What Every Mom Needs

In my past eleven years of parenting, there have been moments when I’ve been absolutely desperate for a nod of approval from a family member or a friend or both-you know one that says, “it’s going to be okay, you’re doing a good job.” Just that simple act can brighten a mom’s day when she feels inadequate, exhausted, and is currently wearing the lovely shade of spit-up.

I guarantee there’s a mom in your life right now–a daughter-in-law, a friend, new neighbor with a baby on her hip and one in her belly, or you’re own reflection in the mirror–who needs a nod today.

What Every Mom Needs


  • It’s okay, really. My kids argued constantly. You will survive this phase. This is normal.
  • I had a picky eater also. Once for a week, she only ate marshmallows and glue.
  • I lost my temper, too. That doesn’t make you a bad mother, only human (in need of chocolate).
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. Every mother gets a year or so behind on well child checkups (RIGHT??)


  • No, that’s never happened to me. My baby slept 8 hours each night since birth and was perfect. Something must be wrong with you.
  • It took me seven years to lose the baby fat, too. It might take you eight (pats flabby arm)
  • My kids never acted that way in public.  Are you giving them red dye?
  • What is wrong with your child? <——–Don’t ever say that to a Mom.

Every mom needs to know:

——————————THEY ARE NOT ALONE————————————

Every mom needs to feel:


Every mom needs to be told:

——————————-THEY ARE APPRECIATED——————————

Every mom needs to believe:

———————————THEY ARE ENOUGH——————————–

Every mom needs to remember:


Are you a mom? What do you need today?

In one word, what do you need?


I thought I’d be less busy once I returned from Kenya.

Hysterical. Only not the laughing kind.

Considering this week was a fast and furious blur…..

I even asked for a wife. On Twitter.

I’m trying hard to balance it all, not lose sight of what’s most important and glorify God in all I do. I’m not doing so hot, but I’m trying.

I’ve had half a dozen people volunteer to help me with Mercy House stuff this past week and had my socks blessed off, so I’m learning the art of delegation and letting go. And being thankful.

In other news, 2/3 of my kids are heading to the Grandparent’s farm for the week. I can’t wait to count ticks when they get home.

Oh, and also, I’m dreading school. Summer is flying too fast and the Christmas decor at Hobby Lobby irritates me.

This is what I look like (in Africa) when I’ve washed my hair in the sink, let it air dry and bathed with a wet wipe:

The exciting part of the busy week was AAALLLL the orders from the Mercy Shop. Thank you! Thank you! I Skyped with our darling girls in Kenya and told them how much everyone loved their creations. (FYI: I got emotional seeing our new baby snuggled up to her momma).

So, before I make this post any more random, I’ll tell you the THREE winners from the Mercy Shop giveaway:

Congrats to random commenters: Amy @ Tiny Blessings , Deb Wilson, Renee

71	8	66

Do have a happy weekend y’all. xoxo

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Grand Opening {Giveaway}


We are so excited to announce that the Mercy House Shop is now open! The beautiful items for sale have been lovingly made by the residents at the maternity home.

By shopping, you are generously supporting the future and welfare of our sweet girls and their babies. 25% of over purchase goes directly into an account for our girls to use once they graduate to start a business or continue their education. The remaining 75% goes directly to the maternity home expenses in an effort to create sustainability.

In celebration, I am giving away THREE $25 gift certificates today to three commenters!

Shop mercy.

Leave a comment and tell me what you love!

[Please note: there is a very limited supply of each product. We hand export the items and are currently trying to build up an inventory. If an item sells out, we hope to restock soon!]

Also: I am currently looking for a local (pay is in sweet tea and a heavenly reward) volunteer to help me run this shop. Email me if you’re interested!

My Son’s Two Wives

They were busy collecting baby blankets, dolls and toy accessories upstairs. I could hear quiet whispering and giggling, even brother was involved.

I didn’t dare disturb them. It had been a long, hard week, recovering from our trip to Africa. Laundry piles scattered and sleep coming at all the wrong times.

Then I heard: “PUSH! You can do it.”


I couldn’t help but laugh and let them.

It’s a lot better then what they were playing the week before…..

[The Masai are the indigenous tribe in Kenya that I wrote about last year. This tribe is known throughout the world for their practices of female mutilation and polygamy, as well as the blood they drink from cows.]

(I think my son was remembering how old boys are when they get circumcised)

Masai dress in red plaid, make beautiful beadwork and can be spotted in most parts of Kenya.

My mom bought each of my kids a little Masai figurine (women for my girls and an old wise man for my son) at a market and they played…..

(My oldest is making my son kiss his second wife)

polygamy all day.

“I’m his favorite wife,” my four year old argued with her big sister….until I made them play something else.


See? So birthing babies upstairs is no big deal!