My Favorite Handmade Gift [Currently]

I keep meaning to show y’all my Mother’s Day gift. If we’re Twitter or FB friends, you’ve seen it. But I love it so much, I might tell you about it again tomorrow. But in case  I don’t, come back. I like to mix the crazy up.

[Speaking of crazy, I’m so busy packing 1000 pounds of donations in 18 suitcases, getting ready for Africa (leaving in 15 days!) and remembering all my kids  last-week-of-school activities, that I’m a pretty scatterbrained person right now. I have forgotten about 4 important things this week!]

Anyway, back to my pretty:

My hubby read this tutorial, bought some bronze wire, a few pearls (one for each of my kids) and a twist of pliers, he made me my favorite new necklace! He said it was surprisingly easy and inexpensive.

Every time I wear it, people stop and ask me about it. I brag that my hunky hubby made it. (I leave out the part about it being easy and inexpensive!)

I love that man.

P.S. I *totally* emailed him the tutorial.


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    How many hints had you given? 😉 I think the only way I’d get one is to send the link to my hubby. He would never find the tutorial on his own…that would require me giving up computer time. I kid!

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    Very sweet!! Love it! My favorite Mother’s Day handmade gift was the year my husband was away on a rural surgical rotation the ENTIRE pregnancy with our 3rd (lucky duck…lol). He called me and begged me to drive the 1 1/2 hrs to come and see it. WHAT!? With two other small children…in the rain…NO in the HAIL…at 10pm. Crazy, huh? But I totally went. :) He had cross-stiched me a baby bib that said “I Love Mommy” on it. Awwwwww!!! I loved it…still do. This necklace is beautiful!! You’re a lucky gal! Praying for you and for your trip to Africa! It’ll be here before you know it.

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    It’s lovely :) Do you have an email address? I’ve tried to email through your Mercy House site, but haven’t heard back. Long story short, we are new to Texas and I’ve been following your blog for awhile (before you went to Africa) anyway, just wanted to offer any help you may need for Mercy House :)

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    That necklace is gorgeous! I clicked over to the tutorial and it does look surprisingly easy. I notice your husband also looped the hooked wires around the nest part, to hold it together better? That’s a good idea.

    Wow, you leave in only 15 days? I’m an email subscriber and I can’t wait to see the photos and posts!

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