The Princess Bride

In 1981, I was 9 years old.

Yes, that’s means I’m turning thirty (cough) nine this year. It will be my first time (but not the last. Heh.)

My twin and I were in a lot of weddings that year, princess themed weddings.

But we were passed over for The Royal Wedding. It could have been a prejudice against home permanents. We’ll never know.

At any rate, I remember the Royal Wedding of 1981 very well.

Most of y’all are probably too young to remember it, but some old people on Twitter responded with their memories.

I have a lot on my plate right now….getting ready for Africa, the heavy burden of Mercy House, end of the year school stuff with my kids…my laundry (DEAR LORD, the laundry)…

But I *might* just be throwing caution to the wind, popping some popcorn and watching the wedding tomorrow, while making my 9 year old son wear my 9 year old princess bride dress. Just kidding.

It totally still fits me.


Will you be watching? Don’t give a flying fig? Remember the 1981 wedding or where you were when Princess Di died? I was in a cabin on vacation with my family of three and my parents….

P.S. There’s about a 4% chance I’ll get up that early to plug in my TV, but I will definitely watch a few replays online.


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    I wasn’t born yet in 1981. Yep. I missed out.

    And while I’m very glad that my husband and I don’t have TV most of the time, I make an exception for things like this and the Olympics. I’m hoping someone I know will DVR it and I can watch it eventually!

  2. 3


    I will follow Emily’s “I wasn’t born yet in 1981″ comment with this: I turned 39 in January, so yes, I remember the original royal wedding. I was too young to really care, but young enough to be IN AWE of the dress. (Remind me to show you a picture of my wedding dress someday. It has some similarities.)

    I’m sure I’ll watch some of the wedding online, but not the whole thing. I don’t have the attention span anymore. Plus, that’s the beauty of the Internet.

    (I wonder if my nine-year-old daughter has even heard of it?!? I will ask in the morning.)

  3. 4

    Crystal says

    I was raised with a British grandmother and so adore all things UK. I will most definitely be watching! With an infant, I’ll probably be up at that time anyways. :-)

  4. 5


    Not getting up at the crack of dawn, but I’m sure that they’ll be replaying it for days/weeks afterwards! I can’t wait to see the dress!!! and yes, I remember watching Charles & Di with my mom. (I’ll be thirty *cough* nine this year, too!)

  5. 6

    Courtney Steele says

    I wasn’t born in 1981 and I have no interest in this week’s wedding. But, oh my word, your oldest daughter looks just like you in this picture (minus the homemade perm)!

  6. 7


    I am right there with ya – I was 8 and totally loved Princess Di! Good thing about living in Africa is that we get to see it live during normal waking hours. And SA is part of the commonwealth of formally colonized countries by Britain so lots of British influence here.

  7. 8


    Showing my age here, but I remember it. In fact, they were married on my husband’s 20th birthday. I had just turned 18 four days before. (Yes, we had been married for 9 months by then…and my husband will be 50 this year!!) I got up super duper early to watch that wedding. I even remember we were at the beach when Andrew and Sarah got married and I got up early to watch that one, too. Not going to break with tradition this time! When Diana died it was near Labor Day and relatives were here visiting.

  8. 9


    I totally remember the wedding of 1981! I was only 4 years old but I do remember! My mom and 2 sisters and I went to a friend’s house for a sleepover! We all watched the wedding and I was amazed by her dress’s long train! I think that’s when my sisters and I started putting the pillow case on our heads (as a veil) and walking each other down the long hallway at our house pretending to get married! So fun!

  9. 11


    Yes, I remember Princess Diana’s wedding very well in 1981. I was only 7 but my mother was OBSESSED with the royal family and with weddings (she’s now a wedding coordinator…fitting), so we watched the whole thing. In fact, she asked me today if I thought they will use a carriage in the wedding like Charles and Diana did. Mom, seriously? Anyway, I also remember when she died. I was home with a 4-wk old baby and watched nothing but the news for like a week. So sad. I will probably watch the wedding…IF my kids can bear to miss their beloved Nick, Jr. shows. 😉

  10. 12


    i’m probably not aware of all the hype surrounding this event. after all, most zambians i know could care less and i only know so many mzungus here. we dont even have a tv, but i do have some friends who invited me over to watch it… although i haven’t decided if its worth a $10 taxi ride to watch! the nice thing here, is that its during the day… we’ll see. :)

  11. 13


    I definitely remember the 1981 wedding, that train, oh my I wanted a train like that. I was 10 at the time and by the time I married at 34 I didn’t want it anymore. Took me 24 years to get beyond that desire 😉

  12. 14


    I watched the wedding of Diana..I was some where around the age of 15 years old.. My Mom had watched the coronation of Elizabeth and her wedding… I also do not remember Where I was when Diana diesd… but I know I stayed up all night long to watch the funeral. We are getting up at 4 to watch the wedding tomorrow….It is tradition!

  13. 15


    Well, I feel like the “senior” commenter in this group, but yes, we watched the wedding of Charles and Diana – – on our honeymoon! We were married 4 days earlier, so that means we will celebrate 30 years this summer. My husband and I will probably watch it together tomorrow, for old times’ sake!

  14. 16


    Hold the tomatoes, but I was -2 years old in 1981. That’s right – negative two.

    And we don’t have cable or satellite, so unless streaming live online (which probably will be) I’m out.


  15. 17


    In 1981, I was just starting to chase my new son around the house as he ws learning to crawl. After seeing Di walk so gracefully down the isle I was further convinced I really should lose all the baby weight. An did I ever loose it? Many times, but it always came back after the birth of my next child (5). This wedding I may watch a few clips but really not going to be out of bed at that hour(insert cough a;most 50 need my sleep). Makes an older gal really still believe in the whole princess idea!

  16. 19


    I was three weeks old at the time of Charles and Di’s wedding, and both my mom and mother-in-law have stories about getting up with their babies and watching it. I will definitely be watching this one, just for the fun of saying I did 30 years from now. (“I watched clips online later that day” just doesn’t have the same ring!)

  17. 20


    I was only 1 when Charles and Di were married. I do recall growing up and being aware of the good things that she did and such. And while I don’t remember exactly where I was when I heard she had died, I was sad to hear the news and watched alot of news coverage.

    We don’t have cable or satellite so I won’t be watching the wedding, but I’ll be watching recaps online.

    Have you seen the wedding entrance spoof T-mobile did?

  18. 21


    I remember Charles and Diana’s wedding and I am planning on getting up to see the one tomorrow. I think weddings are fun to see even if the rest of the time the Royals aren’t my biggest priority. :)

  19. 22


    I was 30 when Diana married, so yes, I remember it well. I learned of her death when my son called me to let me know what had happened. I”m not really a “royal watcher,” but this is an historic occasion. I live on the West Coast, where coverage begins at 1 a.m. I will definitely be staying up to watch it, and possibly blogging it. I probably will go to sleep when the ceremony is over, though.

  20. 24


    I was also 9 when the BIG royal wedding happened. I remember getting up at 4 a.m. and then falling asleep on the couch, waking to get bits and pieces. I was addressing my wedding invitations when the news came about Princess Di’s accident and cried myself to sleep that night. I will definitely be watching on Monday. I may not get up at 4 a.m. this time but will definitely be watching all the news clips. It is exciting!

  21. 25


    I was two in 1981 so didn’t see it live, but loved looking at pictures. I am really trying to gear up to wake up early to watch the wedding tomorrow morning. We don’t have DVR nor a way to record it, so if I really want to take it all in, I’ll have to get up early. I really think I’m gonna! :)

  22. 26


    I was 11 when Princess Di married and remember it well, also remember being at my in laws when she died in the accident. I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for anything, i’m not a royal watchdog but this is history in the making and like a fairy tale…and I have to witness that : )

  23. 27


    Hey! Cute picture! I’m 36, but I don’t really remember the first wedding too well. I guess I wouldn’t, right? I will be watching this one!

  24. 28

    Kysia says

    I remember my mom waking me at 3:30 in the morning to watch the royal wedding when I was 10. She already had popcorn popped and it was a magical moment. We will be dvr-ing the event as something else requiring rest takes place tomorrow. However, popcorn bags are waiting for my 10 year old daughter and I to enjoy the wedding when we return.

  25. 29


    I watched in 1981 at the ripe age of 11 and I will watch in 2011 by rerun. 😉 I also remember where I was when they announced Princess Di had died. I am much more interested in royalty than I think I am.

  26. 30


    Um, I’m going to quit reading the comments on your blog because they are making me feel OLD!!! I’m pretty sure I watched it…and for this one, I’m hoping for the incessant replays, since I am NOT a morning person. 😉

    Oh gosh, yes, I remember where I was then Diana died. It was our 1st wedding anniversary and we had just come home from dinner at a friend’s house. She called and told us to turn on the TV.

  27. 31


    I was four in 1981 but I swear I remember it. I was working when I heard Princess Di had died, it’s a very vivid memory. I am getting such grief from my friends and family for being interested in this Royal Wedding because I’m not British, but I don’t care. My 12 year old daughter and I are both getting up early to watch some coverage. It’s exciting, and romantic and who cares if I care?!

  28. 32


    I was 18 in 1981 and although I didn’t watch the wedding, I watched parts of it. I remember, thinking how beautiful Princess Di was. At the time of her death I was in California in a chat room on the computer, when the person I was chatting with saw the news flash and asked if I had heard. Sad indeed, I felt as if I had lost a relative…

    I’m going to try to get up to watch the wedding, I’m sure it will be out of this world. ( Not to mention we married on this day 28 years ago)


  29. 34


    I’m on the old team – I’ll be 37 on Mother’s Day … totally remember watching Princess Di get married to Charles … my best friend Dana & I slept out in my parents’ 3-season porch & watched on a little TV out there. And, I was living in Venice, Calif. when Princess Diana died – I remember being very moved by the news. Won’t be watching tomorrow morning, but I will totally watch highlights later – I’m interested, but not as much as I was when it was Diana.

  30. 35

    Amy says

    No interest in watching! I was only 5 for charles & di, but i actually DO remember watching it with my parents – the mile long train forever burned in my memory.

    i was at our family’s cabin on a lake when di died. i remember our family holding hands in a circle and praying for her family during our living room church service.

  31. 36

    Serenity Summers says

    I had surgery yesterday but I STILL was up to watch the end of the wedding and beginning of all the festivities :) In 1981 I was three so I don’t remember watching the wedding BUT I was glued to the TV for a week when Diana died. My college roommate and I just sat and cried watching her boys during the funeral.

    All I could think this morning was: “Diana would have been so proud of her boys :)” Gorgeous wedding!!!!

  32. 37


    I tuned in just as they were walking down the aisle out of the church. I’m a new mommy, so I can’t afford to lose precious sleep, so there was no getting up extra early for me. :~) I did go back and watch what I missed later on, though.

  33. 38


    Nope wasn’t watching. I’m old enough to remember Di’s wedding and dress (same age as you, actually!) and do remember watching the breaking news when she died.

    Had a few of those home perms of my own, too — remember the SMELL?

  34. 39

    Kimberlee says

    Wasn’t watching, I was a little young for watching tv at that point. I know my mom was watching. I clicked on this post, because I was thinking Princess Bride the movie. Tells you how important the royal wedding was to me, LOL!

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