gift of love and care. i’ve followed Heather’s blog for a couple of years now and though we’ve never met, i feel as though we are friends. i have prayed for her and have felt as though i’ve walked this journey with her. like you said, we’re internet friends…sisters in Christ. My heart broke when Emma passed away….i will make a card right now…..

  10. 14


    I heard the news yesterday and was heartbroken for Heather. I had the opportunity to meet her in real life a few years ago in Charlotte at She Speaks. Beautiful mama! I am so grateful to Dayspring for offering to send her cards. I love the Scripture that Kara shared from Psalm 62. Sending more prayers her way.
    Sweet Blessings,

  11. 15


    I follow Ann Voskamp faithfully. Today I received some sad news about a cousin who is dying. But I read Heather’s story and feel her loss and her pain and I know that I am not alone in this world where we come and go. I am lifted by reading about this act of love. I don’t know any of you personally, but I know you in the spirit. Grace, grace, marvelous grace! Thank you for sharing.


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    Robin in New Jersey says

    I have been reading Heather’s blog since her brain tumor. Losing Emma is so very sad. The picture of her in the angel outfit is beautiful. I have sent her a card through Dayspring. What a wonderful thing for them to do for Heather and her family.

  13. 17


    thank you for letting us know how to reach out to Heather and her family, I’ve been following her blog for a few years and was so sad and have been praying for Emma for a while.

    It is such a wonderful thing to see the blog community surround her with love and support….you ladies are wonderful!

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    Sara says

    I’m truly so sorry for your family’s loss and will pray for your dear children that are left here with so many unanswered questions. I pray that God will surround with them with His perfect healing love and comfort.
    I too have lost a child and children have that were left behind. I mourn with you Heather and also have a Treasure in heaven kept for us that will never spoil nor fade and one day we will be reunited with our deeply loved and cherished babies!

    The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. PS. 34:18

    From one mourning momma to another.

  15. 19


    Oh, my aching heart.

    I don’t know what to say.

    You’ve said it perfectly.

    My prayers and deep, deep love for this little girl, are with her entire family.

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