Worship Music Jackpot {Giveaway}

UPDATED WITH WINNERS: Congrats to random winners: Lacy (winner Worship Together Set and Worship for the Family), Melissa Y, Melody, and Erin (winners of the Worship Together Set)

Nothing calms my day and quiets the craziness like worship music.

It’s good for the soul!

I love hearing my kids hum tunes and speak beautiful words. They are learning to worship.

Worship Together: 25 Favorite Worship Songs, is a collection of 25 BRAND NEW recordings of the most popular songs sung in churches today. This is the perfect collection for those who are looking for ‘songs they know and sing’ each week in church.

Today, I’m giving away Worship Together: 25 Favorite Worship Songs (2 CD set) and “Worship For The Family” (3 CD set) to one winner and 3 copies of “Worship Together: 25 Favorite Worship Songs” to three winners!

If you’d like to add these CD’s to your music collection, let me know in the comments as your entry.

This giveaway closes on Thursday.


  1. 1

    Jacquie Olsen says

    I, too, love listening to worship music as it calms my soul. I would love to win a copy of this. :)

  2. 3

    Kim says

    I’m new to your blog. What an awesome giveaway. This CD sounds so amazing. Music calms my stressful day so much…especially worship music..it’s the best therapy. Thanks so much!

  3. 5


    Wonderful giveaway – we’d love to add these to our collection! Nothing thrills me more than to hear my little ones sing of God’s goodness, mercy, and love!

  4. 10

    Melissa says

    I have recently started to listen to worship music on a regular basis and it really has made a difference in my life…I would love to have some new cds to sing along with!

  5. 20


    I would love to win because this could be a start to my worship music collection. I have one Christian music station that I like and on my short 20 minute commute to work….it fades in and out for half of my drive. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  6. 28

    Mary says

    We listen and sing to church music all the time! We would love this new music for our collection. Thanks for your bright words everyday!

  7. 29


    We love to jam to worship music! We would love to “Shout to the Lord” for summer with some new music, our collection is a little dated!!!

  8. 30

    Jennifer says

    I would love to add these to my collection! We listen to songs like this at home, in the car, and I play them in my classroom for the children. Awesome!

  9. 36

    Jocelyn says

    It would be great to have the cd’s for the kids and I to enjoy over our summer break, which has just started!

  10. 39

    Kim says

    Please enter me. There are so many days when I think a worship CD would bring some peace to our home but unfortunately we’re living with family at the moment and I can’t find my CDs (I think one of our generous helpers kindly packed them in a box that went to storage).

  11. 40

    Shannon says

    Please enter me in the contest! I’m a missionary who has been living in Japan for 4 years and I’m now back in the states for a year. I’m totally lost whenever the songleader at my church sings anything but hymns! Having these CDs would help me join in worship now and give me a way to worship in my own language when I’m back in Japan. Thanks for the contest!

  12. 41


    I love listening to worship music, especially while I’m driving. And hearing my 4-year-old daughter sing along warms my heart and reminds me of why I’m investing my life and time and energy into these little people in our family.

  13. 42

    Diana says

    We have about a 45 minute commute each way and LOVE to listen to Worship music. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  14. 46


    Worship music is our go-to music for the car because anything else just isn’t safe for my girls’ little ears!
    This sounds like a great CD.

  15. 50

    Kelly says

    Thanks for introducing us to this cd set! Worship music helps set the tone and attitudes in our home, just have to remember to hit “play”!

  16. 51

    Becky Honey says

    Christian music is all we listen to. The girls go around singing praises in the grocery store, Wal-Mart everywhere….I love that the love Jesus fills their heart and overflows in song. Thanks for the chance to win. God bless your day and week.

  17. 52


    I would love to have a copy of this, I like having worship music to play in the car and our other worship CD set is about 10 years old. Time for some new music!

  18. 54

    Heather E. says

    I would love to use this around my two small boys to help me in filling their mids with words of God! Thank you!

  19. 55

    Delayne says

    We sing most of these songs at church! Would love to be able to listen to them whenever I wanted!

  20. 59

    Melissa says

    My family would LOVE this. There’s nothing like hearing your kids sing to God form the backseat of the van :)

  21. 60


    That sounds like an amazing CD…being a homeschool mom of 5, I know I would love to win that…something to quiet the soul and bring peace back into our sometimes chaotic lives.


  22. 61

    Kristi says

    I would love to have the worship CD for the car…nothing makes a trip go faster than singing and praising God.

  23. 66

    Kim says

    Oh-I would love this cd! We love to listen to praise/worship music. I sent you a box of stamps, beads, etc. from SC – hope it can help on your Africa trip. Kim

  24. 69

    Jessica says

    We are always looking for new praise and worship cds and songs to listen to as a family in the car! Thanks so much!

  25. 70


    You are so sweet to do this. It can be hard to find music we can use in our homeschool to help the kids learn the songs we love. So many times, there is so much accompaniment that they have a hard time learning the words and the harmonies.

  26. 71


    I would love to win this CD. Kristen, you are so generous. I read Shaun’s post, and it’s amazing. Because of you and what you are striving to do with Mercy House, my family has started sponsoring children (different organization though). We’re helping 3 children in Haiti. Thank you for being open to God’s will.

  27. 78

    cheri says

    Those that sing pray twice right? Thanks for the opportunity to win, and blessings for you & the family on your trip to Africa.

  28. 80

    Jeannette says

    We try to teach our kids worship songs. A cd to play in the van for them would certainly help them learn the words!

  29. 82

    Meagan says

    My kids could attest to the fact that i walk around pretty much all day singing the SAME 2 or 3 worship songs over and over and over again (usually whatever we sung in church the past Sunday). I love, love, love worhip music, but purchasing cd’s (or songs off itunes) is just not something in our budget at this time in our lives. I’d LOVE to own cd’s with worship songs on them — to broaden the horizon of the songs I know, and also for my kids to have the opportunity to hear and learn them as well!

  30. 83

    Brooke H. says

    Some days turning on worship music is the best mood lifter for the entire house!
    We would love to win a new cd of favorites!

  31. 87

    Heather says

    this is the exact CD I need! :)
    PS. LOVED Shaun Groves’ blog this morning!!! What an awesome blessing & surprise! :)

  32. 88

    Wendi says

    I love to listen to worship music. We listen to it at home and in the van. I love to listen to my kids singing the songs when they think no one is listening. I would loooooove to win this new music. Thank you for the opportunity.

  33. 92

    Cynthia says

    I would love to win this. My grandkids love this kind of music also and we could listen to it while we are in the backyard playing or riding in the car.

  34. 93

    Amanda says

    What an AWESOME giveaway!! My almost 18 month old daughter and I love to listen and watch her PraiseBaby dvds together. A little worship music instantly lifts your spirit!!

    FYI–Sponsoring a Compassion child has been tugging at my heartstrings for awhile. I’ve read bloggers’ blogs about their trip and experiences recently and read a couple of posts on Shaun’s blog this afternoon. Yes, I was crying and thanking God for the simple things I take for granted in my daily life. As of today, my husband and I are now sponsors of a child somewhere (I signed up for one of the longest waiting children that they pick for you). My heart is so happy and giddy; I can hardly wait for the package to arrive in the mail with our child’s photo and information. Thank you for blogging about what is important to you; it touches my heart. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers while on your upcoming trip.

  35. 95

    Shannon says

    I would love to win this! We play worship music all the time-I love that my 2 year old is learning the words to so many great songs. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. 103

    Erin says

    Would love to add to my collection. I do not buy music anymore so it would be nice to get some new to listen to.

  37. 104

    Veronica says

    Thanks you for your encouraging website. God bless you all as you travel back to Africa. I would love to recieve the CD set – I see that it includes many of my favorite songs.

  38. 105

    Megan says

    I would love to listen to these with my boys. My two year old especially likes, “How Great is our God” and calls it “his song”.

  39. 106

    Shawn Bensley says

    Good worshipful music and looking at God’s creation in nature are 2 ways that I feel closest to God. I would love to have one of the CD sets you are giving away.

  40. 107

    Sylvia says

    Nothing “diffuses” my uptight household like when I blare the worship music…we all think about our priorities!

  41. 110

    Jenni says

    There is something about driving your van with the worship music so loud and singing at the top of your lungs you forget where you are headed. DONE THAT

  42. 111


    We love singing together to worship songs! My 6 year old developing a real love of music, and is asking for a CD player for his birthday. He wants to to start his own CD collection of worship music so he can “sing whenever he wants”! LOVE IT!

  43. 112

    Betsy says

    Hope it’s not too late to enter. I would love to win these CDs. I try to keep good music on for the kids, especially when they are sleeping. These would be great. Been following your journey to Africa and was crying along with you reading Shawn’s post about Precious. Praying for your family as the time to leave grows closer.

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