Advocating as a Busy Mom

I’m a mom.

I’m an advocate.

One was planned, the other wasn’t.

Wanna guess which is which?

My every day regular life is crazy, full of car lines, gasping at dirty rooms, juggling three little people who consume a lot of goldfish crackers and produce piles of laundry.

Being an advocate for orphans and those in extreme poverty has made me a better mother.

  • In America, with all our convenience and comfort, I think we forget how good we have it. We take education, accessibility to medical care, clean water for granted. Perspective is the greatest gift I can give my kids.
  • I let things go that don’t matter. I don’t nag (as much) about messy rooms and home repairs. Because what I have is enough.
  • I value life more because I’ve seen too much preventable death. Life is so fragile.

Being a mother has made me a better advocate.

  • I view the orphan crisis through the lens of motherhood. How can I not? I want the best for my kids and basic necessities are a given in my neighborhood. I want every mom in every third world country to have clean water, education about breastfeeding, help when their baby is dying of diarrhea.
  • We are nurturers by nature, compassionate by design. I think we make the best advocates!
  • Mothers are queen multi-taskers. Enough said.

Bottom line: How do we advocate with our families as moms without sacrificing them for our cause:

Balance is crucial. The last thing I want to do is raise my kids with a guilty complex, forcing down dinner because I’ve seen starving kids.

  • Involve your kids, but don’t ever force it.
  • Take a break when you sense resentment.
  • Live a life of compassion in front of your children, show them compassion.
  • Pray together about your passion.
  • Allow them to have ownership and allow them the freedom to not take ownership.

Are you an advocate for a cause close to your heart?

This is your chance.

To Advocate.

How do you balance it all?


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    Beautiful! He didn’t call us to our families to forsake the ministry; likewise, He didn’t call us to the ministry to forsake our families. Balance. Takes Him. Totally takes Him leading us by His Spirit and us listening. Sometimes we do that well. Sometimes we falter. Thank God for grace!

  2. 2


    love this and agree that your points & tips are right on. it is a careful balance. thankful for grace in both roles and the fruits i see to see Him developing in them through them.

  3. 3


    I’m an official advocate for CASA, going on 2 years now. I am also an unofficial advocate for marriage. Saving marriages is the cause that is closest to my heart. My husband and I are currently considering becoming marriage mentors. Fortunately, we have until October to come to a decision.

  4. 4


    Darn it. It didn’t catch my 2nd reply. :) I have a hard time balancing it all. Some weeks are better than others. Unfortunately there are some weeks where I just let all the balls drop.

  5. 5


    I’m not and advocate, I am the CFO of a non-profit that rescues children and is working on a model to make orphan care something that is possible for anyone who in a 3rd world community who wants to welcome abandoned children into their family possible to afford

    Sometimes I’m stressed to the max actually, trying to figure out how I’m going to do all the work I need to do, for my kids, for the kids in the orphanages… I homeschool, I have 4 children, I didn’t even take maternity leave when my 4th was born 9 months ago because there was no one else who would volunteer to do what I do. Somehow though, we manage to make it work, most days. My kids are definitely a part of it. They know the kids by name, they understand when I say I need minute to finish some work, they know who it’s for. They go with me when I send money to the orphanages, they pray for them every day.

    I know that their lives are bigger, and more compassionate because of the work their parents do, I know that the story of our family is larger and more of an adventure than a lot of kids they know. I’m really happy for the chance to do this, even the days when I’m very, very tired. Still looking for that balance though, it’s different everyday.

  6. 6


    Beautiful! Such good reminders as we get ready to head into a summer working at an urban sports camp. I don’t always feel the “mission” of the camp because I do on the sidelines support-type work. I know it takes all of us working together–not just the counselors loving on the kids–but it is very easy to forget as I sit in front of my computer or organize shuttles to the airport, errands to Walmart to purchase 100 packages of hot dogs when the delivery truck messed up… :-)

    One of my FAVORITE parts about working at a Chritsian urban sports camp is how our daughters are growing up in this environment. All of it–the ministry of sharing Christ by showing love, the blending of cultures, the hype of living at a camp, and seeing a way of life that is different than our sheltered small-town life.

  7. 7


    I advocate for teen moms and their children on a daily basis. If you had told me that I would be working with teenagers a few years ago, i would have laughed out loud. And now, because of how awesome our Romans 8:28 God is, I can’t imagine doing anything else.
    As for there really such a thing? I find that I have to prioritize. God has given me both of these ministries, motherhood and young mama’s. Sometimes, I have to make hard choices about my time. I will not pretend for one second that is easy. But, God always makes a way.

  8. 10

    Crystal says

    Great topic! I talk with my 3-year-old on a regular basis about volunteering, the poor, what Jesus says about helping others, etc. It’s what my parents did with me. I grew up thinking that raising money for malaria prevention, stuffing Operation Christmas Child boxes, attending pro-life rallies, fostering drug babies, writing to Compassion kids, etc. was the most natural thing in the world. :-)

  9. 11


    Thanks for such the great example! For me this is so hard to do… a process of erroring on either side over and over trusting in God’s grace to continually show me the balance. It seems once I have it figured out, things change (like thier age or ministry circumstances) and I need to find the balance all over again. My husband and I do college ministry and each semester is a re-evaluation of what, how much to be involved in and how to include our kids.

    • 11.1


      We will probably have both age (from the bhdritate) and gender for each child.Bio/Step/Adopted statuses for each child feels very tricky and sensitive.Anything involving cycles is outside the scope of this suggestion… maybe post another suggestion about that?Thanks!

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    1 in 6 people in the world do not have clean drinking water. Water borne illness is the leading cause of death in the world. American’s spend enough money the day after thanksgiving to give the gift of water to the world. Those are the staggering facts that lead me to start watershop. We will be selling products to raise money for sustainable water projects. Like us on facebook, follow us on twitter: watershoptweets
    Balance… this is a struggle, I think the pendulum is almost always shifting. I work a full time job, and am raising 2 boys who are involved in many activities. My biggest help has come from this website. I have committed myself to Water Wednesdays. Praying and fasting breakfast and lunch on Wednesdays for Water. Thank you Kristin, that has been a huge blessing to our ministry!
    I have also found rest in the knowledge that even when I am moving at a slow pace, I am one step closer than I was before.

  11. 13


    Balance is hard. We do alot of outreach in our neighborhood and bring lots of “unchurched” kids to church. I long to spend all my time in that ministry but I have 3 children and a husband. My struggle is giving my family the time they need and figuring out exactly how much is enough. I do believe with all my heart that our actions speak louder than words. My children see what I am doing in the neighborhood and it will impact their lives. I traveled to Ethiopia and am now working on using that experience to help my neighbor kids, who are considered poor in the U.S., understand that they have amazing opportunities in this country. They just need to take advantage of them. I am also praying about returning to Ethiopia but that entails leaving my family for 12 days. Not sure what is best. In the end I need to pray, pray and pray. God knows best how I need to balance my time and He will give me thewisdom and ability to do it.

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