It’s a Girl!

Yesterday, our first baby was born at Mercy House via an emergency c-section.

Mom and baby are doing great. Thank you, God! We are so thankful that Quinter was rescued from her desperate life. Her birthing story might have ended much different if she was still in the slums…

Please keep this young, new mommy and baby in your prayers!



  1. 1

    Erin says

    She is a beautiful baby and she is already part of such a beautiful story! His grace and mercy are so amazing!

  2. 7


    Awesome! One of my facebook friends helped with the tea while you were there and she mentioned the young lady was in labor yesterday morning. I’m so happy to know (and see!) the final outcome.

  3. 9


    Congratulations! Do you feel kinda like a new mom? I’ll think of you that way, with each birth you announce. :) I shudder to think of how it would have ended in the slums, and that makes this all the more joyful! Praise God

  4. 10


    Are there words that can describe this? This mom and baby rescued? I’m so excited and thank you Kristen, for partnering with God and letting us be part of your journey. Thank you for giving us, your readers a chance to reach through our computers and help make a difference.

    Thank you God,
    Thank you, Kristen!

  5. 12

    AmberK says

    Awww! I melted like butter!! :) Saying prayers for this sweet new mommy and her brand spankin’ new adorable daughter. Thank you, Jesus, for new beginnings. Thank you, Kristen, for hearing Him and doing what he said on a leap of faith. You’re doin’ it, girl!!! Maureen, if you get to read this-YAY YOU!! :) GO MERCY HOUSE! :)

    HUGS and Prayers,
    Amber K

  6. 13

    Heather says

    Amazing. Yesterday, I was overwhelmed by the need to pray for this girl and her delivery. Gotta love how the Holy Spirit moves us!

  7. 17


    Thank you for sharing what you do, Kristen. For continuing to challenge us to seek God and have our hearts broken for the things which break His. And for allowing us to give Him thanks when we get to celebrate His blessings – like these girls and their children.

  8. 21

    Lisa says

    The Lords timing is perfect. This new baby is a blessing a gift from a perfect God. Praying for health and comfor and peace for this new blesses family!!!

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