You Are My Community

“So. Let me get this straight: you and your blog readers–people you’ve never met in real life–are funding a maternity home in Kenya, Africa?” –asked the TV reporter, sitting in my house, bright lights, microphone and all.

That just about sums it up.

I showed her the pile of letters, notes and cards on my desk. I walked her into my garage, filled with 25 unopened boxes, suitcases and dozens of packed plastic totes. I showed her the enormous bookkeeping file with every donation, printed, filed and accounting for thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars.

I told her: This story is not about me and my family. It’s about them (YOU) and Maureen. We are just the family in the middle connecting the two heroes in this journey.

I spent 2.5 hours telling the story to the local news. Two minutes of it will air in April. I don’t know what will make the cut, but I know what the real story is.

When Maureen asked us to help her, we knew this would be beyond our family’s capability. (I’m so glad God doesn’t reveal the entire picture to us all at once, or we would have RUN the other way).

I knew my local (real life) community wouldn’t be the answer (but special thanks to my parents and a couple of close friends who have been EPIC). We are so thankful God has begun building a support system who can help us chase this God-sized dream and sort donations (hello, WP community group!) I’m just sayin’.

I knew it was a risky blog move (like having nearly 30% of my readers stop visiting in the last 7 months-but who cares about numbers, right?). I knew some readers wouldn’t go with us, but the readers that have stayed, and come along since the journey are here for the right reason.

But I hoped and I prayed: I knew we would need Moms who could carry the burden with us. Kids who collected first aid items and Dads who designed brochures. Families who would join our family and give hard-earned money and do something big, together.

It cost you something to read this blog. I know that. I know it’s not always feel good and fluff.

I reached out to find community in you.

And you didn’t let me down.

Thank you.


  1. 2


    you are amazing! so glad you were willing to step out and connect the hearts across the ocean. love it and thanks for letting me come along for a tiny part of the journey!

  2. 4


    Your post is making me cry :( I found your blog because of your Mercy House efforts. Love how God is using you as you obediently follow HIM!

  3. 5


    I’ve loved reading and watchng this God-sized dream take shape and become a reality. So glad you’ll be featured on local news. Those hands and feet that can help will love to find out about you.

  4. 10


    I can’t even imagine being anywhere else. Thank you for allowing us to come on this journey. What a great BIG GOD we serve!

    I hope you know you are ALWAYS in my prayers. I know I tell you that but I don’t want you to ever doubt or forget.

  5. 11


    This post brought a tear to my eye too – so inspiring you are. I just have one word – AWESOME – We serve an AWESOME God and you are AWESOME to step out on faith and follow the Spirit’s leading! And then to see your on-line readers get in there and participate – simply AWESOME!

    Go God!

  6. 12


    I like what another reader said — “It is a privilege!” Yes, it is. And when God calls one of His own to do something this big, it is a PRIVILEGE to be a part of that. I am trying oh-so-hard to get to the point where I can send a donation to you. Know that it is on my heart and it is coming. :) God Bless you, Kristen!

  7. 13

    Linsay says

    What amazing journey you are sharing with us, I can’t wait to see just where the journey leads. Thank YOU for allowing us to be a part of it!

  8. 14


    Can’t imagine being anywhere else but alongside of you in this, Kristen! Not only was I inspired to help you in your Mercy House calling, but when God called me to build a school in Africa, I thought of you, knew He’d be just as faithful. It’s not about knowing how in the world He’s going to do this through us, it’s about being obedient. AND, sometimes, it’s such a crazy big dream, you can’t help but say yes just so you get to see what in the world He’s got up His sleeve!! LOL Wouldn’t want to miss it 😀

    Love you!

  9. 15


    Well all I do is pray… some day I can give money too.. and it helped me find a mission fieled in my own backyard that I can give time to ..You taught my family that life changing, upside down feelings are jsut what God wants for us..I would never not follow this blog!

  10. 18


    I LOVE to see how God works in ways we never imagine!!!! :-) Praising Him with you!

    … and this part shocked me “like having nearly 30% of my readers stop visiting in the last 7 months-but who cares about numbers, right?). ” REALLY?!?!? that’s really shocking to me, and sad.


    • 18.1

      kristen says

      Truly. I stopped looking in October at numbers…But if you look at the last 7 months, it’s pretty shocking. But it’s okay-this is God’s. He certainly doesn’t worry about numbers :)

  11. 20

    Debra says

    Kristen you are amazing! I so admire you for all you do. When I look at what all you and your family do I just am amazed! You give me such a hope that God will open doors for our family for the work that we do in Longido. You are a blessing and I am so blessed to have reconnected with you!

  12. 23


    I love this post! It’s a joy to be part of a community like this! (just noticed that Laryssa said joy too) :) It’s not about the numbers or pleasing others – it’s about joining together to serve God and his people. It’s not always butterflies and lollipops — that’s what I love about this blog – the honesty and realness of serving Jesus! :)

  13. 27


    Thank you for letting us participate! I can personally say you opened my eyes to things that I naively didn’t know existed. I appreciate the exposure and the call to action.

  14. 29


    It has truly been amazing to see your life (blog) change as you answer “yes” to God. I think you are a great example to all of us of what can happen to normal people if we are willing to move when God says move!

  15. 30

    Racheal says

    I love your blog and I love even more what you are doing for God. It’s not easy to step out into the unknown and our comfort zone. I truly admire you for all you are doing and am so happy that you are sharing it with us. I am glad that you have given your blog readers the opportunity to help. Hopefully one day I can do more, but am happy that I can be a tiny part in what you are doing. God bless.

  16. 31


    What I love about you Kristen is that you are being obedient to God’s calling on your life. You are living out your faith, being a beautiful example to others and showing your children what it means to put your faith into action. You and your family are allowing yourselves to be a vessel that God is using to bless others. I am personally so thankful for what you are doing with the Mercy House. I find it very inspirational!!! Keep up the great work!!! You, your family, friends and readers are making a big difference for eternity! There will be sweet Kenyan girls in heaven because of your obedience!!! Those are the only numbers that truly count! :)

    Love God GREATLY!!


  17. 33


    What an amazing thing to watch and support on a small scale. It’s remarkable what God can do when we are willing to be His hands and feet!
    Thank you for continuing to share your heart and your journey with all of us!
    You are LOVED.

  18. 37


    Love this. And love that it is for the Lord. :) I stopped by for a scarf tutorial, and saw what you are doing in Kenya, and decided to stick around. :) Hopefully bringing a few others with me. :) Glory to God. And may these women know Him, his Son, and his tremendous love. :)

  19. 38


    Dropping in to echo all of the above comments too. You’re awesome Kristen. Your obedience … what He is doing … it’s ALL just awesome! My family and I love following along in this and supporting financially as we’re able. 😀

  20. 40


    Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing mission. You gave me an opportunity I never would have had if not for your leap of faith. I love that you’re so real. I pray for you each day, and just sponsored my first Compassion child after reading your Compassion posts again.

  21. 42

    Ashley N says

    Wow! I’m so proud to be part of the 70%. You are doing an amazing thing, and I’m so glad you’ve allowed us to be a part of it. You’ve made my heart fall in love with Africa….. My family just sponsored our first Compassion child, and our hearts felt led to choose a child from Uganda. Thank you for your perfect example of obedience and faithfulness to Him.

  22. 44


    It’s been so exciting and an honor to read along about your journey. I haven’t been able to contribute financially, but I can promise that my prayers are with you!!

  23. 47


    I am a new reader and it was mainly because of your efforts in Kenya. Traveling mercies to you and your family! May God bless those women who will be helped because of your step of faith. What a mighty God we serve!

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