Last Day in Kenya

We finished up loose ends on Wednesday and spent the afternoon and evening at a Charity Tea with some US Embassy friends I met on Twitter (hola!) It was a wonderful day-I hope to get some pictures uploaded, but I’m lucky to have Internet right now between power outages…..

Meeting one of our prestigious board members, Uncle Sam from Compassion

Today, our last full day in Africa, we are spending the day with four of our Compassion children…two that I met last year and two that we sponsored in 2010. My kids are so excited! I can’t wait to tell you about it. I’ll be seeing this sweet little guy again, but this time we will visit his home in a slum-my kids first experience with poverty this close-up:

March 2010 Compassion Trip

We are flying back to America late tonight and won’t be home until the weekend. Say a prayer for us-we’ve run out of comfort snacks and clean clothes!

P.S. When you run out of clothes and wash them by hand, but they don’t dry enough in the sun, if you put them in the microwave for 30 seconds it will burn them. Try 15 seconds. Just fyi. You’re welcome.

Talk to y’all on Monday.



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    Thank you for the laundry tip Kristen! 😉 This actually might come in handy when my family goes to a cottage later this summer (as there is no washer and dryer).

    Prayers for safe travels.

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    Praying for you as you fly home! So happy it was a productive trip & that you ALL went over. What an amazing experience for your children.

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