WFMW: Spring Cleaning Tip

I like to organize. Clean? Eh. Notsomuch.

But it is necessary. Since we are dirty people.

Every Spring, I love to get the backyard cleaned up. We usually rake and pick up pine cones and plant some flowers. There’s always a thick layer of pollen on everything and mildew on our concrete. Hello, humidity in Texas.

My tip: Clean your concrete (patio, driveway, porch) to remove ugly mildew or mold from winter’s moisture.

Here’s how:

  • You can pour bleach (with 3 parts water) and scrub with an old broom. It works well, but it’s a lot of work.
  • A couple of years we rented a pressure washer for 24 hours and basically washed everything in site (including our dogs, kids and vehicles. It’s called “getting your money’s worth.”
  • Two years ago we bought a basic pressure washer on clearance at Sam’s. It’s not as high tech as a professional one, but it does the job. Now we charge family to use it. So, basically, it’s a small business opportunity. heh. just kidding. Except, you owe me (you know who you are).

Clearly, we have moved up in the world.

One of my favorite pictures: our true love etched in mildew:

Spring cleaning works for me!


  1. 6


    I do love a pressure sprayer!!

    However…when the Dave Ramsey class works. I mean REALLY works–I want to HIRE someone to Spring clean for me!!! Oh, and I am not even kidding.

  2. 8


    We used to borrow my dad’s power washer when we lived in Central Texas… you’re right – it’s absolutely necessary every spring! I thought it was fun to write stuff in the mildew, too! It works really well on siding if you have that on your house.

    Thanks for hosting the link up every week! I love reading the tips and meeting new people!

  3. 10


    Thought it a little funny that I planned to post my slime recipe during the spring cleaning tip week, especially with your concrete tip (don’t you want a little more slime on that?) To make up for it, there is a spring cleaning post, too!

  4. 11


    Oohhh thanks for the reminder! Our house will need a good pressure washing once it’s warm enough to turn the water on to the outside (yes I know but it is still well below zero here at night).

  5. 15


    Lately I’ve been suffering from severe Spring Cleaning…lol Or as my sister calls it…Spring PMS!!
    It’s like painting your house…you start in one room and next thing you know…you’ve managed to paint then entire house! Thanks for hosting Kristen…hope you have a wonderful week.
    Fondly, Roberta

  6. 16


    My Husband favorite hobby is being let loose on a pretty day outside with the power washer! I don’t go outside on those days afraid he will give me a cleaning :). NO, seriously he power washes our fence each year so that it looks nice and new-gotta love a man that loves to clean with a power washer!

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