I’m hurting, y’all, and I’m desperately asking for prayers.

Three weeks ago, Maureen, our Kenyan Executive Director of Mercy House lost her precious 7 year old nephew to a preventable disease. It’s been a dark time.

Yesterday, his mother, Maureen’s only sister, also passed away.

I am heartbroken.

She is grief-striken.

Can you imagine losing two members of your immediate family within three weeks of each other?

Maureen is the leader of her family, looked to for decisions by all of her relatives. She is hurting and the days ahead will be dark, exhausting and financially draining.

I am asking every person who reads this post to stop and pray for Maureen. I know she is confused and has a lot of questions. I also know that she teaches me by the way she lives out her strong faith. Please pray for peace and understanding and divine strength.

Would you also pray that God will give me wisdom?

Thank you.


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    Emily Johnson says

    Oh Kristen, I’m so sorry to hear this news. I will definitely be praying for Maureen, for her family, and for you and yours.

  2. 18


    I am praying for all above that you have asked for…so sorry for what Maureen is going through. God is there and works all things together for good…even when we don’t understand.

  3. 22


    Prayers said for Maureen and her family. May God’s love bring her comfort. Will pray for wisdom for you and the success of Mercy House xx

  4. 23


    Praying now. Mighty God, may your angels surround Maureen as she wrestles not against flesh and blood, but against dark forces of this world. Protect her, comfort her, minister to her family. In Jesus’ name.

  5. 25


    God, You are Wisdom and Giver of Wisdom. You are Comforter and Peace. Give this family and those that surround them You as only You can. And we will give you glory. Amen.

  6. 30


    I pray that all of our prayers bring a sense of peace to this hard moment in time. I firmly believe that when
    Prayers go up, blessings(our whatever is needed) come pouring down. God Bless.

  7. 32

    Jacquie Olsen says

    Oh, Kristen, this is tragic and so sad. I am praying for all of you. I admire what you are doing through Mercy House and have just begun to learn about that so I hope to hear more. Lord, have Mercy!

  8. 35


    Father….you know the broken heart of Maureen and all those who look to her and love her…make your presence known; surround her with those on whom she can lean as you carry her though this valley. God it makes no sense to us but we know you see the beginning and the end and your name will be glorified. Grant your favour to all involved with Mercy House as they seek to be guided by you….show them your way and your love. Praise you most holy awesome God. Amen

  9. 37


    oh Kristen…. I found out earlier today…. I am so sad. My heart hurts so much. We are praying. I blogged about it a while ago and then came here and saw yours. YOU say it so much better than I can…. I am so inadequate!

    No words can express…. we are praying for you. Praying God gives you wisdom.

    My word for this year 2011….. was/is MERCY. I thought it would be a different word. When the Lord gave it to me I thought… oh that is because I want to be an advocate… for Compassion… but then I realized … it was so much more. My heart hurts so for her….

    too many words. Please know we love YOU.

  10. 40

    Emily says

    Praying without ceasing. He knows and He will comfort. I am so sorry for this tremendous loss.

  11. 42

    beth says

    Father God,
    Please be with Maureen RIGHT NOW. Be with her in whatever thing she needs at this very minute. Rest your hand upon Your hurting child in such a tangible way, that it is undeniably You. Hold her up. Strengthen her. Let her feel our prayers. Be with Kristen. Grant her wisdom – in her words, in her actions, in her decisions. You are an amazing God. Wash over Maureen with that peace that passes understanding. Give her rest. Be with her family.
    In the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

  12. 54


    Tears for precious Maureen and I know that the God that works ALL things together for good will comfort her and her family (and you, Kristen!)

  13. 55


    Definitely praying…. Will pray for Maureen throughout the day, and the coming days. Cant imagine the depth of it all, but I am sad to hear this. So sorry!

  14. 60

    Crystal says

    I can totally empathize, as we have gone through that scenario (losing 2 immediate family members in 3 weeks) — it has happened to my family. Will pray right now and in the days ahead.

  15. 61

    Serenity Summers says

    Thank you for for sharing; it certainly puts our troubles in perspective. Will be praying for you all today. Psalms 13 is one of my favorites in trying times…..

  16. 66


    So sad. I have prayed for her as often as I think of it since I saw this devastating news this weekend. Now praying for you as well.

  17. 68


    I do know what it’s like to lose 2 family members within 3 weeks of each other. In 5th grade, my grandpa died of a heart attack. Three weeks later my uncle died in a plane crash. I will stop and pray for Maureen right now.

  18. 69


    Praying for Maureen…we actually had the opportunity to meet Maureen last summer when she spoke at a Student Life camp (my husband is a youth pastor and took his students to that camp). Our students were profoundly impacted by her testimony for Compassion.

  19. 72

    Rachel says

    praying for Maureen, right now. I can’t imagine the pain she’s feeling, the depth of the loss she’s experiencing. I’m praying for her.

  20. 73

    Beth says

    Praying without ceasing for Maureen, her family, Mercy House and your precious family. He is the friend to the wounded heart.

  21. 75


    Praying that Maureen will feel God’s loving arms wrapped around her as she grieves, and that he will raise up family members or other people to help hold her up through this time of sorrow.

  22. 76



    Would you wrap your arms around sweet Maureen right now? Would you show her in 1000 different ways today, that you see her, that you are her strong support, and that she can run to you when she is hurting?

    I pray that you will bring great comfort to this broken family. Be so near to them. Keep us mindful and on our knees.

  23. 79


    there seems to be so much pain and sadness swirling around right now…
    Of course I am praying for dear Maureen. Cannot being to imagine how her hearts been ripped open..
    Blessings to you both!

  24. 80

    Roxie says

    Years ago, my mother in law lost her oldest daughter and all 4 of her grand children in a flash flood. I thought she was going to lose her mind. She was/is a woman of faith and some how, some way, in time she managed to keep on with her life. The kids and Linda (the daughter) are all laid to rest very close by. This was especially hard on Mom because she had custody of the grand children and was so very very close to them. Linda was working hard at getting her life in order and had come to take the kids to the park to spend the day with them. Mom was so happy that Linda was doing this….then the tragic flood…..she and the kids were in a van that was washed off a bridge…
    I will of coarse pray for your friend. How very sad she must be. I will pray for you too. May God bless and keep you safe.

  25. 82


    I’m so thankful that Maureen has you to stand in as mom/sister in her deep grief. I’m praying that God will give you “an instructed tongue to know His word to sustain the weary . . .” Isaiah 50:4 (NIV somewhat paraphrased) Also praying that He will give you His exact right time to re-schedule your trip to Africa.

  26. 83


    I am heartbroken for all of you. We are still reeling from the loss of my mother three months ago. I cannot imagine the agonizing void that would come with the loss of two family members in such quick succession. Praying for God’s peace that is beyond understanding to come to all of you. Praying for wisdom for both you and Maureen. Taking a piece of the burden to carry in my heart as well.

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