WFMW: Heartsy {Groupon for Etsy}

There are some seriously smart people in the world.


I had this idea right after it was announced. My aha! moments are generally delayed.

I shared Groupon with y’all-the site that gives amazing discounted prices on deals of the day in your area. Spring Break with my kids and a date night with my hubby were entirely made up of Groupons!

Well, Heartsy is very similar–only it’s for Etsy, the most amazing hand made market place in the world!

I love handmade and love giving handmade (especially for those hard-to-buy for people!)

Look at today’s deals:

$11 for $33 Online Store Credit at Littleput Land —that’s a 67% savings!


57% Off Plants at toHOLD


52% Off Handmade Jewelry at Erin Bowe

Those are just some examples……
So, sign up for free and have daily Heartsy deals delivered to you!
P.S. a few people have asked for the link to my radio interview. be warned: it’s a lot of me talking!


  1. says

    Thank you! Teacher appreciation week is coming up. I just got the cutest gift for next to nothing. I can’t believe how excited I am!

  2. says

    I love Etsy! AND Groupon! Definitely going to check the Heartsy out. Thanks so much for hosting, hope your Wednesday is lovely!

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