WFMW: A Tip for Hot Weather

I know some of y’all had snow last week. I can’t even imagine it.

I got sunburned at my son’s flag football game on Saturday.

I’m trying not to be bitter.

Living in Texas has it’s advantages-namely: WE ROCK.

But I will admit, the heat can get to me. Can’t imagine it? Just set your oven to 350 and CRAWL INSIDE OF IT.

I’m trying not to be bitter.

At my son’s game the other day…

[Sidenote: It’s flag football and he was tackled twice-the first time, he ate dirt, the second hit BROKE HIS GLASSES. Texans can be aggressive.]

Again, with the bitterness.

Moving on.

At his game, it was hot. We drank water, we sought out shade, we ran out of water and whined until the game was completed. As we were leaving, I saw a mom open the back of her van and pull water from a case of bottled water she keeps in her vehicle. She handed it to her two sweaty boys.

Some moms are so smart.

Guess what’s in the back of my car? A case of water.

It works for me! (or will this coming Saturday!)

*updated* so some even smarter moms mentioned the plastic bottles in the heat might not be the safest for kids…instead they suggested using a plug-in cooler or thermos’. Just FYI. I don’t wanna kill anyone with my tip!

P.S. Next week, if you need help coming up with tips, the suggested theme is BACKWARDS WFMW–you ask your readers a question…


  1. 1


    Oh, how funny that you complain about the heat; I’ve been moaning about the cold and wishing for warm weather faster. {Though living in Southern Ontario is much nicer than when we lived in Northern Ontario. The ice didn’t go out until end of June sometimes!}

  2. 2


    Girl, we live in Texas too, we are near Dallas. The humidity gets so bad I can not breathe. Ugh!
    But I will take that over freezing cold weather any day of the week!

  3. 3

    Sharon B. says

    I’m right there with you! Very bitter!!! But, of course, today…the first day of my 4yo’s OUTDOOR swim practice, e sun didn’t come out once! It was still plenty warm outside but he said the pool was cold.

    Seriously, could the rest of the country PLEASE send us some precipitation? C’mon!

  4. 4


    If God ever calls me to Texas, I’m afraid I’ll be tempted to go meet Him early.

    But as for this tip: If it’s that hot, and you leave the water in your car, won’t it be really, really warm? I guess maybe when you’re that hot and dehydrated any kind of water is welcome. But warm water + Texas = YUCK YUCK YUCK! 😉

  5. 5


    Yes, it does seem summer has come to Texas, but the heat is a small price to pay for never shoveling snow! And never bundling 3 different kids into snowsuits, hats & gloves! And having the ability to wear flip flops nearly year-round!

  6. 6


    People here in PA were begging for Spring when we had 14 inches of snow on the ground. Now they are all whining because of all of the rain that has come with Spring. Personally, Fall is my favorite with the cooler temps and the lack of rain. I have no desire to experience your Texas temperatures….at all.

    We keep a cooler that plugs into the cig lighter in our truck when we go somewhere in the summer. We make sure we restock the cooler when we use it. When we get to the game or whatever, we just plug that puppy in and go on our way. When we get to the truck, the drinks are nice and cool (because there is nothing I hate more than warm water without a tea bag).

    I also keep a rubbermaid tote with spare clothes, towels, sunscreen, etc. just in case the kids find a mud puddle, or we have a freak rain storm, or we decide to play somewhere and I’ve forgotten to lather everyone up with SPF 3000. 😉 Hey, we are whiter than white and burn into crispy creatures in under 5 minutes. We would never last in Texas.

  7. 7


    yay Texas, boo Texas heat!

    we’re transitioning from hot season to cold right now and the days are PERFECT! i’m going to have a rough transition back to that heat/humidity here in a few weeks!

  8. 8


    Hey – I can completely understand the heat thing….we used to live in Oklahoma. Like an oven hitting you in the face in summer…and sometimes in spring.

    Anyhow – Thought I’d add that carrying water in those plastic bottles in the heat isn’t the greatest idea health-wise. You know, the BPA thing? We take LOTS of water w/ us everywhere in stainless steel Klean Kanteen bottles. Others are OK but these are great! But them direct, or wherever you can. I have some on my website in my store and I’ll give anyone a great deal who contacts me. I also plan to have a giveaway soon.

    The BPA in the plastic acts like a hormonal disrupter. Who needs that for us or for our kids? And you can save a TON of money this way too. Refill your own bottles instead of paying for the plastic bottles over and over and over and over again.


  9. 10


    Oh, this makes me laugh! When my best friend moved to Ft. Worth 11 years ago, the first time we visited we kept saying, “Who left the oven door open?” every time we went outside. Ha!

    p.s. There is a box of sewing goodness coming your way from Indiana.

  10. 12

    Suzette says

    I just just hauled my water carrier thingy out. I fill about a quarter of it with water, and stick it in the freezer, and then fill it with water when we are heading out, love my ice water, and love that we are refilling our reusable water bottles. am kind of liking it that i am the go to mom for water with the various teams, just got to get them trained to bring their own water bottles to start with!
    By the end of the summer, i think we could live off what i have in the van. potty, first aid kit, change of clothes, yeah, i am that mom. sigh.

  11. 13


    Yeah…I can’t even imagine sunscreen right now :)
    But our boys are enjoying flag football as well (only in the rain).
    Thanks for hosting every week…I always find lots of helpful ideas.

  12. 14


    I wish I could feel for you about the heat but I would give anything for a day without rain or a tornado warning! I live on a hill but if this keeps up we’re building an ark just in case!

    I used to keep a tube of sunscreen in my glove compartment (I sun burned the part in my hair last year) until it exploded in the heat. Now I wear a moisturizer in the summer with SPF just in case I forget sunscreen. We bring water bottles with us when it’s hot so we don’t have to worry about plastic in the sun or waste or the extra cost of buying bottled water.

  13. 15


    I started doing that this season too, although the water is more for the grownups. I try to make the kids take their own water bottles and be responsible for it (the big kids anyway). I also keep snacks in the van that are only for eating at practices and games. Has been a lifesaver when trying to get six kids out the door on time.

  14. 16


    As long as you’re packing a beverage, try Laborade, an awesome homemade electrolyte replenisher I found through WfMW two years ago! It really perks you up when you’re hot and sweaty.

    I second the recommendation of reusable stainless steel bottles for your family’s health and better-tasting water. For the case of water you already have in the back of your car, if you have a hatchback, cover it with towels to protect it from sunlight leaching chemicals out of the plastic bottles. Both heat and light have effects, so at least you can protect it from the light while also shading it so it doesn’t get quite so hot and yucky.

  15. 18

    Jill says

    another warm weather tip…. Throw wet frozen washcloths in with the (reusable) water bottles. They will help keep the bottles cold and are GREAT to cool off/wipe down with.

  16. 19


    A SUNBURN you say?

    Now look who’s fighting off bitter.

    We have a plug-in cooler. We play football in the fall. I am going to refrain from my statement about how we are raising men and yada yada cuz I just know it won’t go well for either of us. AHHAAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAH

    However, Friday Night Lights is based on a Texas football team and I have heard y’all have High School stadiums that would rock our socks. However? We play in bitter cold. Outside. Where we raise men. HAHAHAHAHAHAH Oh no I’m getting into more trouble!!!! Rawr

  17. 23

    Sierra Foster says

    Another idea is to get a lg. “gatorade” (you know those huge orange ones they dump on coaches after the football team wins) jug, fill it, and keep it in the trunk with some cups. It stays cold for almost the whole day and you’ll be the “cool” mom having enough cold water for the whole team!

  18. 24


    My first summer in Las Vegas, my husband and I left our water bottles in the car while we went inside the DMV to get our new driver’s licenses.

    When we came out, I went to take a drink of water.

    The water was BOILING! There were literally bubbles popping in it!

    I learned then what many in Las Vegas already knew–never leave your water bottles in the car!

    If you have a cooler with ice in it, you could do it, though.

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