WMFW: Cake Pops (Happy Birthday Edition)

Yesterday, this delicious baby:

Turned into this amazing:

Nine year old.

Can someone explain how that happened? And I’ll take 3 more of him, while you’re at it.

Because, he delights me.

We do every-other-year-parties, but we have cake as often as we can. This year, my son “Mom, can we do something exciting for my cake?”

Um, okay. Mental note: He’s been spending too much time at The Neighbors.

When I googled cake pops (balls), they seemed so easy. But since I’m a realist and can make easy relatively challenging, I proceeded with caution.

iphone pictures ahead:

I decided to make a double-batch to make up for all the lost baking time.

1. Bake cake mixes with box directions. I used what I had: vanilla and spice.

2. After the cake cools, crumble it.

3. Mix in canned frosting-it makes a very moist mess of cake. I used cream cheese for the spice cake and vanilla for the vanilla.

4. Form into balls. I put mine on cookie sheets. The balls were a bit messy until I refrigerated them for awhile. Once they were chilled, I was able to make the balls neater (insert OCD here).

5. Dip into vanilla or chocolate candy coating. I don’t have a picture of this step because my hands were messy. I thought this part was the hardest and I ran out of the coating. I need a special tutorial on this step.

6. I placed the balls into small cups, but I think sucker sticks would be cute, too. I’m just not that coordinated.

7. Sprinkle before the coating hardens! My daughter (a.k.a. QUEEN SPRINKLES) used an entire shaker bottle.

We refrigerated them and they are delicious!! And the varieties are endless! Next time you have cake leftovers, I highly recommend turning them into cake balls.

PLEASE NOTE: Our annual “Mom, I’m Bored Summer Edition” is in two weeks, June 1! Please plan on sharing some helpful tips. This is a favorite WFMW!


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    How ironic you posted this! I’m actually making these tomorrow for my kids’ combined b-day party this weekend. I’m going to put them on lollipop sticks and then decorate them like the birds in the game Angry Birds. Tip for those using sticks: dip them into melted candy wafers about an inch before stabbing them into the cake ball. It’ll keep the stick in the balls without the ball falling off of the stick.

  2. 5


    Those look amazing!
    Hold that 9 year old tight. We just did a college visit with our oldest and I ended up getting teary eyed. I totally understand what you mean when you say “where did the time go?” We still have a year and half left with her at home, but it’s so sad to think about.

  3. 7


    Oh my GOODNESS! Look at your little guy! His belt buckle was almost as big as he was. What an ADORABLE picture! :-) They grow up so fast…

    P.S. I sure wish I had a couple of those cake balls…my stomach is literally growling right now!!

  4. 9


    I am making those this weekend for my daughters birthday. I might end up taking the easy road if I can score a cake pop maker at Kohl’s. I never knew how popular these were until I decided to make them myself! Yours turned out great.

  5. 10


    Awesome job on the cake pops. We tried them once, and once was enough. They’re a lot of work! It’s too bad that kids don’t stay small; however, they actually just get more wonderful as they grow up. Enjoy the time you have with him. (And thanks for hosting Works for Me Wednesday!)

  6. 11


    Aw, what a sweet boy! Hard to believe they grow so fast!

    I Love cake balls… I have actually RE-named them LUSH puppies, because honestly, once you eat one, you end up just making a lush out of yourself. I did up 4 Easter baskets of these (died easter colors) for our cub scout cake auction and they went for $60 a basket! (for just 25 of them!)

    I usually put the sticks in ahead of time, and throw them in my freezer downstairs over night. They are Super hard when I want to work on them, and the sticks dont come out when they are frozen in so well.

  7. 14


    I woke up one morning and discovered that my wonderful little baby replaced by a 20 year old! I don’t know how it happens either, but it really is wonderful to see the adults they turn into. This is a great idea, I’m going to have to try it sometime. Thanks for the link-up

  8. 16


    Oh they do grow up quickly! Bittersweet!

    My one attempt at cake pops resulted in a delicious dessert, but they all started cracking and looking ugly… Oh well, taste is more important than appearance, right? :)

  9. 17


    Thanks for the cake pop tutorial – I’ve been curious as to how they come together. My friend just made 100 for a Mardi Gras themed birthday party last week but she has more than her fair share of Martha Stewart in her. Your boy is beautiful!

  10. 21


    Wow! What a neat idea! My oldest son turns five (!) this summer, and that might be a neat idea for his birthday! (Someone PLEASE tell me that this growing thing slows down! They are growing up WAY TOO FAST!)

  11. 22


    Happy Birthday Mr 9 year old!!

    We’ve made those balls before! (by we I mean my husband because I too, have so much OCD the whole idea sent me into the fetal position).

  12. 23


    My sister made those cake balls at Christmas time and we thought they were very yummy! I have never tried them yet but I might just need too.

  13. 27


    Oh What a cutie… Happy Birthday!!! I know what you mean about those boys… they get under your skin and you love them to death… People often say “five boys – gasp!!!” but really those boys are so worth the effort!!! Well done on your cake pops!!! Our cake pops were the most delicious disaster we ever made… we had a a lovely smooshy mess… lovely!!!

  14. 28


    My neighbor makes these and they are SO delicious. She’s explained how she does it for me but never written it down. Thanks for sharing, it really is just like she says and while somewhat time consuming sounds SO awesome. Can’t wait to try these out but I think I will add sticks and make them cake ball pops!

  15. 30

    Heather says

    Thanks to Bakerella, I have been making cake pops for over a year now. My best advice is to make some extra room in your freezer…enough for a sheet pan. Scoop your balls with a small ice cream scooper…like you would make cookies with. It will help you keep them even and help you start with a ball shape. Once you roll them all and place them on the cookie sheet, put them in the freezer. Leave them for at least an hour. Then go back and get 5 or so at a time, dip them and place them on a new cookie sheet to dry. Personally, I think cake pops are easier. You get much less messy because you never touch the coating…you hold the stick, dip in coating and then place the sticks in styrofoam. I think it’s way easier.

    For a first time, they look great…can’t believe you made a double batch…that’s like 120 pops or more! Wow!

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