Grand Opening {Giveaway}


We are so excited to announce that the Mercy House Shop is now open! The beautiful items for sale have been lovingly made by the residents at the maternity home.

By shopping, you are generously supporting the future and welfare of our sweet girls and their babies. 25% of over purchase goes directly into an account for our girls to use once they graduate to start a business or continue their education. The remaining 75% goes directly to the maternity home expenses in an effort to create sustainability.

In celebration, I am giving away THREE $25 gift certificates today to three commenters!

Shop mercy.

Leave a comment and tell me what you love!

[Please note: there is a very limited supply of each product. We hand export the items and are currently trying to build up an inventory. If an item sells out, we hope to restock soon!]

Also: I am currently looking for a local (pay is in sweet tea and a heavenly reward) volunteer to help me run this shop. Email me if you’re interested!


  1. 1


    I love the entire idea! It’s wonderful! I put the link to your shop in my favorite places so I can remember to visit for holiday shopping. If I had to pick a favorite on the shop webpage, I love the necklaces and the framed cross.

    • 3.1

      Amy Penner says

      oops,so sorry I love necklaces & fun bracelets esp. cute girly unique items like the beautiful necklace in the photo above. Nothing better than a 1 of a kind fun piece of jewelry.Sometimes I get so bummed when I look at a Wal-mart or somewhere like that.I think ,hmmm lots of folks are going to have the same exact thing. Love how when you wear something special it’s a better feeling!

  2. 4

    Elaine says

    Wow! Everything in the shop looks so beautiful! You have done a great job teaching the girls how do make such wonderful creations. So glad your trip was a success and praying that God continue to bless you, your family and Mercy House.

  3. 6


    eeee! so so exciting! i love the necklaces and definitely love the framed africa art…i would totally put that up in my office at church! =)

  4. 8


    I love the framed Africa made out of rolled paper.

    And on the off chance that NWArkansas is considered “local”, I’d love to help out.

  5. 10


    I’m so excited for you all! :) I love The Mercy House, and I love that the girls have personally made these items. The bib necklace and the rolled paper Africa art are my favorite! :)

  6. 11

    Kristine Giesen says

    I love the necklaces and art!!! I would love to place the art in my new classroom!!!! What a wonderful store…I am going to bookmark this page so I can buy Christmas presents.

    Wonderful wonderful wonderful

  7. 12

    Natalie Kline says

    My 10yr old daughter and I visited Kenya Dec.2010-Jan 2011. our lives are forever changed! I love all of these items but especially the rolled paper art featuring Africa outline. what a great prayer reminder!!

  8. 14


    The shop is great. I actually liked everything. The bib necklace is one of my favorites. You really did a great job setting up shop. You rock! And our God is great!

  9. 17


    Wow! This is so exciting!! I love the framed cross, and all the products are beautiful! (If I was still in Houston and not Singapore, I’d totally help you with the store. We’ll be back in about 7 months *fingers crossed*, so maybe then you’ll need something, too.)

  10. 20

    Michelle Turner says

    I LOVE the Africa framed art as well as the coaster set! What a wonderful idea to sustain such an awesome ministry!:)

  11. 24

    Kendra Krezanosky says

    Congratulations Kristen! What a great new venture for The Mercy House! (And I love the rolled paper art…just stunning!)

  12. 25


    These are BEAUTIFUL! I’ve spent time in Dominican Republic which is also a third world country and my heart broke for the people there – but what amazed me was how HAPPY they are even though comparatively to us they have so little! I love the Bib Bead Necklaces with three Beads on them – one for each of my kids!

  13. 26


    Exciting! I would love to get one of the teeshirts, and the rolled paper Africa wall art. The necklaces are pretty cool though too!

  14. 28

    Deb says

    Anything, that is such an amazing thing that God is doing over there. Reading your blog is just inspiring.

  15. 32

    Tara Craig says

    Hi there!
    I have been an avid reader of your blog since coming across it about 8 months ago, I have prayed for Mercy House and for your family often and am in awe of the good you are doing in Jesus’ name! You are a true inspiration of living your life for Him! I noticed today that you are looking for help with the Mercy House shop, I am sure you have received lots of offers but if you are still in need of someone please let me know! I would love to help out in anyway you need!

  16. 33

    Mollianne says

    I already made my order. Will be asking for an Africa for Christmas! I have never wished to live in/near Hoiston before, but tonight i wished I did. I’d be at your doorstep ready to roll with the shop!!

  17. 34

    Holly Splawn says

    I love the t-shirt and the necklaces. I’ve been waiting for the shop to reopen so I could check it out.

  18. 35


    I love the hand rolled coaster set!! I wrote a post for Wednesday that features a dress I won for my baby in the auction that benefited Mercy House. . .I mentioned what you’re doing, and encouraged others to check it out and help…and had to talk about your book while I was at it–I bought the paperback and the kindle version because your stories and prayers are just what I need some days!! Thank you!

  19. 36


    I love them all, but I am very partial to any item with the name “Mercy” on it! I would absolutely love to help you with anything at all for Mercy House if I were close enough to do so! So from miles away, we pray and support!

  20. 37


    What is not to love! It is all so beautiful! The most amazing of all though is to click on the artists… to see them making all of this beauty by hand that is what makes it so special. Then to browse around and see the first precious life born in the Mercy house… all of the thoughts about what might have taken place if Mercy house weren’t an option… the tears of joy spill down my face…. I think I would buy almost anything to support those brave women.

  21. 40

    Chelsea says

    I love it all! I really like the t-shirt and the rolled paper framed art! Congrats on opening the shop!

  22. 42

    Katie says

    It’s all beautiful, but I think my favorite is the framed cross art. Yay for getting the shop up and running!

  23. 47


    Yeah…I have been checking the site daily since you returned! Glad to see it is open. Wish I was close to help (love sweet tea and of course, heavenly rewards)! You have been an inspiration to me and seeing the face of the first baby was awesome! I had to come out of lurkdom! :o) Love the framed cross! Adore the necklace!

  24. 51


    It truely is amazing how much has been accomplished this year Kristin. Thank you for your willing and obedient heart, and the sacrifices you and your family have endured. The items are beautiful and will no doubt be sold out in no time. My favorites are the rolled paper wall art.

  25. 52


    I love to have unique jewelry, and/or jewelry that has a story that goes with it, and the items i n your store are both. I have friends who are in the process of adoption through ethiopia and another that is working on an adoption through africa so I will definitely be passing on the link to your store!!
    I would love to get the flower necklace for my daughter and of course a few items for myself as well!!

  26. 54

    Jammie says

    I love the wire and paper necklaces and the T-shirt…
    I discovered your website while reading your book… which I also love! I have been following the website and your progress on Mercy House – truly an inspiration!

  27. 55

    Diana says

    The bead necklaces are beautiful – but I also love the cross… You and your family are amazing!

  28. 58


    LOVE LOVE LOVE the whole concept and the fact that you shared pictures of the girls actually making the items really brings it all home!!!! I love the necklace pictured in the blog and the framed crosses. Beautiful!

  29. 60

    Britt says

    I love all the beautiful things! Can’t even begin to pick just one! I also love the fact that the sweet women that go through the Mercy House will be shown the love of Jesus! Prayers of blessing for the Mercy House and all of the lives that it will touch!

  30. 64

    Deb Wilson says

    Congratulations! Such another great step! I love the rolled paper Africa framed art. So great! Can’t wait to see more and how this will help so much financially! Fantastic! I wish I was local! I would love to help!

  31. 65

    Michelle says

    I’ve heard of parties where people sell handmade goods and talk about their mission through the sales. Kind of like Pampered Chef or something similar. Women got together and the hostess talked about what purchasing the jewelry would mean for the women in Africa that made it. That would be one way that you could further share your cause and sell more jewelry!

  32. 67


    I’m just amazed at what you are doing, and how God is using you and your family. Its amazing and inspiring! Keep up the good work! Your readers are so very proud of you and support you whole heartedly!

  33. 68


    love the Beautiful Wire & Paper Bead Necklaces. we have bought these from other ministries in Uganda and they make beutiful gifts, as would anything on your site!

  34. 72

    Kim says

    I love the wire and paper bead necklaces – and the heart mobile! Congrats on getting the shop open!!!

  35. 73

    Julie B says

    I love it all…but the framed Africa wall art is my favorite. Love this entire idea and I can’t wait to support it financially

  36. 74


    What gorgeous goods produced at the hands of gorgeous people. I love the Africa picture by far as it would serve as a perfect reminder that this world is not about US(a) but all of US in the world. Thanks for everything you are doing!

  37. 76

    Holli says

    The necklaces are my favorite, but I love it all! DEF know where I’ll be doing most of my Christmas shopping this year!!

  38. 79

    Sarah Stinnett says

    Love the bib necklace and the art work!!! I have a paperbead necklace from Uganda and it just constantly brings me to prayer for the woman who made it when I wear it – how Amazing is our God that we can connect without ever seeing or meeting yet be burdened to pray by such a small beautiful thing.

  39. 81

    Lynnebee says

    I LOVE the paper necklaces, and like others have said, it would help me remember to pray for the one who made it!

  40. 82

    Sheena says

    I LOVE the rolled paper Africa. I want to get that for my sis and soon to be new bro for their wedding. My sis spent some time in Africa and I know she would cherish a gift like that. I hope to win the gift cert so I can get that for her.

  41. 85

    Melissa says

    Love it all! Especially the coasters and framed cross art. So pretty!! Now I need to figure out what I can give people for Christmas so I can start shopping! Thanks for doing another generous give-away!

  42. 87

    LeAnne says

    I absolutely love the Hope that goes along with each item. I really love the framed cross and Africa.

  43. 90

    Brooksie says

    I love your bead and wire necklaces, and the coaster sets! I love that both would serve to start some great conversations, and are unique and cute to boot! Thanks so much for this giveaway, but you can bet I’ll be coming back for gifts in the future no matter what.

  44. 91


    I love the rolled paper beaded necklaces, I also love the rolled paper cross picture! And I love that you are doing this ministry and doing what God put on your heart to do. I pray that he will bless you and your family and this maternity house in amazing ways!

  45. 92

    Trista says

    I just purchased a rolled paper necklace. I think they are so cute and will definitely start conversations with others about giving to your great cause. I appreciate what you are doing for these women.

    • 93.1

      Amber Chancey says

      I love the rolled paper beaded necklaces! What a wonderful idea to create such a unique way of spreading such an inspiring cause. All of your products will definately spark up conversations on where someone else can get them and share the message behind them. God Bless you and this incredible gift you are giving to others.

  46. 94

    April says

    I love what you are doing for these young girls! I think it is so wonderful you’re helping them earn an income and have a living once they leave THe Mercy House. How long is this program anyway? I love the Paper African picture, the necklaces and the coasters! Are these real African crafts?

    • 94.1

      kristen says

      The program is 2-4 years, but really tailored for each mom, depending on her need. We are focusing on quality not quantity. Africans are extremely industrious and are know for turning trash to treasures. We brought a couple of ideas, but they turned them into what you see!

    • 96.1

      kristen says

      yes, we won’t be opening the Etsy shop back up. It was for fundraising purposes and we just don’t have the manpower to run both.

  47. 102

    Katrina says

    I LOVE this idea & will definitely be buying some of the heart ornaments & possibly the heart mobile for my little girl! Beautiful items!

  48. 104

    Jolee says

    I love the Lord Have Mercy t-shirts. Cute modern and effective. But also the Whimsical Paper Heart Hanging Mobiles. Cute addition to any room.

  49. 107


    I love everything you’re doing. Thanks to the first commenter for reminding me to favorite your shop so I can come back for special occasion gifts!

  50. 108

    Mary B says

    So excited for all you are doing! Praying for much success for the shop! Love the rolled inspirational hanging.

  51. 109


    Soooo exciting!! I don’t know how you’re planning on getting everything from Kenya to the States, but if it would help, my mother-in-law will be in Kitale, Kenya in October.

  52. 110


    I love all of the items in the shop! Especially the t-shirts and the necklaces!! :) I am a nursing student and an aspiring midwife and my husband and I are leaving for Kenya in 17 days for a mission trip! So I find your work very clsoe to my heart!

  53. 112


    I really like all of the items, but the wire and paper necklaces really stood out to me. They are so pretty and I love how they are all different and made with loving hands!

  54. 113

    Melissa says

    I LOVE the Inspirational Rolled Paper Framed Art Cross. It’s beautiful & would be a daily reminder to pray for the Mercy House!

  55. 115


    I love all of it! I think my favorite though is the rolled paper art in the shape of Africa. A very simple, but creative idea!

  56. 117


    WOW, what an amazing thing you are doing, I would love to help any way I can , Bless you, Bless you. I love the necklases!

  57. 120


    Oh WOW! Everything is gorgeous! I can’t even pick a favorite. LOVE the necklace (hope you will get a large inventory because I would love to try and do all of my holiday shopping from Mercy House) and the rolled paper art is stunning! Wish I was local and could volunteer with the site. God Bless!!

  58. 122

    Nicky McCleery says

    The Mercy House is such a wonderful idea. I love hearing the updates! And I really love the wire and paper bead necklaces!

  59. 126

    Laura says

    Well, I selfishly love the bib necklace but I would have to say my favorite is the framed Africa art. Some sweet girls from kenya stole my heart last year when we hosted for Daraja’s Children Choir so this would be a wonderful reminder that a piece of my heart lives there with them.

  60. 128


    Oh, I love it! And if I were local, I would definitely volunteer, as I am now a stay-at-home mommy to our baby boy. :~) My heart is with you, though! My favorite items are the T-shirt and the rolled paper framed art of Africa.

    By the way, your story about how your children are playing out what they saw in Kenya made me smile. Children have such great imaginations, and I love that they are so open-minded in incorporating what they observed into their play. I find that we adults are often too quick to judge everything that is unfamiliar to us.

  61. 129

    Rebecca says

    Love paper necklaces. I’m sorry I don’t live close to volunteer. I have had a burden to help those in need especially since my children are getting older and could help me and we are so blessed!! We need to help others. We are required to help others. God bless you, your family and Mercy House and everything that’s done for it.

  62. 130

    Christina Burrell says

    I love the rolled paper bib necklace. God bless you and this ministry. Praying for

  63. 132


    Your trip was inspiring and the work you do with these girls is also inspiring. I pray that the things the girls have made sell really well. Blessing to you and your family.

  64. 133

    Denise W says

    Lovely Rolled Paper Bead Bib Necklaces are my favorite. But, I really like all of them are great!

  65. 136

    Christine says

    Wow congrats on the shop.. I wish I was local.. where do you live? I love the Heart ornament and the necklaces!!

  66. 137

    Jenny says

    I love the bib necklace and the cross art! :) I finally commented on here. Now I feel like I know you a little since we both were commenting on Jamie’s Facebook about clothes for the Mercy House girls. :)

  67. 139


    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Can’t wait to spend hours upon hours looking at everything!! so exciting for you guys!!! I’m pretty sure I know where I’ll get Christmas and birthday presents from this year!! :)… you have made my life easier! :) Congratulations again!

  68. 140


    I love the bib necklaces and the paper bead necklaces. I’m currently trying to find some string to measure so i can figure out what length necklace to get :) I’m guessing the bib necklaces went quickly as the only option on the drop down menu was #1 when i checked. Congratulations on a great start and may God Bless you and all the ladies and babies at the Mercy house.

  69. 141

    Jami says

    Wow! I love all of it! My favorite is probably the paper bead necklace!

    You inspire me. Just want you to know that. There are days I am so down, I read your post and I am uplifted. Thank you… I first came across you while reading “Don’t Make Me Come Up There.” It spoke to my heart and soul… Thank you again!


  70. 142

    Sarah says

    I love your shop! I went to Africa after high school. It’s a beautiful country with amazing people. May God continue to bless your ministry! Lots of Love, Sarah

  71. 146


    Kristen, Hallelujah! So glad to see all the Lord is continuing to do through you and your family and the amazing ladies in Kenya!! I have already given my hubby a little hint as to my birthday wish list from your store and Dayspring :) Quick question (maybe a silly one, but want to err on the safe side): Can I post your Mercy House button/link on my blog? I saved the image onto my computer and added it to my sidebar and linked it directly to the Mercy House website. Just wanted to make sure that was all good with you!!!!

  72. 147

    Melinda P says

    Wow, everything is beautiful! I love the wire and paper bead necklaces. Praying that Mercy House will reach sustainability, because it most certainly is a worthwhile cause!!

  73. 148

    Beth says

    Everything is beautiful, but I’d have to say the coasters are my favorite!! Congrats on the Grand Opening!

  74. 149

    Glenna says

    The wall art and wire and bead necklaces are my favorites… loved the cross, especially. May God richly bless your efforts to save the precious young women and their children. Thank you for keeping us posted on how things are going. I am praying for Mercy House.

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