Kenya: Update Eight

When you’re in Africa, it doesn’t take long to adapt the motto of most Kenyans, THIS IS AFRICA (T.I.A.). Basically, anything can happen and probably will.

Like monkeys in your van,

chasing your delighted and petrified children, vomit in the middle of the night, sitting still in bumper-to-bumper traffic for hours, squatting on “pit latrines” or holding it for a six hour drive, eating “snacks” from the side of the road vendors, baboons stealing your entire bag of American snacks/comfort food right in front of you….

The last few days have been fast and furious. They have been awesome, frustrating and insightful.

We traveled 6.5 long hours into altitudes of nearly 10,000 feet, crossing the equator

to visit a ministry we support, Mattaw Children’s Village. Not only are the directors friends, they are leaders and rescue many at-risk children. They are in the process of building a baby rescue center.

We spent the second day at The Esther House, the only other live-in maternity home (that we know of in Kenya). It’s a long way from Nairobi, but this organization, run by a sweet Netherlands couple is dynamic. It was so encouraging to see and learn from them. Maureen and I were impressed and can’t wait to implement some of the things we learned.

Our family was really looking forward to going thru one of Kenya’s National parks on our drive home…it didn’t cost much and we saw just about every animal imaginable: buffalo, lions, monkeys, giraffe, warthogs, zebra and more.

We planned on being back at the maternity home by 2pm. Ha. We are learning that time is just a goal here. We pulled in at 7pm after unexpected holdups and cooked the girls fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy.

While we were gone, they worked hard on their skills and produced beautiful items. We have a baby due tomorrow and since we’re flying home Thursday night, we’re hoping she’s right on time.

But again, T.I.A.


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    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ (and just in case you can’t see those symbols)

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    What beautiful children at The Esther House. I love reading your updates and what a wonderful experience for your whole family. Safe travels.

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    Beth says

    I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your posts from Africa. The pictures have been great, too! I hope you get to see the baby!!!

  4. 7

    Rachel Watters says

    Thanks for sharing this journey! It’s been awesome to see the Lord at work through you guys.

    On another note, that water in the last picture reminds me of what you see in nature shows, where a crocodile is lurking on the other side. I’m not sure I’d be as brave as your kids to get that close!

    Bryan, TX

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    I’ve been praying that you get to see the first Mercy House baby. I can imagine that would be a huge blessing for you. I loved how you described the toilet situation on your journey. When I traveled in Ethiopia we had a 5+ hour drive south from the capitol. I went the bathroom 3x before we left our guest house. Once on the road it REALLY hit me that we had nowhere to stop for a potty break. I was quite anxious about it. I noticed you were wearing a skirt :) After my African experience I told myself that next time I am definitely wearing skirts, that way it is easier to squat :) he-he!

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    Ugh! Please share the roasted corn. It just doesn’t taste the same when you try to roast it here. We used to eat this after school in Nigeria. Oh how I miss roasted corn!

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