WFMW: Summer Swim Tip

Our little community has a plethora of public pools. We pool hop all summer! It’s a hard life, but someone has got to give the lifeguards something to do.

We keep our pool bag in the entry closet, next to the laundry room. An easy tip: We fold warm, fluffy beach towels and pull dried swimsuits directly from the laundry and store them in the pool bag.

We like to be prepared.

It works for us!


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    Great post! I had my 10 year old read it. He is going to the Dominican Republic on a mission’s trip, with my husband, in 11 days!! I am praying that it is a life-changing experience for him. I am so glad you are headed to Africa tomorrow and I will be praying for your family.

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    WHOOOPS!! I put my name instead of the name of my post. Could you delete me? It must be too late for me to doing this. Sorry! Love the pool idea–we do something very similar. It makes getting out of the house doable in about 5 minutes. Throw some snacks/drinks in the cooler & you are set.

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    We do the same, in fact we have a bag for almost everything packed and ready at the door: swimming, gym, soccer, the library, nature walks – all on hooks behind the door… You are so right: We like to be ready for action too!!!

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    Oh, a nice dip in the pool sounds LOVELY right now! We’re hitting temps near 100 all week, but I don’t have a swimsuit this summer! I might need to buy one soon, though!

    Thanks for hosting!

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    we do the same thing… because it works for us too! (plus all the lifejackets, floatie rings etc. stored in the trunk of our vehicle). :)

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    We do this, too! Although it’s more of a beach bag rather than pool bag. :) Besides the towels and swimsuits I keep a book (for me) and some beach toys (for son) in the bag. When we are ready to go we throw in a thermos of water and some snacks and we are off!

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    We also keep our pool bag ready to go but I keep in the laundry room which is right by the back door. I also keep a soft sided cooler with it so that I don’t have to search for it once we’re ready to leave the house.

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    This is a great tip, as it always helps to be prepared! Even though my kids are teenagers, we still have a “pool bag” if they want to run out to a friend’s house for some water play (never too old for THAT!). It’s got the old pool toys (balls for the water, and others I can’t remember right now) plus a small towel and sunscreen. It’s great in a pinch, and they can’t say they forgot the sunscreen :)

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