Bonse Aba

Last week, my daughter’s 5th grade Honor Choir sang a traditional African (Zambia) folk song at their Spring concert. I thought y’all might enjoy it as much as we did:

P.S. I’m all about the dancing

Translation of Bonse Aba:

John 1:12 “Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God”

My oldest has a sweet voice and fills our house with music. We’ve all been humming the tune to Bonse Aba for weeks, but my 4 year old has her own version:

And speaking of jewelry, which is totally what my little girl was talking about (ha!)

Look at what you can purchase at Dayspring now!!! New product alert!

Plus, Mercy House has an all new site!

Our trip to Africa is still on–coming at us quickly in less than a month. We thought long and hard about postponing it in light of Maureen’s losses. But she is determined to open the doors and begin rescuing girls and we are determined to love on her! Will you please continue to pray for us and especially, Maureen, as she attends her sister’s funeral this week?

And also-UNRELATED: an animal of some kind crawled into our Dryer vent hose and DIED.

Guess who is giving herself a LAUNDRY PASS?

It smells bad in the laundry room, y’all.


  1. 3


    love the song!! and such a cute bracelet! and the website is lovely :)
    praying for maureen and you all….with the trip, funeral, and all the details. praying for peace and comfort and love.

  2. 4


    I must be a total sap because I just cried through the entire 5th grade song and those aren’t my kids up there? I’m gonna blame it on hormones……….

  3. 5


    YAYAYAYAY so glad you are still going to Kenya!! I know you are the perfect people to show God’s love to Maureen. Godspeed.

  4. 7

    Rebecca says

    I am loving the last picture and your little one with her hand on the hip…..wooo, cute! I have one of those little blonde urchins in my home too. Your kids are adorable. Praying for you all and Maureen and your trip. Are you still going to be able to blog while you are away, to update everyone?

  5. 8


    I am so thankful for the bird that crawled into our dryer vent, built a nest and laid some eggs.

    So thankful.

    Did you know that Lowe’s or Home Depot sells a critter proof dryer vent cover? It was inexpensive too. $6 or so.

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