The Adopt Shoppe {Giveaway}

*Updated with Winners* Congrats to random commenters Amanda & Mallory Whittington (no blogs, emailed y’all)

I love reading adoption stories. I love shopping with purpose. I love jewelry.

And when I can do all three at once?

(Did I mention I have multi-tasking obsessions?)

That’s why I have so much fun looking at The Adopt Shoppe!

This cute Etsy store supports one family’s journey to adopt two children from Taiwan. The beautiful handmade items are sentimental and cute:

I especially love:


This one just rings a bell with me:

Take a look. Come back and leave a comment on this post with what you like. Two random commenters will win a $25 gift certificate to shop!

And gift certificates to The Adopt Shopped are a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

This giveaway ends on Thursday.


  1. 1


    I love the Uganda Blueberry Jumbo necklace. I love that it’s made by Ugandan women and gives them an income. I too love shopping with a purpose! I can’t wait for the day that the Mercy House girls will be making similar necklaces :)

  2. 2


    hmmm love it all! if i had to choose i love the Love Mercy pendant you are showing and the uganda bead necklaces. maybe orange? or denim and sand? gorge.

  3. 4

    Sandi says

    Keep Calm and Pray On is exactly where I’m at in life right now – constantly reminding myself to relax and trust Him.

  4. 6

    Nikki says

    Love the custom children scrabble necklace! but I don’t know if I could pass up the scripture scrabbles….. would love to win so I could toil over this one :)

  5. 7


    I really love the ‘adopt’ pendant, and the Hosea 14:3 pendant. I also love the green Uganda bead necklace. Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. 8


    I like the “Let my heart be broken with things that break God’s heart” pendant. I also like the “If you can’t feed a hundred people, feed one” pendant.

  7. 11


    I love all the scripture necklaces and the blue Uganda bead necklace. I just ordered the owl necklace for a friend because she loves owls and I love that I am helping others adopt since we have such a heart for adoption. Thanks for sharing that site!

  8. 13


    What a great shop, and a great idea!! I love buying presents with a purpose… I love the “perfect love casts out fear.” Thanks for sharing this.

  9. 15


    Love this!!! We have our adoption finalization this month, so I’d love to get the adopted child of God necklace, or one of the Uganda ones.

  10. 17

    Kim says

    I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. I ran right out and bought your book which I am also thoroughly enjoying…thank you.
    I really love the Jeremiah 29:11 pendant. I have been struggling with some pain and life-changing medical issues in my life for the past several years and it is always nice to have reminders that God has a plan for me.

  11. 21

    Jennifer Wikstrom says

    I love all of the scripture scrabble pendents! My favorite necklace would have to be the be the change one. I have always said that to my kids and its something that I try to do everyday. Happy *almost* Mother’s Day to you! :)

  12. 22


    WOW! Love the Micah 6:8 necklace. One of my fav Scriptures. Love the blueberry Uganda necklace and love the names necklace for mother or grandmother!!

  13. 24


    I love that shoppe, and used them for Christmas gifts! What a hidden gem. I purchased the scripture scrabble tiles, and I really love those. But honestly, I love mose everything there!

  14. 25

    Tessa Dixon says

    I love the HOT PINK Uganda Bead Necklace, but I mostly love the story behind them.. the ladies that make them.. that is so….. just wow!!

  15. 26


    I have two boys, my youngest just turned 6 months old and is adopted. My oldest is 2 and has special needs. I loved the tile that says ‘simplify’ because that has been our mantra since coming home with our littlest one. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

  16. 27

    bananasandrice says

    Who could choose? I love all the Ethiopia adoption ones (bias), the ones that say anything about adoption, and the Micah verse.

  17. 28

    Debra says

    WOW!!! So hard to choose from all these! I love the African ones!!! Of course I’m partical to Africa :) This is a very neat thing and a great way to get such cute jewelry. Think I’m about to spend a little money!!! Thanks for sharing!

  18. 34

    Sarah Roberts says

    I love the love adopt hope definition necklaces! Many good friends of mine are in the adoption process – but this is an awesome idea to raise funds!

  19. 35

    Melinda says

    Love love love the work you are doing! Adoption is so dear to God’s heart, and to so many of His children. God Bless and PICK ME!! PICK ME!! PICK ME!! :-)

  20. 36

    Kit says

    oooh, I love their shoppe! I’ve seen it before. I adore the little photo scrabble tile necklaces. I’d love to get one for my dear sister for a certain occasion coming up (who was adopted herself, actually).

  21. 37

    SandyW says

    I like so many of the bible verse Scrabble pendants that I can’t pick just one. What a lovely shop!

  22. 39

    Leigh says

    There are several that I love: the Prov 24:12 would probably be my first pick, then I would have to go with the Keep Calm and Pray On. I really like that! And I love all of the Uganda beads — so pretty!

    I’m adding this shop to my faves.

  23. 40

    Jen says

    I adore the ADOPT necklace and the woven fabric bracelets, both great reminders of others…

  24. 42

    Mandy S says

    I love the necklaces with verses on them. Especially the one about Christ living in me. I need that reminder daily.

  25. 43

    Kara says

    I love the Bible verse Scrabble tile necklaces – well, the Proverbs 24:12 kind of hurts – but in a good way. And I love anything with Micah 6:8 on it. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  26. 45

    Andrea*B says

    I like the ugandan chain necklaces with the beads…. besides that I found about 3-5 that would make perfect little gifts…. What a wonderful little shop!

  27. 46

    Dawn says

    I am torn between the scripture with Isaiah 12:2 and the red cherry tomato Uganda bead necklace. Lots of lovely things to look at.

  28. 47

    Brandy says

    I love the scripture tiles!! It’s so hard to pick just one… I’m definitely picking some of these up as gifts!

  29. 51

    Holli K says

    I love the photo necklace, the prov 31:8-9 necklace, and the luke 12:48 necklace! def will order from this shop–would love to support them, and they have great prices!

  30. 52

    Kellie says

    How wonderful!! I love these. I shared with a friend of mine too. I think the grandkids names would be wonderful for Mothers Day, Grandparents Day, or grandma’s birthday. And a awesome way to suppost them :)

  31. 53

    Jacquie Olsen says

    So beautiful! I love the braided fabric bracelets, very unique. I also love the scripture necklaces, Love Mercy, and Adopted Child of God. My husband are currently “expecting”, as we wait for our adoption in China to be finalized. Have been waiting for over 5 years and praying it happens this summer! God is good.

  32. 55


    I love the definitions tile necklaces . . . Wonder if she’d make an India waiting necklace for me as we wait for daughter #2? Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. 56


    The Uganda beads are cool! I’m loving the Keep Calm and Pray on pendant/necklace. And, the Stitch, Create, Inspire pendant/necklace. Decisions!

  34. 57

    Lorie Davis says

    I love this! My sister adopted three children. One from china, one from Africa and one from the US.

    LOVE IT!

  35. 62

    Elizabeth says

    wow–so thankful you showed me this etsy site–I had never heard of it! Adoption is part of our life–so I love this!

    My fav would be the grace necklace!

  36. 63

    yolande says

    Oh my— I love the Adopted Child of God, (3 of my children are adopted), the Blessed beyond Measure, and the name tiles–super neat!

  37. 67


    I have the “In you the orphan finds mercy” pendant and I’m actually waiting to receive a custom one that I’ll be wearing to the prison when I go for this year’s mission trip. I LOVE this place!!

  38. 68


    I love the brightly colored beads! One of my favorite items that I just saw is the scrabble tile necklace with Micah 6 on it.

  39. 69

    Jennifer Edwards says

    Wow! So many choices. I especially love the blue necklace on the first page. My fave tile verse is, much is expected from those that have been given much.

  40. 70

    says I love, love that shop! I’d choose one of the Bible verse tiles, but I just don’t know which one. They’re all amazing, and the tiles about adoption brought tears to this mama’s eyes.

  41. 72


    I really like Owl Scrabble tile and the one with Isaiah 1:17 on it…
    We love adoption over here…the adoptions of our kiddos and God’s adoption of us…
    Thanks for sharing their story and site.

  42. 73

    christel says

    Wow, I am SO bookmarking the Adopt Shoppe! Love those scrabble tiles–totally clever, beautiful and reasonably priced too. I think I’d start with the 1 Samuel 1:27 as a gift to friends who are in the process of adopting!

    • 73.1


      Christel, where are you from?? My name is spelled the same way as yours, and I’ve met a few people in my whole life with the same spelling. I was scrolling through the list of comments, and I had to do a double-take. So cool! ~ Christel

  43. 79


    Wow – love this site! I’ve bookmarked to visit again and again. Hard to choose, but I LOVE the Proverbs 24:12 and James 1:27 necklaces!

  44. 80


    Oh! I love the “one less” necklace, and the grandmother one (might have to order one of those for my mom0 what a great unique gift!) but my fav is the “adopted child of God” in pink that you posted here.

  45. 82

    Sylvia says

    Love all the scripture tiles…would be hard to pick just one! The you are my sunshine is cute too.

  46. 83

    Anita says

    Blessed beyond measure and Keep Calm – Pray on — tile necklaces —

    thanks for the chance!

  47. 84

    Becky says

    I would have a terrible time choosing! Love the Micah 6:8, Simplify, and the owl. Also, I love your blog : )

  48. 87

    Christine says

    I LOVE the love black.. and the little girl pink bracelet.. this is rea really neat site! Thanks!

  49. 88

    Sharyl says

    Oh what a neat shop!!! Thank you for sharing it with me. As a mother to 4 special needs children that are all adopted this is great. Have a super day. Sharyl

  50. 92

    amanda says

    love, love, love the braided fabric bracelets as well as, the jumbo ugandan necklaces. super cute with a cause.

  51. 95

    Fiona says

    What a lovely collection!
    I love any of the beaded necklaces- the colours are just beautiful. I do like the custom grandchildren bracelet. I’d love to send it to my Mum , who lives thousands of miles away from me. She doesn’t get to see her grandchildren very often.

  52. 96

    Chris M says

    So neat! I love the Bible Verse Scrabble Tile Pendants. Also like the Adopted Child of God necklace. Thanks so much for bringing this Etsy store to my attention. I love supporting adoptions.

  53. 98


    I love the “Rejoice in the Lord always” scrabble tile. The “Your are my sunshine” tile would also be special because my 4-year-old daughter loves it when we sing her that song. Beautiful stuff.

  54. 99

    Lauren Durrence says

    I LOVE this shop!! I would either choose a small scrable tile neclace or one of the fabric braided bracelets for my mom!

  55. 100

    Karen says

    Wow, I love the custom ones with names. Too bad I didn’t see this earlier. What a great Mother’s Day present!

  56. 102

    Rebecca says

    I love the Scripture necklaces and the custom ones – the possibilities are endless! : )

  57. 103

    Lisa says

    I love them ALL! I have purchased one for a friend (defend the cause of the fatherless) and one for my sister (it’s a boy!), and I would really like to get one of the scripture necklaces for myself!

  58. 106

    Jana Duke says

    I LOVE the photo necklaces!! I have bought two for gifts and would love to order one for myself and my mother!! :]

  59. 110

    Rebecca Gibson says

    I love the black Scrabble necklaces. I would probably personalize one if I won. Kate does beautiful work!

  60. 112

    April P says

    I love the Fire and Smoke and the Black Night Ugandan necklaces. But I would really have a hard time choosing between them.

  61. 113

    Jyll says

    I like the Adopted Child of God Necklace though I really like all The Adopt Shoppe has to offer! Hope to win :O)

    • 113.1

      Stacy says

      I love the Uganda bead necklaces and the Proverbs 24:12 necklace. That verse applies to me right now and once we have the knowledge (about obedience to Christ, how to live, and how to help others) how can we turn away? Love everything at the Adopt Shoppe! And the cause!

  62. 114

    kim says

    L.O.V.E. the waiting (im)patiently necklaces. that’s how i feel right now about our adoption =)

  63. 117

    Lauren says

    Love this website! I would so get the “act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God” Micah 6:8

  64. 118

    Janis says

    I love the adopted : child of God one as well as the love, hope, adopt set. As an adopted child myself these hit home! :)

  65. 119

    Kimberlee says

    I would get the God is {good} necklace. That is one of my favorite phrases.
    ~Kimberlee, SpunkyDiva at

  66. 120

    Tina says

    I love the customized picture necklaces and the “forgiven” necklaces. You’re so talented!

  67. 121

    Carlymama8 says

    So many adorable things!! I will have to go with the customized name necklace for all my childrens names or the “choose happiness” necklace.

  68. 123

    Rebecca says

    I love the Uganda Blueberry Jumbo necklace. I love alot of things on this site. Thanks for the giveaway!

  69. 125


    I would love to have the “Braided Fabric Bracelet with Hand-Stamped Tag in Raspberry Tart” for my daughter. She’s 18 mths and seems to love “bling” so I think this might be appropriate for her :-)

  70. 127

    Wendi says

    What beautiful and inspiring jewelry. I love all of the scrabble tile necklaces, I will take one of each!!!! My birthday is next month and usually I have a hard time when I am asked what I want and stumble for answers. So I have started a small list and I am putting this etsy shop on my wish list. What a great way to support a great cause and have a special birthday present that will have a special meaning every time I look at it and wear it. Not to mention when others ask me about it. Thank you for the birthday idea. :)

  71. 128

    Jennifer says

    You made my custom adoption necklace and I get so many comments on it I wear it every day :) I love your new Uganda necklaces – you are so creative!

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