You Don’t Have to Do Big Things for God

On Sunday, my pastor reminded me of something I tend to forget:

God doesn’t demand I do big things for Him in order to bring glory to Him.

He demands that I remember He is the Big Thing.

And I can bring God great glory as a mom and wife, if I honor Him in the little, every day choices:

choosing to say positive things to my hubby, not negative

giving my kids freedom to fail and fly, without controlling

being the first to say I’m sorry

being slow to speak, slow to anger

remembering it’s okay to be okay

Sometimes He asks Big Things of us (usually when we least expect it), but we’re never called to save the world and lose our family…

God doesn’t demand Big Things.

But the little things–some of beauty, others mundane– add up and become a Big way to bring Him glory.


We used a local Groupon deal to rent a boat and celebrate an early Father’s Day with the best man in town at a nearby lake. We loved every windy minute!

Have a beautiful Memorial Day!


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    sarah Eddy says

    Hello! I have added your blog to my Google Reader and your posts are just what I need! I am also reading your book (on my phone Kindle app) when I sit on the floor in my 2 and 3 year olds bedroom so they will STAY in their bed at night. Thank you for sharing your creativity and FAITH 😎

  2. 9


    Thank you for such a great post. You are RIGHT. There is so much pressure on women to do great things…just discussing some of this with some girlfriends who just read a book about doing great things for God, like traveling to foreign fields to install water and tell the gospel. The whole book just left me deflated. Then, I remembered the women of faith in scripture, Eunice and Lois, Hannah, Abigail, Esther…who just did the next right thing.
    This is my first visit to your blog and I will visit again. Thanks!

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    Meagan says

    in a life that currently revolves around diaper changing and nose wiping, i often feel like i’m missing out on the “big” stuff. Thank you so much for this sweet reminder that i have the privilege of being in a personal relationship with THE biggest of the big, and that my job is to honor him in whatever “stuff” he gives me.

  4. 13


    Every time I see a picture of your youngest it makes my laugh right out loud. She reminds me so much of my Caroline. LOL!! Same almost to the T…only blue eyes vs brown. :) Thanks for the reminder about God being “THE big thing”. You are so right.

  5. 14


    i need to be reminded of that, too. sometimes i feel so small here… unable to do anything. and my friend reminded me as i thanked her profusely for stopping by and hanging a bird feeder, that sometimes i am here so they have a way to be for me. it’s humbling. and i am so grateful to have friends who view my life the way they do.

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