I Needed This

Last week was hard. We had a plans to go to the beach (something I honestly don’t love-love, but the rest of my people do. Love).

As we packed our lunch for the day, we received more bad news. I didn’t want to go.

But it was exactly what I needed:

"Mom! There is sand on my hands!"

"Dude." (new favorite word)

Yes, that is seaweed in the background. Galveston is not known for it’s beauty. But we aren’t picky.

This girl LOVES the beach. "Mom are there fleas in seaweed?"

My hubby (fourth child), building a sandcastle.

"Mom, do I have a farmer tan?"

"This is the best day ever!"

My kids teach me that even in sorrow, there is joy.

And now I’m looking forward to the next trip to the beach.


Are you a beach lover or a there-is-sand-in-every-crevice-and-the-water-is-freezing-kind-of-girl like me?


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    karen says

    Beach girl!!!! BUT a “California” beach girl…cuz Galveston just doesn’t hold up to the clean, white sand and low humidity climate of CA! It was neat to see your kiddos smiling and see Galveston, well, still there. The last glimpse I had of Galveston was two days after Hurricane Ike destroyed it…we had to move away and haven’t been back since. I’m glad you got to catch a breath away from it all…you’ll be in my prayers over the next two months!

  2. 3


    I love the beach! Bu not the Galveston kind of beach. I love to sit in a chair and read a book with my feet buried in the sand and the sound of the waves as my background music. And I get to be there in August!!! In SoCal! Hooray!

  3. 4


    We don’t get to go to the beach very often, but I have long thought that a beach is the BEST vacation with kids. Kids have fun for HOURS and HOURS on the beach, in the sand, hunting shells, building, digging, running… It’s wonderful that way.

    However…my favorite (and most selfish) way to enjoy the beach is sitting in a chair with a cool drink beside me, and a good paperback book in my lap. And nobody calling out “Mama!!!” :-)

  4. 5


    Can I tell you–I am both?! I crave the shore and hate the sand. I love the sound of the waves and do not swim. The boardwalks at my closest beaches are tacky and worse and yet there is nowhere in the world I would rather get on a bike with my family. But the sand in the cracks? I’m so over it. But the joy of watching the kids in the sand? I’m never over it.

  5. 6


    Oh, so not a beach person. Give me the majestic, glorious mountains any day. Just the thought of the seaweed touching my legs as its coming in with the waves grosses me out. Ew, ew, ew…you get the idea.

  6. 7

    JR says

    We love the beach! And we go to an even less fancy one than Galveston – down south a ways and not on the island…we were there a few weeks ago so we got to enjoy the seaweed carpet too. There are little tiny shimpy things ALL over in it!

    I love to go watch the kids swim and sit in my chair just close enough that sometimes the waves get my feet. I am not so fond of getting sand in my swimsuit, though. I don’t like to go out any farther than about hip deep cause my dad and husband have seen/caught lil sharks.

  7. 8


    We went to galveston last week too! on saturday. The seaweed was horrible. We didn’t even go near that water, just played in a tide pool that we found. I want to go back but I want to wait a few weeks until some of the seaweed is gone. I have pictures of it on my blog too. My kids still had fun though. And.. my husband is being sent to a business trip this week to Corpus Cristi.. staying at the Omni Hotel on the beach. I’m jealous.

  8. 9


    Thank you for sharing your pictures. It looks like you all had a wonderful time, and I love that next to the last sentence. Our children really can help us get through so much in life. They are precious gifts from the Lord. ♥

  9. 10


    Ah, Galveston. My childhood beach where I still remember the sting of the jellyfish. Yet it didn’t ruin my love for the beach and instead of the Gulf of Mexico…now how I love the ocean. I am able to relax on the beach, walk along the water’s edge and feel closer to God. I love vacationing at Wildwood, NJ and we celebrated out 25th wedding anniversary at Kauai. Definitely a beach girl!

    • 10.1


      I know Wildwood!!! My childhood best friend and her family vacationed in Cape May every year and took me once. They eventually bought a home on the beach, but have since sold it. Next to my honeymoon of course, that Cape May trip was by far my most favorite vacation EVER. :) In fact, we were in Wildwood the day they were stopping cars and inspecting them looking for the World Trade Center bombers (when they bombed the subway underneath the towers in ’93). If I remember correctly, they did catch suspects that day during their checks. I’ve vowed for years to take my kids there on vacation, but my hubby is NOT a beach person…so I will have to take them solo!

  10. 11

    Kim says

    The beaches of Cape Cod, MA and Rhode Island are beautiful! We’ll miss that when we move back to Texas. But, the water is way too cold.

  11. 14


    May He minister to your broken heart wherever you are, dear. May He hold you so close that you hear His Heart beating out its Love for you and for those you help carry this burden for.

  12. 15


    LOL. I’m packing up today for a baseball tournament (don’t love baseball) at the beach! We moved to Florida from the NE, so the beach is a new thing, and I have to say it’s growing on me. I find myself referring to ourselves as “THAT family” here in our town- the beach is one place where it doesn’t matter. And it’s always as healing a place as we let it be, I’m finding.
    I enjoy checking in with you- and hope you find more good days at the beach this season!

  13. 16


    I love the beach! It’s even better with kids. It was kind of boring to me before, but now it’s fun watching them play in the sand and body surf in the waves! I’ve also come to realize that I love it because my kids get along SO well. I’m not constantly having to break up arguments and such. It’s always pleasant-filled!!

  14. 19


    Definitely a beach girl…I love to visit the mountains but I need to live near a coast. Glad you were able to decompress at the shore!

  15. 20

    Crystal says

    I grew an hour away from the Oregon Coast — one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. So I am a HARDY ocean girl…you only love the beach here if you don’t care about being warm. :-)

  16. 21


    Oh, I’m an ocean girl. For sure. I dream of the the salt air, the sand and sound. And I get a kick out of finding sand in the car months later…”Oh look we brought the beach home”. But, bless your momma heart for taking on the I’ve got sand in my ______ {everything?} and the I can’t feel my ankles I’m not getting any farther in the water kinda days…your kids look so happy!!

    I’m deep in the pages of your book (on Kindle) and am blessed by your honesty, your heart, your normalcy!! Thank you for writing, for baring the ugliness to give us His beauty.

    Are you taking all your kiddos with you to Africa? We have an opportunity unfolding to take our kids on a trip {long story, inspired by my five year old daughter’s passion for orphans}. I just don’t know if we SHOULD take little people?!?!?!

  17. 23


    I. hate. the. beach.

    That’s all I’m going to say, because elaborating will put me in a bad mood.

    (Except this: My husband shares my feelings. Our poor children will probably grow up, learn about the beach, and resent us forevermore because we never took them as children… C’est la vie!) 😉

  18. 24


    I live in the North. So my beaches are all river or lake beaches. I like an ocean beach. I do not like river/lake beaches. But it doesn’t matter. I get heatstroke if I sit too close to a reading lamp.

  19. 25


    I am not a fan of the beach. It wouldn’t be so bad if people would stop feeding the seagulls but since they do I am stuck with birds huvering over my head. I am terrified of birds so while I do my best to go to the beach because my family likes it I would rather spend the day at the pool. If I do go to the beach I have one rule, “NO FOOD” it keeps the birds away somewhat.

  20. 26

    Kit says

    I don’t know much about the beach, I’ve always lived in land-locked areas. I think I would probably like it though. Certain ones, anyway. My husband likes snow, and we live in the Rocky Mountains. It’s beautiful but I would like to be warm once in a while 😉

  21. 27


    I am not a fan of the beach, but we do vacation there every other year. I’m not a fan of the sand getting everywhere, I hate that grimey feel on my skin from the salt water blowing in the wind, I sunburn in less than 5 minutes, I don’t care much for the waves pushing me around and if we are at a beach with lifeguards, THEY don’t like how far out I swim so that I can just bob around. It seems my children do not care much for the beach either….at least not yet. They hate the texture of sand and they are both afraid of the ocean (get down on your knees sometime and look at it from a 3 year old’s point of view…HUGE amounts of water that move and is loud…scary!). BUT, we like boardwalk ice cream and we love to see new things. For years we went to the Outer Banks, then last year we tried Cape May. This year we will be going to Myrtle Beach.

  22. 28


    I love the pictures! Unfortunately, it’s too cold for us to go to the beach lately. Wait, actually, it would be perfectly fine for my kids, it’s too cold for ME.

    Yep, I’m just like you. Sand in every nook and cranny (bodily, in the bags, in the car…) plus freezing, salty water does not make for a fun excursion.

    But the kids love the sand. They always have fun. I try to make the best of it by taking tons of pictures. Apparently, so do you. 😉

  23. 29

    Mariah Washington says

    We live on Galveston Island and the seaweed is not has bad this week as it was when you were here…

  24. 30


    I love the beach! I grew up minutes from the beach in San Diego, and we would spend all day at the beach in the summer. I miss those nights when we would have fires and roast marshmallows right on the beach.

  25. 32

    Heather S says

    Ahhhh! I am totally a beach girl and it stinks because I live in Kansas! Talk about being land-locked! We just returned last week from a trip to San Diego and enjoyed several days on Mission Beach. Beautiful, yes…but my favorite beaches are the ones in Florida. You just can not beat the white sand and gorgeous water of the Gulf side. Fortunately, my whole family are beach people and we’re heading back to Florida next year to soak it in!

  26. 34


    love the beach… yes, even galveston. ha!

    and YES, we will most definitely get together this summer when yall get back. :)

    love you and praying as you prepare!

  27. 35

    Mickey says

    love watching it, and hearing it but not really crazy about it. we were in Florida in October and felt like we brought back a ton of it to Oklahoma. When i was in Mexico, it was a very course sand we were in and it actually hurt your feet to walk on. Both times would have loved the oportunity to just sit and read and not burn under the sun!

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