WFMW: Space-Saving Packing

We are taking 20+ suitcases with us to Africa on Saturday.

Two of those are for our family of 5 for three weeks…clothes and comfort food.

Have you ever tried those space-saving vacuum bags?

I thought it might help.



Turns out that the bags really do save on space! (but not weight. Why did I think air weighed something??)

They work for me!

P.S. For the next 3 weeks of WFMW, I have scheduled posts. Things should run smoothly for you to continue to link up…if not, I’ll blame it on Africa!


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    nice. i’ve always wondered how/if those work. except my problem is always that i run out of weight before i run out of space! good luck packing. i was there so recently, and don’t mind not doing it again for a while (although i would in a heartbeat to go back!) :)

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    Wow…I’ve always wondered if those actually help…can’t imagine packing for 5 for 3 weeks…as the scheduled posts (you’re on top of it lady :) post…we’ll all remember to pray!

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    My mom in law decided to do this one vacation and arrived to spend Christmas with us and all her clothes were literally crushed flat… she spent hours and hours ironing, myself I would have said it is the new crushed laundry look!!! I hope you guys have a fabulous trip!!!

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    Space Savers Correspondent says

    Glad Space Bag is able to help you bring everything your family needs to Africa. Just wanted to let you know Space Bag has an online community called Space Savers where we offer organizing tips, packing advice and more. We would love for you to share your Space Bag experience in the “member stories” section of our site. Feel free to visit if you’d like to join our community. Happy travels and thanks for mentioning Space Bag!

    Best wishes,
    Space Savers community correspondent

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