I Miss Africa and Our People

We are emerging from our travel fog. My kids have been more emotional than normal, but their resilience has amazed me, also their ability to sleep twelve hours straight and fall asleep standing. My own resilience has been lacking: exhaustion makes me snappy. I need a shirt that says, “I’m not this mean in real life.”

My youngest just curled up in my lap while I looked at photos of our trip on my  computer.

She summed it up, “Mom, I miss Africa and our people.”

Our Kenyan Compassion Children

Millicent, 16; Makenna, 8; Grace, 7 (my Mom's child); Mwaka, 6; Ephantus, 7

That just about sums up my feelings exactly.


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    We’ve been praying you’d have the opportunity to decompress and rest. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to sort through the emotions and figure out the next steps when you have to leave your mission an ocean away. I think it might be harder than if you could be there hands on. On the other hand, you’ve brought back such a gift. I can only imagine how the conversation in your house has changed. Peace and rest to you and yours!

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    I think one of the hardest things in the world is to be present and faithful *here* when our hearts long to be *there*. Whether *there* is Africa or Heaven.

    Praying for you all as you adjust to being back home. I absolutely can’t believe how quickly the time passed.

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    Kim says

    My daughter just returned from Burkina Faso on Saturday and her experience mirrors yours. She is having a difficult time adjusting to her routine but blessed life here in Ohio. She was blessed to see the Compassion site there and meet many children that are sponsored through our congregation.

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    AmberK says

    I know you all must, Kristen. :( They get it and most of us here in the US so totally don’t. They’re so full of HIM and they know that’s all they need. Love that. Hang in there. Hugs and Prayers AmberK

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    I just LOVE all your posts. This one and the story of the $250 gift, so wonderful! Keep them coming. Also, I have been reading, blogging and FBing about the drought. The organization we support in Ethiopia is impacted by rising food costs. How is the drought affecting Nairobi, Kenya and ultimately Mercy House?

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    Mano says

    You have been to one African country only, so please stop referring to it as “Africa”.
    Africa is an entire continent with several countries and varying degrees of poverty and development.

    You have not been to Africa.
    You have not changed Africa.
    All you saw was one part of Kenya.
    Please set the records straight.

    I am telling you this with the best intentions in the world.
    I have been following your trip stories. You have done an amazing job for a few people in Kenya.
    I am African, and I am learning about this country from you.

    God bless.

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